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Patrick Schwarzenegger


Threw Cubes at Club DJ

5/6/2013 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_Patrick-Schwarzenegger_tmz_4Patrick Schwarzenegger used a FAKE ID to get into a Hollywood club this weekend ... and was only kicked out after he pelted the house DJ with ice cubes ... sources connected to the club tell TMZ.

We're told ... Arnold's kid -- who's only 19 years old -- used someone else's driver's license to get past the bouncers at The Sayers Club in L.A. on Saturday night ... and it worked.

But once he was inside, we're told Patrick was a total pain in the ass.

Sources tell us Patrick was rowdy and obnoxious ... and at one point, he began throwing ice cubes at the DJ. (His father did play Mr. Freeze, after all).

Once the ice began to fly, we're told club honchos recognized Patrick -- realized he was underage -- and kicked him out ASAP.

After he got the boot, TMZ shot footage of Patrick ranting about wanting to beat up the DJ.

Patrick wasn't arrested -- but using a fake ID is a misdemeanor in California, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

His father probably knew that already ... since, you know, he was the governor.

Multiple attempts to reach Patrick were unsuccessful.


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Robert Fuller    

If his name was'nt schwarzenegger it would not mean a thing. Wait, it still don;t mean a thing.

534 days ago


Some people can't drink it brings out the stupid in them.

534 days ago


Great looking guy..........just having fun. Glad he take after the Kennedys in looks

534 days ago


What a f'in ***got loser

534 days ago


Has anyone asked WHY HE WASN'T ARRESTED?! He committed a crime and should be arrested for it and face the charges and stand up like a man. He needs to stand up, face reality and not be a spoiled little baby brat that thinks he can get away with everything because of his Daddy. Best thing Arnold can do for his son is make him stand up and be responsible and be a real man/person and care for others and have respect. If not, get out of society and hang it up. I don't have pacience for little brat boys like that.

534 days ago


What a punk...what ever happned to Arnold's other son,the one he wants nothing to do with, the one from the housekeeper

534 days ago


The press will have a ball with this since Arnold is a Rep[ublican. It will never end.

534 days ago


I guess his gerl fren or boy broes 'he hangs with' ditched him, so he goes out to a club alone??? Uhh, in third rate Hollywood DC, NO ONE OF THE WASPY FEW OR IRISH CATHOLIC ELITE, ever goes to a club, alone. how trailer deh classe, rumandcoke. poor thing was an easy target. boohoo. we all know richer and more anonymous So-Cal kids still sniff it, or may stupe to smoke it. boohoo. isn't Eric the holder hot on their trail for a chicken pickup??? boohoo, boohoo. yuck is right. YUCK.

533 days ago

Ricky Wright    

He'll be bahk....

533 days ago


He's a smart guy because he waited till he was on the sidewalk and the Bouncer's went back to their post to start Talking ****! This story would of had an entirely different heading had he acted up with the Bouncer's while in their escort! Typical Bitch move!

533 days ago


He's a 19 year old, and his celebrity has nothing to do with a desire to seem grown up by drinking while underage. Too bad online rags like this have to make a federal case out of it. They did the same with George Bush's daighters. Really, the kids have nothing to do with their parenmts being in the public eye. Thje KIDS are not celebrioties. And JAIL time for using false ID to get into a bar??? Really??? Californians are stupider then I thought. And I'm willing to bet that many of the negative commentors here tanked up underage themselves, except nobody cared to make a federal case out of it.

533 days ago


Trash doesn't fall far from the trash heap

533 days ago

Concerned citizen    

Oh, come on--he is 19. Maybe some of you guys do not remember being young. Those are the dumb years--and add a little beer or whatever you get dumber. Why do you think they send young men to war--because they have not reached the age of reason and will take chances older people will not. If this was a John Smith' son would we be talking about it. I guess I am the only one who can remember those years. Oh, yes--at 19, we were all out there thinking about how to set good example. Baloney!!

533 days ago


ahhhhh, another kennedy. the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

533 days ago


My name privileged.

533 days ago
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