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Kobe Bryant

Feud With Mom


5/4/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0503-kobe-bryant-pam-tmz-gettyWe now know why Kobe Bryant is at war with his mother ... at least from his perspective, and it has to do with money.

As we previously reported ... Kobe and mama Pamela Bryant are locked in a battle over memorabilia ... his old jerseys, varsity letters from high school, championship rings, trophies and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Pamela has taken all the stuff to an auction house, claiming he gave it all to her, and she got a $450,000 advance which she says she's using to buy a house in Nevada.  Kobe contacted the auction house and said they had no right to sell any of the items because they belong to him.

Sources connected with the Bryant family tell TMZ ... the dispute between mother and son erupted over real estate. We're told Kobe offered to buy his parents a "nice house" in Vegas for significantly less than a million bucks, but they wanted something bigger and more extravagant and Kobe drew a line in the sand and refused to up the ante.

Our sources say Pamela was infuriated and believed Kobe was shortchanging them, especially compared to what he does for Vanessa's mom, Sofia Laine.  Kobe put Sofia up in a $3.2 million house in Newport Beach, CA, which sold recently.  After the sale, Kobe moved Sofia to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby.

From Kobe's perspective, our sources say he's really upset because he believes he's stepped up for years, by giving his parents millions of dollars and buying them homes and cars.

This feud has been brewing for years ... dating back to when Kobe's parents went ballistic when he married Vanessa without a prenup.

Kobe tweeted on Saturday morning, saying, "When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand? #hurtbeyondmeasure #gavemenowarning #love?"

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i'm not religious. in fact, I abhor organized religion. that said, I always find it amusing that so many celebrities and the rich and famous when given the opportunity, absolutely love to espouse jesus and his christian virtues. jesus essentially asked his followers to give up their materialistic possessions and advises against storing up treasure and wealth.
hip hop entertainers thanking god for their success while rapping about how wealthy, amazing, talented etc. they are always makes me shake my head at humanity's pure, unadulterated stupidity.

545 days ago


Kobe is right. It gets real old when someone is always asking for money and it is never enough.
Rather tacky of Mom to sell his stuff. I am pretty sure he has supported her his whole career and she has not saved a penny of it. It is a shame.

545 days ago


Our parents can destroy our whole life and we can't protect ourself against it as kids and when we are adults we are already messed up and manipulated . There is a reason why famous ppl feel betryed and roped when they think back what they had to go through as kids to become famous and rich

545 days ago


Just in time for Mother's Day.

545 days ago


She must be some kind of awful, shallow, materialistic piece of work for him to snub her like this.

545 days ago

Mrs curve     

I agree some parents can't satisfied and ungrateful material things won't last you can pay a mom to bring you in this world but if you keep giving and giving you left with nothing that's greedy

545 days ago


His tweet says it all ......... He has given and given to her and she has taken and taken and now she humiliates him like this. She should be ashamed for hurting her son like this. It's HIS money. It's HIS right to give GIFTS. It's not for her to expect or steal. How pathetic. :(

545 days ago


Does Kobe "draw a line in the sand" with his wife and in-laws when he made really poor choices then had to “buy” their back their affections to stay married?
It appears that he has generously opened his pockets to his in-laws just to keep his wive from divorcing him... and his own parents are just probably feeling slighted in the process. Most parents would feel hurt. If he hadn't made so many errors in judgement and then had to spend a fortune trying to appease his wife so she wouldn't divorce him ... including buying very expensive homes for his mother-in-law ... he wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. He needs to remember ... his parents will always be his parents, no matter what how many stupid things he does..

545 days ago


If I had 200 million dollars my immigrant parents wouldn't ask a cent from me.

545 days ago


Absolutely nothing worse than overbrearing parents who are also greedy leeches - Kobe needs to read the book "Boundaries". Also the other granny is probably raising his kids so he is providing a nice environment for her to live - those mansions are owned by the ex-wife not the mother-in-law. What happen the millions he already gave the leeches?

545 days ago


Kobe, these are the only parents you'll ever have, be kind to them and what's a few measly millions for your parents if you are that generous with your mom-in law.

545 days ago


Come on Kobe, just buy you mama the house and quit bitchin. How are you treating your wife's mother better than your own.? What's up with that?

545 days ago


If his personal belonging meant that much to him, why didn't he take them to his house when he moved out . When I moved out from my parents, they told me to take everything, because their home was not a storage place.

545 days ago


Wtf? He dont technically owe her **** .. She wouldnt with him shootin in the gym!

545 days ago


I am outraged at Kobe. His mom gave him life, Vanessa aint give him nothing but *****

545 days ago
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