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Lionel Richie

New MJ Molestation Claims

Are 'Bogus'

5/9/2013 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's longtime friend Lionel Richie is scoffing at the new molestation claim against the King of Pop ... telling TMZ, Wade Robson's abuse allegations are "bogus."

As we first reported, Robson -- a famous choreographer -- filed a creditor's claim against Michael's estate this week claiming the singer sexually abused him as a child.

Wade's lawyer told TMZ ... as far as he's concerned MJ was a "monster" who sexually abused Wade for seven years ... and then threatened Wade if he ever went public.

Sources close to Wade told us, 30-year-old Wade's repressed memories came flooding back following a nervous breakdown last year.

But Lionel's STILL got MJ's back ... check out the video.


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When high profile people defend child molester criminals, they are only victimizing the victims again.
This just empowers the criminal (dead one in this case)
Was Lionel there when MJ used to take naked showers and sleep in the same bed with 7 year old Wade?
Lionel should just shut his effing mouth and pull his head out of his a$$.

535 days ago


Ritchie.....seriously were you there??? And what does Wade have to gain from coming out and telling everyone about MJ molesting him??? Seriously your a major jerk to put it nicely....

535 days ago


Mr. Ritchi, what did you think about Michael Jackson sleeping with little boys? All innocent right? Well I tell you this. If you are a grown man and you sleep with little boys - you deserve every single accusation thrown at you whether it's true or not !! MJ had relationships with several little boys who are now Lost Boys. Coincidence?

535 days ago


How would he know? Did he live with Michael Jackson.

535 days ago


This is what i find FUNNY... everyone before was on Michael about being a child molester... and now someone comes forward (who has PLENTY of money and has been hugely successfully for MANY years) and now its bogus? being someone who has been molested before its VERY plausible and i believe very true...

535 days ago


Just because Michael was accused numerous times does not mean he is guilty. Evan Chandler cooked up the allegations because MJ refused to buy movie scripts off him. Gavin did aswell because his mother was pissed that she was being forced out of MJs life and the luxury that came with it. Wade is broke and someone paid him to do this. A message to all you Americans stop reading and believing what the media print. Michael was and is a target because he is so famous and because he had money. Some kid in another state made allegations against MJ too but Diane Dimond found out they were bogus.

535 days ago

mj fan forever    

Lionel Richie said nothing but the TRUTH!!! And the fact that PEDO-MONSTER-Robson-broke as hell's "sources" said so it does NOT mean it's true,'s BS claimed to grub money from Michael Jackson. The FACTS speak for themselves, it is so damned true that Michael Jackson NEVER abused that loser and NOR any child that he testified in his favor and spent YEARS saying nothing but beautiful things about him, while making MANY tributes to him until RECENTLY, SO even after his INVENTED breakdown for the grub money lawsuit. I DO believe that Lionel Richie STILL got Michael Jackson's back, because he knows very well - like the VAST majority of the world's population - that these are BULL****. Aside from the fact that it's very probable that AEG is also behind this sh*t. VERY WELL SAID Lionel Richie THANK YOU very much to you too for spreading the TRUTH!!!!

535 days ago

King of TMZ    

It's interesting how MJ got these claims in:
- 1993
- 2003
- 2013
It's as if he is cursed with these false claims!
hope this backfire on AEG since it definitely look they are behind it.

534 days ago


Just because MJ didn't hit on Nicole Richie, it doesn't mean he didn't hit on any number of good-looking young boys, especially the ones who could dance...

534 days ago

Tim C    

Was he molested? Maybe but it sure is convenient that the memories were repressed until MJ died and his estate became solvent again.

534 days ago


I think there was def. some weirdness with Michael and young boys, but I don't buy into the repressed memory crap. I think this guy had a slump in his earnings and decided to grab a buck. Three separate times he said Jackson did nothing to him. I don't know, seems less credible then the others.

534 days ago


Another call from Mama. Lionel....I need a small favor...

534 days ago


It's a game of connect the dots. Quincy Jones (Thriller) is seen in an old interview with Michael sitting beside him, slowly rubbing his thigh and looking/acting turned on. Richi is just part of a group, knowingly or unknowlingly protecting powerful people that like young boys.

534 days ago


I believe Wade.

534 days ago


MJ defiantly did this. He was a sick man. From someone who was molested, all this is real! There is no conspiracy here. Grown men molest little boys! Its not new. Wade suppressed that **** just like i did. It comes out later in life when you realize you don't have to hide or lie anymore. I'm proud of this man for stepping up and facing this. Lionel Richie shouldn't speak on things he doesn't know about.

534 days ago
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