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Farrah Abraham

Closes Sex Tape Deal ...

High 6 Figures

4/29/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0426_farah_vivid_articleElaborate sex tape scams pay ... just ask "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham who finally struck a deal for her on-camera banging session ... in the HIGH six figures.

Last time we saw Farrah she was marching into the Vivid offices with her father and daughter in tow to talk dollars and cents with porn king Steve Hirsch -- who's been interested in buying the "Teen Mom"/James Deen XXX vid from the get-go.

Even though Farrah said she was considering other offers ... sources close to the situation tell TMZ, Farrah finally inked a deal with Vivid ... for close to a million dollars.


Not only that, we've learned the 70-minute-long skin flick will be titled:  "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."

Backdoor moms rule.


No Avatar


am happy for her! honestly.

and i just wish she'd use it wisely (put it away for her kids college or use it for her own education).

but somewhat i feel this is ripe for the bookies: in how many days will she blow the cash?

will she get herself james deen as a butler? i guess he'll be screwing for a year in order to net a "high six".

359 days ago


I appreciate porno all the time. But this dog is someone I never will have an appetite for.

359 days ago

Gravity's Silhouette    

I think by "high six-figures" they meant that Hirsch was high when he offered her six-figures. No other possible reason for this piece of trash that flew out of God's garbage can to earn a six-figure salary for this film.

Unless.....Hirsch was playing her for a fool. Even $1,000.00 is six-figures technically. Farrah's just dumb enough to go along with it.

359 days ago


When does it come out!? Will someone please post it online so we can watch for free and not have to pay those *******s at vivid!

359 days ago


They need to change th name of the show to TEEN SLUTS

359 days ago


Stupid little twit! See what Kim K. has started, everyone thinks if they make a sex video they'll become rich and famous, guess what, you are a has been at 21. Lord help your child!

359 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

Casey Calvert is way hotter...and filthier!

359 days ago


I hope that girl enjoys the money, because she wont be enjoying dignity or self respect. Not that she's had any for a long time now, but this is some dirty, skeezy ****. "Private" tape my ass. She filmed it with a big name porn star for god sake. She's transparent as hell.

Did she not consider that her nasty ass reputation is going to follow her daughter for the rest of her life? Ugh I can't anymore, I'm done.

359 days ago


Why would someone pay even a dollar? Are you dumb@sses really going to watch this ****?? The chick is beyond ugly as hell. This picture is Photo-shopped to no end and she is really trying to be like Kim. What she doesn't get is that Kim was beautiful. Dark hair, ethnic, curvy. She also got the show on E! and had family people could identify with. no one can identify with this ugly @ss hoe. She is psycho and delusional and so is her family. people can already see through her fame-wh*reing bull****. Anyone who supports her is stupid as this piece of **** excuse for a "human" being. Really bottom of the barrel.

359 days ago


She is disgusting. I've seen the show, and she comes across as a narcissistic brat! What a wonderful role model she is (NOT) for her daughter. Poor Sophia. I'm still trying to understand how she could think it's ok to pluck a 2-year old's eyebrows!

359 days ago


WTF!?! "With father and daughter in tow" to the vivid offices?!?!!! That's CREEPY!! Hey dad, can you come with me to negotiate the sale of my porno? OMFG!!! Barf-o-rama!!!

359 days ago


OK I'm a porn dummy, but does the title "backdoor" mean anal? Am I interpreting that wrong? That's kinda hardcore for a rookie, right?

359 days ago


well.. I guess I'd bang her...

359 days ago

judy jetson    

Hopefully VIVID won't make a dime off this fake sex tape bullish*t. And hopefully this loser farrah will disappear.

359 days ago


way to sure you made yr baby dead daddy proud of the way yr supporting his daughter..

359 days ago
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