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Emmett Till Family

to Lil Wayne:


5/1/2013 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0501-emmett-till-lil-wayne-gettyLil Wayne's "apology" to the family of civil rights icon Emmett Till was NOT REALLY AN APOLOGY ... in fact, it fell way short ... a rep for the Till family tells TMZ.

Earlier today, Wayne fired off a letter to the Tills ... to "acknowledge" the hurt he caused the family when he compared Emmett's violent death with the violent way he has sex with women.

Nowhere in the letter did Wayne say he was sorry for what he did.

Now, Airickca Gordon-Taylor -- Executive Director, Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation and Till Family Representative -- tells TMZ the family does not view the letter as a formal apology.

"While it’s commendable that he has vowed to respect the legacy of Emmett Till and his memory to ‘not use or reference Emmett Till or the Till family in his music,' this statement falls short of an apology, as none is mentioned."

We're reaching out to Lil Wayne for comment -- stay tuned.


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what a disgusting comment, the family absolutely deserves an abject apology. unfortunately, LW is an
ignorant jerk who cant even comprehend what he's
done. an apology from an imbecile like him means
nothing - just lip service - the family should ignore him, lift their heads and move on. he is of no consequence.

488 days ago


Dude been rich before Mountain Dew and gone still get money with out them! What he said was wrong true enough but do you actually think emmitt till is worried about what lil wayne said right now! If he in heaven he really not caring right now! Probably would prefer for his people to help the dude out instead of trying to persecuting the man! Too much hate in this world and not enough passion for each other!

488 days ago


At least he acknowledged that what he said was wrong. Rappers just don't apologize for their lyrics. Everyone in this country has the freedom of speech. People need to stop expecting apologies from individuals. If I say something to you and it hurts your feelings, I don't have to apologize. I just wont do it again, because I care about your feelings. For those of you calling Lil Wayne ignorant, how many of you love your job the way he does?...Or get paid as much as he does. So if you think he is retarded, just remember how much money and attention he gets. Entertainment is all about marketing. And he seems to be one of the better artist at entertaining an audience, even if it means he says something offensive. How many of you heard his verse before this controversy started?

488 days ago


So he insults half of the population but is expected to apologize to a dead person?

488 days ago


illuminati satanist s***b bag!

488 days ago


Lil Wayne apparently doesn't like living..He is being put in the hospital for, what his camp is calling seizures. I have news for him..Most people that have seizures don't put them in the hospital every 30 or so days. But, doing drugs and drinking cough syrup does. I'm calling it. Lil Wayne will be dead at this rate in under a year. He's killing his brain cells every time he has a seizure! He needs rehab like 3 years ago. Flirting with disaster Lil Wayne..You are about to be DOA..

488 days ago


I agree with the family of Emmett Till.

488 days ago


What do you expect from this loser? Look at this clown!!! Nothing but an idiot, who thinks using autotune makes him a f*** legend. You suck, Lil Wayne!

488 days ago


Even for lilly-white me the name Emmett Till strikes sadness and injustice in my heart. For this freak to use the name of Emmitt Till in equation for putting his pathetic dick into a receptor and being apparently sexually murderously voilent with her? Awww naww, Kill the F'er. Kill him now.,

488 days ago


Black people are funny.

488 days ago


If you know the true story of that boy, how could you EVER say what you did? Why would he ever think that would be ok or acceptable. How sad! Total disrespect for the torture, pain and death this little boy suffered. This just shows he honestly dont care about anyone and will say anything for a $. He wont apologize cause he isnt sorry. If they got an apology now it wouldnt be a sencere one. It would be cause his publicist told him to. Nobody should by the cd or downlaod the cd with this song on it. It should be boycotted. I know I'm not. Emmett you continue to live in hearts and memories.

488 days ago


who gives a rats azz?

487 days ago


Where's my sizzurp?

487 days ago


I'm having a seizure... put a spoon in my mouth.

487 days ago


they want money.

487 days ago
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