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Wade Robson

'Michael Jackson Was a Monster'

And Sexual Abuser

5/8/2013 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0507-wade-robson-tmz-michael-jacksonThe lawyer for famed choreographer Wade Robson tells TMZ, Michael Jackson was a "monster" who sexually abused Wade for seven years as a child ... and threatened him if he ever went public.

Robson's lawyer, Henry Gradstein, tells TMZ, "Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child."

Robson spent many weekends with Jackson at Neverland Ranch and his other homes in L.A. and Vegas between ages 7 and 14.

Gradstein goes on ... "He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

Gradstein says Michael would tell Wade, "If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives" and “our lives will be ruined forever.”  

Gradstein tells us the threats worked, and Wade kept his mouth shut, adding, "This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse - often for a lifetime."

Wade was steadfast for years that MJ did NOT molest him and indeed became Jackson's star witness at his 2005 molestation trial, adamantly denying any untoward conduct.

The lawyer says, "Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it."

TMZ broke the story ... 30-year-old Robson has filed a creditor's claim against MJ's estate alleging the singer molested him as a child and asking for damages. Sources tell us ... Wade is claiming the reason he didn't file the claim on time is because he repressed the memories of the abuse.

Gradstein says they have not asked for any specific amount of money in their legal docs, although that's clearly the point of filing a creditor's claim.  He then trashes what he calls "the Jackson money machine" which he says is "at it once again to keep the truth from coming out."  But he says, "This time it won't work."



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I truly hate to say this but I don't think Katherine had any clue why she would be dealing with when she brought this lawsuit. AEG's attorney said in his opening statement things were going to get really ugly and here we go. AEG lied in 2009 when they said MJ was in perfect health when they knew better. Randy Phillips lied his ass off in the Murray trial and had mud on his face when the emails were leaked. AEG is a bid conglomerate and they don't care who they hurt or what tactics they use to defend the lawsuit. Kind of reminds me of the lack of ethics Sneddon exhibited as district attorney. Lawyers are to take so many hours of ethics continuing education in order to keep their license. What a pity the majority of them do adhere to any ethical standards.

540 days ago


How can people compare Jerry Sandusky to Michael jackson when Sandusky was convicted by a jury of HIS PEERS who only deliberated for 24 hours, yet Michael Jackson was acquitted by a jury who were NOT his peers and who deliberated for 7 days?

540 days ago


Stacy Brown just mentioned on his twitter that his sources told him that more "victims" will be coming out with allegations and that we should all stay tuned..I think it's pretty obvious that the attention is being taken OFF of the AEG trial and put on to these new accusations and also directing attention away from and trying to sully the testimony that Tom Mesereau will give on the 2005 trial and Michael's innocence. That is no coincidence.

When AEG's lawyers mentioned in their opening statement that this was going to get ugly, I guess they weren't lying.

540 days ago


OMG Money Hungry People.. It's Sad That It Happened, But Opportunity 2 Tell The Truth Was @ The Trial Where He Testified Not Now, & Wat Drug Is He On Now w This??!! If Sumone's Rape U or Molest U, Money Is Not Goin Is Not The Answer Get In Justice Is, But U Can't Get It Frm The Grave I Tell U 2 Vindicate UrSelf, & So That Died w Michael!!

540 days ago

What I Think    

Wouldn't it be a hoot if the stress of this AEG civil trial caused Katherine to have a stroke?

540 days ago


Jackson Trial: AEG ‘Not Planning’ To Call Molestation Accuser Wade Robson To Testify In Wrongful Death Suit

Posted on May 8, 2013 @ 11:30AM | By jenheger

The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial won’t hear from choreographer Wade Robson — the man who filed a creditors claim against the dead singer’s estate “for childhood sexual abuse” — because concert promoter AEG doesn’t plans to call him as a witness, has learned.

“AEG has just learned about Wade Robson’s claims and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to call him to the stand,” a source close to the case said. “Wade doesn’t bring anything to the case that would bolster AEG’s case that they aren’t responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.”

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As we previously repotted, Robson used a court filing to reverse his previous position that he was never abused by the King of Pop, despite a maid telling the singer’s 2005 molestation trial that she once saw the dancer with Jackson in the shower.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for Jackson’s estate, fired back at Robson’s newfound accusations, labeling his claim as “outrageous and pathetic.”

