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Lil Wayne

My Seizures Strike

Without Warning

5/8/2013 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lil Wayne says he doesn't know what it's like to experience a seizure ... because every time he has one, he completely blacks out.

Wayne -- along with his mentor Birdman -- sat with Sway from MTV and explained how his seizure episodes always strike without warning.

"So everybody knows, I don't know that it happens," ... adding, "I go to sleep and wake up in the hospital."

 "I don't feel anything. I just hope it stops happening."

Wayne says he's struggled with headache issues in the past ... but he hasn't experienced any head pain in the moments before the seizures strike.

Wayne has suffered multiple seizures over the past few months ... and was hospitalized for several days in L.A. in March after a series of very serious episodes.

Weezy says the doctor has given him some tips to stay healthy ... and so far, the rapper says he's following orders.


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That's how seizures work.. Some people have an aura but most people just have one for no apparent reason and don't remember them.. Real informative tmz

531 days ago

Dildo Baggins    

Sippin on some!

531 days ago


Yeeeeeeeah! Riiiiiight! by without warning you mean after gulping down that sirrupz crap?

531 days ago


Seizure medication, avoiding alcohol and drugs, keeping stress down, and proper diet and exercise usually allow people with epilepsy to avoid seizures. People who chug codeine, take other drugs, and don't have a clean lifestyle are never going to get the seizures under control and they can kill. My son had childhood epilepsy and we nearly lost him a few times. He no longer has seizures but he also doesn't live the type of life that this guy does.

531 days ago


Who gives a ****.. his music sucks. His hair and teeth sick. All of young money sucks..

531 days ago


Believe me homme (birdman voice)

531 days ago


So no more codeine?

531 days ago

Pete the Geek    

"Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location"... Sorry TMZ Video Licensing Intern, my comment is unavailable from this location.

531 days ago


Hes blacks out before he blacks out for the seizure

531 days ago


Im sure the lean doesn't help either

531 days ago


He ODs before the siezures happen.

531 days ago


I believe that... my father was epileptic and had grand mal seizures nearly once a month. They were more scary for us, his family, than for him. He had no idea they were happening, and afterward, it took about 30 minutes to several hours for him to become fully alert again. Most of the time, the seizures happened at home and we knew how to deal with them... but if one happened in public, they always called an ambulance, even if he didn't need one. Most of the time, we had to tell hospital staff what to do... or what not to do.

For example, and I'm SOOOO not kidding... no blonde female could get near him during this recovery phase after a seizure, because he would automatically grope their breasts and he'd make rooting faces, like a newborn baby. These idiots would look at him and think he was awake or alert, and we'd tell them... no... he may look alert, but trust us, he's not. Heh... fine, don't listen to us then... but we're telling you, if you go near him right now, you're going to regret it. Sure enough...the blondies always got it. He was never rough, you just had to push his hand away, Sadly, my dad never had any recollection of it and was deeply embarrassed when he'd be told he'd done it again. He was a deeply religious, good man. His neurologist says it was likely some misfiring nerves in his brain... he was a foster child who was abused and saw his first adoptive mother commit suicide. The abuse is why he was epileptic.

Epilepsy can be scary, and each patient is different. While, for some, diet and exercise can help... for others it can't. It depend son the type of epilepsy.

531 days ago


Lovee Weezy ! Hope Yu Stay Seizure Free Boo ! ❤❤

531 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yeah, he claims to have epilepsy his whole life, yet doesn't talk like a person who is used to having an illness his whole life. The doctor gave him some quit using drugs, probably.

531 days ago


Glad to hear that he is following doctor's orders. His life may be less exciting but it will certainly be longer if he lives a drug-free life. God Bless

531 days ago
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