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White House/AP Cyber Attacks

2 Connected Groups

1 Big Problem

4/23/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_whitehouse_hacker_2_getty_articleTwo hacking groups have taken credit for launching cyber attacks against the AP and the White House ... but the perps are connected to the core ... TMZ has learned.

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claims they "owned" the AP after successfully hacking into its Twitter account and posting a fake item that President Obama was injured in an explosion. According to reports, SEA has hacked Twitter for months to spread political messages. 

Exposed, the group behind most major celebrity swattings, is flying its flag as the team behind today's 911 bomb threat directed at the White House.

Sources close to the investigation tell us, the two groups are actually connected and have members working for both operations. Our sources say Exposed came out first to claim responsibility for the fake bomb threat.  As we've previously reported, Exposed has taken credit for more than a dozen celebrity swatting calls.

As for why SEA took credit for the AP prank ... it's unclear.  What is clear is that the prank was coordinated between the 2 groups -- a 1-2 punch, if you will.


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I think if its that easy to name a source then it should be even easier to catch the people behind it. Especially when it comes to government officials. I mean we have the FBI & the CIA and both are being outsmarted well so they claim

514 days ago


Leave #44 alone. TMZ fans come here to escape politics. Can't you just stick to millennial loser pop culture and make fun of showbiz Generation Suck?

514 days ago

my 2 cents    

When they hack the "football", maybe then the White House will sit up and take notice. Today may have been a dry run.

514 days ago


It didn't happen, according to this administration we don't have radicals doing anything. They are just people who had a bad childhood. Come on give them a break. Bleeding heart liberals, need to realize there are really evil people who do bad things daily. Our justice system is a screwed up mess

514 days ago


Maybe the govt should stop handing out free cell phones - they should take our money and put it to better use like stopping attacks before they happen. People used to be scared to mess with the red, white and blue but not with this president in office.

514 days ago


Prank! A ****ing PRANK! Some people with badges may not think so. They aren't piddling around with Ashton Kutcher here.

514 days ago

The Yachtsman    

Seriously, these people are ****ing with the United States Secret Service. There is going to be hell to pay for anyone connected to this ****.

514 days ago


Said this in the other thread.

Say it here.

No one has the Swag of Barack.

Name any 20 former U.S. Presidents -


None of them match Barack's swag.

See him getting off his Presidential Jet?

Heading down the stairs?

Dudes, that's SWAG, capital S.

See him greeting World Leaders?

Dude, you can teach THAT kind of Swag.

Retire this Presidential thang, no one can follow Barack Obama into the W.H.

Make Barack like Monarch, King -

Following Barack's like following Pryor on to the stage -

Can't be done.

So the Symbionese Liberation Army pranked the A.P., so's what.

513 days ago


Dude made the call to take Bin Ladin out.

Everyone else in the room - um, well, gosh, er ...

Barack goes we goin' in.


You think he's sweating two dopey pranks?

Not with THAT kind of Swag -

Swag like that comes along once in a lifetime.

Can't teach it -

These eight years'll go down as a, hmmmm:


513 days ago


Its the man-bear-pig!

513 days ago


Do you really feel safe with Barry O in the White House? Our government spends trillions of dollars every year with our tax money to prevent computer hacking, if these two groups can hack the White House I hate to think what China could do to us.

513 days ago


The crazy, psycho right-wing conservatives on here blaming O'Bama, only reinforce the ignorance of that party.

513 days ago


This is serious. If they cant catch these guys easily, imagine the intelligence behind them! Remember someone has to be the teacher. Even the governments most elite intelligence groups have to be trained by someone smarter than them. Right? These groups no matter what age, or nationality, are wiser than most and that's scary.

513 days ago


Not funny for even a minute. Potential for great harm.

513 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Ok so this prolapse of spine is because they tweeted on a hacked tw@tter account? Harm, really?

513 days ago
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