PHOTOS: Katherine Jackson Holds Memorial For King Of Pop In His Hometown

“This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him,” Weitzman told

“Now, nearly four years after Michael has passed, this sad and less than credible claim has been made. We are confident that the court will see this for what it is.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Since his childhood scandal, Robson has worked with some of biggest names in music, including Britney Spears, Usher, Pink and ‘N Sync. He’s also appeared on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance as both a judge and choreographer.

Katherine Jackson, 82, is suing AEG for up to $40 billions, saying AEG failed to properly screen and supervise cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray.

540 days ago


Not one of you can say if its true or if its not. No one was in that bedroom. Just because he was a famous singer, does not mean he could not commit a crime. I personally think he did it. I loved his music, but something was not right about that man.

540 days ago


I believe it and I always will. MJ was a boy lover. Flat out.

540 days ago


He is only saying this now because he wants money because he has none. If he was telling the truth he would have done it under oath in the California court system. Also now that he is admitting to lying under oath he should be put in jail and fined for that also. But his claim is just for money and so I dont believe him now at all. Also everyone else has come out and said the same thing even he did that it was just all for money like its always been the sad thing is they are now attacking a dead man for money.

540 days ago


I do not believe that MJ did hurt anybody! They only want the money thats it... these are a kind of "humandogs"... retarded and evil.
One time as I was 7, I made an experience with a pedofil man - BUT when I realized something goes VERY wrong - than I start to scream so loud I could and I was hitting the man etc... he had to let me go cause everybody could hear my voice.. AND I never had a mental problem with that experience - because everybody has to know what is evil and what is good... mental stress has no use...
only think and learn and do it better!

540 days ago


Actually, people do not repress memories of abuse, especially past the age of awareness (which he was during that time). Instead, they try to forget and cope with bad memories. Occasionally memories are triggered in adults of events in very early childhood, but the adults easily retrieve the memories at that point. Someone who was 7-14 years old is not in that category. However, people can get into the hands of a "therapist", especially one using hypnotism and similar techniques, who can easily implant false memories while the patient is in a suggestible state and then all of a sudden the adult has "repressed memories" of events that never happened. Just asking leading questions in that state is enough to do it, which is why successfully interviewing young children in possible abuse cases is very tricky and if done improperly can result in completely false and even quite bizarre accusations.
For example: In that infamous "Daycare Center of Satan" case, all the kids came up with the same physically impossible descriptions of how and where the alleged "satanic rituals" occurred - except for the children who were interviewed by a different interrogator not into satanism as the explanation for everything, they did not report any abuse at all. The problem is that young children are always in a suggestible state, so it is extremely easy to implant such false memories in them - and the few children who were allegedly abused by MJ had parents more than willing to do that for the money. Just take a closer look at the parents and you will find people with kids who initially were quite clear that nothing inappropriate happened and then amazingly changed their stories after mom or dad started working on them. And just as amazingly, the parents were quite happy to settle for money, hardly the typical parental response when someone has abused their child. The dad of the kid with cancer pointed out his ex's M.O. was to get the kids to lie for profit, about him or about phoney accidents she would arrange to get money out of merchants. Another kid's father had him put under anesthesia in a dental office and then presto changeo- the kid's story changed. And yet none of the kids could describe MJ's genital area, which had some distinctive features... I doubt any court case would have happened if not for a prosecutor with considerable personal ambition determined to make a name for himself, it was so flimsy.
MJ was eccentric as all get out, famous and rich. He was an easy target. If he were truly a pedophile, considering all the children who had contact with him over a long period of time, crowds of adults should have been coming out of the woodwork claiming abuse in the courts before the statute of limitations ran out, while MJ was still alive.
And of course, grownups can lie about being molested to get a bundle of money, after having testified otherwise under oath and elsewhere....

540 days ago


It's all about the money. MJ did not molest anyone, ever! The man is dead, leave him alone.

540 days ago

♫ ♪♪♫ ♪ Wacko Claus ♫ ♪♪♫ ♪

540 days ago


If he really just wanted the truth to ome out, why not just let it out? Why file a creditors claim. I'm not saying that MJ didn't fiddle with kids. I wasn't there. But I can say that this douche sounds like a money hungry desporado!

540 days ago


I guess we all know Wade Robson has no real career. Suing a dead man...after you defended him? how much are we supposed to...pardon the pun..swallow?
You got some ambulance chasing lawyer and your probably living on credit since you are a nobody now.

540 days ago
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