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Miami Dolphins


Mike Wallace's Homophobic Tweet

4/29/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_mike_wallace_getty_2Mike Wallace needs to learn how to RESPECT gay people ... so says the Miami Dolphins organization, which says it strongly condemns the comments made by their star receiver.

A rep for the NFL team tells TMZ ... the Dolphins took immediate action once they learned about Wallace's homophobic tweet, in which he condescendingly questions why Collins would want to "mess with other guys" when there are so many beautiful girls in the world.

The Dolphins tell us ..."Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him."

"Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization."

"We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”

Wallace has since deleted the tweet.

TMZ spoke with a rep for the NFL, who tells us the league office will review the situation -- and decide if the player will be fined or suspended.

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Its crazy how it seems the world is trying to force being gay on everyone. You can talk about racism all day but when it comes to talking about a gay person bring out the nukes. No such thing as freedom of speech.

541 days ago


Gee, I wish Obama and the gay cabal that orchestrated his re-election would hurry up and finish drafting their manifesto of "permitted speech. guidelines. It's difficult to determine exactly which thoughts are allowed to be publicly expressed in America if we don't get our marching orders from the gay brownshirts. Twenty-first century gulags for people like Wallace who dare to think independently are currently under construction.

541 days ago


So, it is correct for a POTUS to make a phone call to a black pro basketball player that comes out gay as a parade, but folks that disagree with are vilified? Would I get call from POTUS if I was outing myself and going open house gay, or would I get a call from him for congrats I had to fortitude to stand up for the rights of people who actually continue our race. Hmmmm.

541 days ago


Leave him alone..

541 days ago


I have no problem with gay's but why is it wrong for Wallace to voice his opinion?

541 days ago


Whoa, hold up. Equality is the way to go, but fining or suspending someone for what they say or think in their own free time on their own social media page? Thought police much?

No one specific group of people shall receive more protection or better treatment than any other specific group of people......this is the basis of our nation......Equality is not reversal of superiority.

541 days ago


Why does someone have to apologize for how they feel? It is not okay to be gay. The Bible says so, so it is so. I love all people, but I don't like this. Now a straight man can't voice his opinion without being fined. That is nonsense. Not everybody is for that.

541 days ago


Come on, the tweet wasn't even bad.

541 days ago


Wallace won't be on my fantasy draft this season.

540 days ago


O well if he wanna be a dik in the booty ass mF we don't wanna know

539 days ago


The level of stupidity in these comments is ASTOUNDING! NOW I know how TMZ stays in business! This is NOT a matter of "free speech." He's an employee. As an employee, would your racist comments be tolerated? It's NO DIFFERENT! Get a clue, people! (Sorry, I know my anger will cause some to read this in ignorant defiance, but hopefully SOMEONE will stop & THINK!)

538 days ago
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