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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab Plan May Be

Up In Smoke

5/1/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has less than 24 hours to hightail it to Seafield Center in New York ... but even as she packs her bags she's telling people she may bail on the rehab facility because they won't let her smoke.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't think she can hack not smoking for 90 days.

We're told Lindsay asked her lawyers to try and convince Seafield to make an exception and, failing that, find a facility that would let her puff away.

Sources say Seafield was unbending -- no smoking, no exceptions.  So lawyers triggered Plan B -- we've learned they contacted Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach -- a place Lindsay once rehabbed at for a short time in 2010.

Morningside staff tells TMZ ... they DO allow smoking.  Problem is ... we've learned the City Attorneys for L.A. and Santa Monica haven't signed off on Morningside.  We're told prosecutors had no idea Lindsay is thinking of bailing on Seafield. 

Lindsay is acting like she's going tomorrow ... She Instagrammed this photo of herself packing, saying, "90 days and 270 looks."

Lindsay's lawyer is supposed to appear in court tomorrow with proof of enrollment -- and the expectation is that she'll have enrolled at Seafield.

FYI -- Lindsay is packing 270 outfit changes, but if she goes to Seafield, she'll have to leave 263 behind.  They only allow 7 changes of clothes.


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Should be a fashion blast for Blo!! And lots of "ME-Time"!!

Intake and Referral Process

Seafield Center has been treating persons suffering from alcoholism and chemical dependency since 1985.

Whenever possible, we will ask to speak with the client directly to review the following information:

The Program is individualized for each client.

Please bring with you a week's worth of comfortable clothing. (No tank tops or hats, please!) Saturday night requires a dress shirt for men/appropriate dress for women.

You must bring all personal items: shampoo, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant (all non - alcohol), and sanitary items for women. Mail can be sent so bring stationery and stamps.

You will need money for miscellaneous expenses (approximately $20 to $30) which include laundry, vending machines, telephone calls, and detergent.

Please leave valuables at home.

Bring prescription card and prescription meds that you take on a regular basis.

Please bring your medical insurance card and claim forms.

Bring a picture ID

NO mp3's-ipod's, radios, TV, cell phones, tape recorders, cameras or beepers are allowed.

NO vitamins or food items are allowed. (Medical will supply vitamins as needed)

The Family Program is held each Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Each client may have two (2) adults & two (2) children, 12 years and over. In order to visit, the family must participate in the whole day. Lunch will be served.

Telephone usage is restricted and is at the discretion of the client's Case Manager.

If you are coming from a detox, you must have the counselor FAX a copy of the bio-psychosocial and a list of any medications you are presently taking.

Once admitted, room changes are allowed only with permission of your Case Manager.

504 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

just JAIL THE BIATCH !!!!!

504 days ago


They are not going to let her go to Morningside. They are under investigation for a death of a patient last year and unprofessional and unsafe patient treatments. The lack of patient supervision is unbelievable and the state has pulled their license, but letting them stay open until the lawsuit ends. The city of NB wants them out. No wonder Lindsay wants to go there.

504 days ago


she really is pitiful....doesn't mean that you can't laugh at her though!.....she is a joke that justs...
keeps on giving...and giving and giving! LOL!
90 days from tomorrow?..she'll come out of "rehab"with tons of new drug contacts! and dealers and druggie "friends". what a Joke!

504 days ago


Boo freaking hoo! I WANT MY ADDERALL! I WANT MY CIGARETTES! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT! Who the hell is she to make demands?!?!?!?!?! Oh, that's right, she's Lindsay Lohan, the beeeeyotch that always gets away with everything.
Throw her a$$ in jail already; she can smoke all she wants in there...

504 days ago


Should be a fashion blast for Blo!! And lots of "ME-Time"!!


Clients often arrive at Morningside suffering from low self-esteem, lack of traditional job skills, depression, lack of a social support network, and a strong value system. Our multidisciplinary programs effectively address these issues or more complex mental health concerns that may be underlying chemical dependency.

What to Bring?

Pack enough for two weeks.

Bring both indoor and outdoor clothing appropriate for the season. Keep in mind the average high temperature in Newport Beach is between 65-70 degrees, but daily temperatures can fluctuate dramatically.

A hooded sweatshirt is comfortable on a chilly morning that by noon turns warm enough a T-shirt, followed by a mild evening suitable for a t-shirt and pants. No tank tops or hats. Below are some specific items to bring:

All personal hygiene articles including bath soap, deodorant, shampoo, shaving supplies, toothpaste, toothbrush, and feminine hygiene.

Casual clothes
Walking shoes/tennis shoes
Socks (several pairs)
Sweat shirt
Jacket, sweatshirt or heavy sweater
Bathrobe, slippers and pajamas
Gym clothes and bag (shorts, t-shirt, shoes, etc.)

Cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronics are allowed to a client once deemed clinically appropriate. These items are generally not available to a client in the detoxification and stabilization unit, and are always secured in the office safe.

What not to bring?
Any medications not pre-approved or without prescriptions
Over the counter medications
Unnecessary jewelry
Alcohol based mouthwash, isopropyl alcohols, or any items that contain alcohol
A car or motorcycle

504 days ago

Boogie Onerism    

Rehab can't cure ugly. Word

504 days ago


The E! story could be all 'crack' SMOKE and 'coke' MIRRORS to distract her grand entrance into SeaHag.

504 days ago

all about the money    

Train wreck...heading for a tunnel....on the other side is a jail cell. Unless of course the DA continues to let her dictate her rehab and allows her to change where she will go. She is supposed to have been in a lock down rehab per the plea deal yet already the DA has balked after finding out they got played and there is no such thing as a lockdown rehab in NY. Will the DA bow down before Lilo and let her change where her rehab is because they wont bow down to her? Next thing you know Lilo will get the DA to pass on the 90 days as long as she spends at least 24 hours (which is probably stretching it) in a rehab of some sort. She thinks because she is in movies that she gets to play by a different set of rules than everyone else and the DA are letting her get away with it. Anyone else would have been locked up long ago but Hollywood Justice sure likes their spoil brats. She gets to walk away or get her way the DA in LA should be fired.

504 days ago


this is complete bull****. I went to rehab @ seafield & they have no problems @ all with ANYONE smoking. Seafield trying to make themselves look good bc this is not how things REALLY work over there!

504 days ago


She needs to suck it up and do her time without the cigarettes and Adderall. She will be totally clean when she gets out. Grow up Lindsey, and do your time.

504 days ago


That poor thing she looks about 45

504 days ago

Peter Hobson    

Dr. Drew's place allows smoking I think it is in Santa Monica, but could be wrong.

504 days ago


"That's why she's not going there and going to the one in CA.. she figures once she's checked in the courts will just say ok you go there then."

Wouldn't it be FAB if Blohan does just mosey into Morningside, the judge says, 'no can do, it jail for you' and after she still has to go to a 'court approved' rehab for 90 days? Lets see if this judges bark is as good as his bite . . .

504 days ago


Does she really make a difference in your life,no she just inables all of you to make comments like you know her or even what your talking about,glass walls break easily how's your crack doing?

504 days ago
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