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Miami Dolphins


Mike Wallace's Homophobic Tweet

4/29/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_mike_wallace_getty_2Mike Wallace needs to learn how to RESPECT gay people ... so says the Miami Dolphins organization, which says it strongly condemns the comments made by their star receiver.

A rep for the NFL team tells TMZ ... the Dolphins took immediate action once they learned about Wallace's homophobic tweet, in which he condescendingly questions why Collins would want to "mess with other guys" when there are so many beautiful girls in the world.

The Dolphins tell us ..."Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him."

"Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization."

"We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”

Wallace has since deleted the tweet.

TMZ spoke with a rep for the NFL, who tells us the league office will review the situation -- and decide if the player will be fined or suspended.

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I can't see anything wrong with what he said. I'm also sick and tired of every comment anyone makes being dissected and complained about by special interest groups. I have nothing against the gays, but it makes me really angry that the gay card or the race card get played so often. PEOPLE, GET OVER IT!

542 days ago


If he would of tweeted "I respect the fact that j.c. came out. I applaud him" would the dolphins organization came out an say "we don't agree with mike, he doesn't speak for the dolphins organization"?

542 days ago


His comment didn't sound homophobic. He's a straight guy that doesn't see how 2 guys could hook up. Makes sense, everyone needs to calm down and quit being so over sensitive. And besides, why do gays feel compelled to "come out"? It's your private business so keep it that way.

542 days ago


gays and their supporters -" its no ones business what they do in their bedrooms"......... all the while feeling the need to tell the world their sexual lifestyle choice

542 days ago

Throwback kid    

What if you are a devout Catholic, and you believe that homosexuality is wrong? Will the Miami Dolphins tell you that your religion is wrong and you should believe in homosexuality? If you think it is wrong for men to have sex with each other why do you have to be quiet about it? Why does your opinion not count but people who believe in homosexuality can say how great they think it is?

542 days ago


Right to his own opinion just like the gay community.

542 days ago

judy jetson    

What a joke. This guy didn't do anything wrong. It's his opinion. I'm sick of all this homophobic crap.

542 days ago


Who cares.

542 days ago


Oh good gravy, I don't see how it was such a homophobic insult. All he said was that with all the lovely ladies out there, how can a man want to be with guys. I think this is another occasion where a mountain is being made out of a mole hill. Heck, we all have our own opinions and he was just commenting about his!! Heck, a lot of lesbians probably agree with him!!

542 days ago


Yet another American Hero attacked for teling the truth by the queens of poitical correctness, California Rump Rangers. I understand the NFL has planned a bring a young boy to the showers day the first week ods the season.

542 days ago


Funny how so many people keep saying things like "freedom of speech", etc. Seems to me that many people don't fully understand what the First Amendment actually says or means. It does not grant anyone the RIGHT to simply say whatever they want. If that were the case, people couldn't get sued for defamation, etc. The first amendment pertains to freedom of religion and the right to speak it, print it, and assemble peacefully. It also give you, the citizen, the right to question your government without fear. The first amendment and concept of "freedom of speech" isn't exactly what most Americans seem to think it is. Which is sad, considering that it is OUR Bill of Rights.

542 days ago


Right or wrong the man is entitled to his opinion.

542 days ago


Semi-off topic question here: After posting anything remotely anti-gay, does TMZ take away your ability to like/hate or reply to posts? Or is this just something they seem to do to me from time to time? O_o

542 days ago


I actually think this tweet was not meant to be hurtful but more of a pondering question. Who knows, it may have had nothing to do with Collins coming out and he just some beautiful women and was like 'hey, I don't get it'. When my friends and I see a hot gay guy, we always comment that it's a waste of a good man but it's not that he's a waste..we're just jealous we can't have him. I 100% agree with to each their own, don't care who/what you do but sometimes the PC things gets a little carried away. Like other posters, had he said he refused to play or that he was disgusting or along those lines, then maybe people could get upset.

542 days ago


Oh for pete's sake. That's not "homophobic". He didn't say he hated gays or was afraid of gays.

542 days ago
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