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Jason Collins

And The First Pro Athlete to Make a Homophobic Tweet Is ...

4/29/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


... Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace!!

Just HOURS after NBA player Jason Collins announced he's gay, 26-year-old Wallace took right to Twitter to provide the first ignorant comment.

“All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH (shakin' my head) …”

30 minutes later, Wallace deleted his tweet and replaced it with a half-assed explanation:

"Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don't understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended."

Fun Fact -- Dolphins are one of the few animals that engage in gay sex!

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I am so glad my mind is not closed. I can't imagine walking around with such hate in my heart. What a burden to carry.

510 days ago

Soda pop    

Mentally this must be like wanting to show another man total dominance, what do they get from this

510 days ago

Truth and Reality    

No one is born gay. Sorry. science has proven that people are born with a genetic predisposition to procreate. That is the natural order of life. Homosexuality is an unnatural lifestyle. It is a preference. not a born trait. With all the opinions on here I thought I would give some solid scientific facts.

510 days ago


"Fun Fact -- Dolphins are one of the few animals that engage in gay sex!"

OMG. Dolphins hump ANYTHING! Ever swim with dolphins? They will try "engage in sex" with you! I have heard morons use this stupid excuse and it is pathetic. Animals don't have sex because they enjoy it. They do it to reproduce. Male animals basically "rape" female animals. The females are always trying to get the hell away from them!

510 days ago


You guys are honestly getting as bad as Perez H!ilton.

510 days ago


I don't understand it either but I don't express my feeling about it since its none of my business.

510 days ago


That's right you don't understand so stfu!!

510 days ago


Wallace, do you think Jason spoke up and then immediately wondered "hmm what's this Wallace punk gonna think a me now?"

think your special?
-your far from it period.
but keep up the hero of the day attitude..
try stick to what you know - pig skin, and acting like a playa... loser.

510 days ago


That explains a lot about the wizards problems. Smh This fool really thinks that is something to be proud of.

510 days ago


Mike was right and he shouldn't have deleted the tweet. If you say something, mean it and stand by it. Don't get scared when people start whining.

Butts are for pooping.

510 days ago


(Correcting my original post since TMZ won't allow editing:) Good for MIKE. No one on the face of the earth gets it because there is noting logical about it. They just pretend to so as not to be attacked the way TMZ is attacking Mike. We have different sex organs for a reason. It's a curable condition that people don't want to be cured of. They would rather have a mental condition and tell everyone else to get the hell over it and point fingers accusing others of having a problem. Why else did gays protest and go to court demanding that doctors remove homosexual as a mental illness from medical books in the 1970's? Now cue the "hates" in 3...2...1..

510 days ago


I thought everyone was allowed to have their own opinion? He didn't say anything hatefull he just said he couldn't understand it.

510 days ago


I don't give a rat's patoot about what orifice someone sticks it in - but why do I have to know who is doing and where??????? Why is so damn important for the general public to know anyone's personal sexual preferences? I don't run around telling everyone I know that I'm straight!! "Baby bumps" and celebs is another issue that is completely asinine. I could care less who's pregnant and how much they're showing.

510 days ago


Everyone has his right to there opinions but we still need to have respect for one another. Sexual preference is determined at the age of six. Being gay is not a choice. As the apostle St. Thomas was told by Jesus, this is really haven and everyone should make life here there own heaven. Live your own life and try to be happy.

510 days ago

Jesus Freak    

Fyan bu'n Sodom and Gomorrah !

510 days ago
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