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Kobe Bryant

Feud With Mom


5/4/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0503-kobe-bryant-pam-tmz-gettyWe now know why Kobe Bryant is at war with his mother ... at least from his perspective, and it has to do with money.

As we previously reported ... Kobe and mama Pamela Bryant are locked in a battle over memorabilia ... his old jerseys, varsity letters from high school, championship rings, trophies and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Pamela has taken all the stuff to an auction house, claiming he gave it all to her, and she got a $450,000 advance which she says she's using to buy a house in Nevada.  Kobe contacted the auction house and said they had no right to sell any of the items because they belong to him.

Sources connected with the Bryant family tell TMZ ... the dispute between mother and son erupted over real estate. We're told Kobe offered to buy his parents a "nice house" in Vegas for significantly less than a million bucks, but they wanted something bigger and more extravagant and Kobe drew a line in the sand and refused to up the ante.

Our sources say Pamela was infuriated and believed Kobe was shortchanging them, especially compared to what he does for Vanessa's mom, Sofia Laine.  Kobe put Sofia up in a $3.2 million house in Newport Beach, CA, which sold recently.  After the sale, Kobe moved Sofia to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby.

From Kobe's perspective, our sources say he's really upset because he believes he's stepped up for years, by giving his parents millions of dollars and buying them homes and cars.

This feud has been brewing for years ... dating back to when Kobe's parents went ballistic when he married Vanessa without a prenup.

Kobe tweeted on Saturday morning, saying, "When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand? #hurtbeyondmeasure #gavemenowarning #love?"

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I always tell females how important it is for female to keep her body in check and to always try her best to maintain being beautiful at all times. You see through education (get degree ladies) and beauty you can manage to seduce a wealthy guy who will not only secure your future by buying you lavish mansion but you can also secure the future of your loved ones. Look Vanessa all she had to do was keep her vagina clean and beautiful at all times, be polish and clean, and look where that got her, mansions stacked on top of one another FCK YOU GO GIRL YOU DID YOUR MOM PROUD. P.S. I find Kobe to be stupid, how on GODS earth can you neglect the woman who was there for you when you had no one, shame shame shame the woman who your bedding refuses to sleep next to you not until her mothers mansion is secure, do you see how important her mothers well being is to her, and what have you done to yours neglected her, left her to fend for herself. RETARD, IDIOT. GO PURCHASE YOUR MOM A HOUSE DUMMMMY

504 days ago


@CAROLYN so what if that are the only parents he got.
Does it mean parents are saints? Do you read news where parents rape or kill their kids and you believe they owe their parents money like after they wrote a book about the raping you expect them to give the raper because he is her father money ? I know its over the top but why do ppl act as if parents are saints and angels and do everything right and are kind and loving and deserve respect ?

504 days ago

et√raw kwg    

Let's keep it real Kobe Bryant is nothing but a glorified slave working for his baby mama/wifey whatever, the woman he cheated on two times I believe.Vanessa is a woman scorned! Trust, this woman ain't gonna do nothin butt kick him to the curb 1 week after he retires! So boo boo you going to need your mama to have a nice little pool house or whatever it is she wants because when your wife kick you to the curb you going to ya mama house fool!

504 days ago


I'm sure everyone criticizing those of us saying he doesn't owe them squat realizes it's not as simple as them giving him life or helping him. Parents are human. And some are bad. Some abuse, neglect, cheat, lie, are hard, greedy, put other things before their kids, and can make life miserable for their kids in the process. One needs only to skin the Lohan Book Of Bad Parenting to see countless examples. Seems like Kobe's parents got greedy. He offered them a house but it wasn't up to their standards of what they feel their son should do. Seems they have put lifestyle and money before their child and that hurts him.

504 days ago


If i had his money my lovely mum would wany for nothing.i only earn £125 a week and still help her out

504 days ago


problem with his mom she is a typical irresponsible person. All this skank and the husband want to do is sped spend and spend other peoples hard earned money. Take a hike mom and dad and get a job you filthy losers

504 days ago


Bad mother

504 days ago


KOBE will get what he deserves! Spoiled little rich punk! He should be ashamed! He is so whopped by vanessa! I don't blame her make him take care of her mother since he is too silly to take care of his own! Such an idiot! BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER! Oops he wouldn't know cause he has assimilated into Vanessa's culture! Black man sold out! I do not like his self out selfish ass!

504 days ago


For all of you saying Kobe "owes" his mother for "carrying him for 9 months" (another poster's comment) and "funding his education and success" (another poster's comment), you are delusional and trashy. Just as delusional and trashy as the parents. No good, self respecting parent would "expect" their successful child to fund a lavish lifestyle for them. Keyword: lavish. Being a parent is a natural position of both humbleness and humility, and also parental superiority. You don't demand and expect your successful child to support you lavishly. You be glad for them and proud of them, and then help yourself. If mama was living in the ghetto it would certainly be appropriate for Kobe to get her out. But that doesn't seem to be the case. She has big, blingy dollar signs in her eyes and wants the big enchalada, lavish lifestyle. It is gross, conspicuous consumption and all around moronic mentality. It reminds me of the a$$holes on House Hunters who are 28 years old and JUST GOTTA HAVE the 600 thousand dollar house with granite countertops and custom wood flours and crown molding. Belch. Oh please, take the 300 thousand dollar house and a brand new Honda Accord and call it a day and be really thankful. In other words, she is GREEDY. And it is a disgusting shame.

504 days ago


Pamela forgot IT'S NOT KOBE'S MONEY it's been
KOBE AND HIS WIFE'S MONEY since he has been married without a pre-nup forever ! and after his INFIDELITIES it's been: POCKET CHANGE FOR KOBE AND ALL OF VANESSA'S MONEY.

504 days ago


so Kobe can buy his wife multi million dollar ring to sorry for getting caught effing some white slore in the a--, but he draws the line at a big house for his mom? yeah he's a real class act.

504 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

11. yeah, but you know dey was right about da prenup. dats gonna cost ya a lot Beefboi

504 days ago


Mama needs to but out. Kobe doesn't need to keep her on the money train. Bitch has gotten greedy.

504 days ago


No negotiating with Terrorists. Don't give in. They will never stop asking,

504 days ago


Where the white women at

504 days ago
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