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Wade Robson

Big Love For Michael

Months Before Breakdown

5/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051013_wade_robson_mj_launchWade Robson was singing Michael Jackson’s praises as recently as July 30, 2011 … talking about preserving MJ’s legacy and “representing his essence” … just 8 months before he claims a nervous breakdown sent memories of sexual abuse flooding back.

Robson rhapsodizes about MJ and the influence he had on his life ... telling the reporter from Rhythm Addict TV that he felt a lot of pressure choreographing the MJ Cirque du Soleil show.

But here's the rub.  A spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Estate -- which produced the Cirque du Soleil show -- tells TMZ ... Robson was "on the list of choreographers but his son got sick and he wasn't used."  The spokesperson said there was never a contract between Wade and the show.


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Until he needed the money.

533 days ago


this guy is a joke

533 days ago


His credibility is completely shot to hell. ZERO integrity!

533 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I believe him. There are plenty of adults out there that were abused as children that don't remember their abuse until they're well into adulthood.

A former maid of MJ's testified that she walked in on MJ and Wade (when he was 8 or 9 years old) nude in the shower together so it definitely adds up.

I just hope Wade takes some comfort from the fact that the hero Dr. Conrad Murray rid the world of one of the sickest pedophiles in modern history and that he can no longer harm other children. Unfortunately, MJ's death was far too painless for such a sick freak. His victims have to go through life knowing what this noseless pedo did to them while his sick peso-sympathizing fans verbally attack him for speaking up about his abuse.

533 days ago


The plot thickens. The problem with Wade's "repressed memory" is he was under too much pressure and asked too many times about it for it to stay repressed that long. The amount of questions and the number of times he was asked puts much more pressure on the memory and him. Too much to stay repressed for so long. I bet if TMZ keeps digging they'd find video from as recently as 2012 showing Wade sing MJ's praises.

533 days ago


i dont know if he was molested or not but children of abuse dont usually tell anyone out of frear and shame. you can look at the kids who are adults now and see how stable they are and how relationships are with sex partners. any sexual abuse will show up in your sexual behaviour.

533 days ago

The Truth    

So, "...there was never a contract between Wade & the show"...has a familiar ring about it.

With all the comings and goings in Michael Jackson's entourage how come Howard Weitzman has remained in place throughout?

533 days ago


I understand someone would repressed a memory of a traumatic event but if the alleged abuse happened for 7 years that's difficult to forget, maybe he was ashamed or in deny and the therapy he went through help him accept it or he is lying either way, it's sad, I've been an mj fan since i was 13 now i'm 23 i got all his records and I wish this isn't true but for some reason i think the guy isn't lying

533 days ago

mj fan forever    

Actually this liar claims to have being suffered his invented breakdown already in 2010 so according to his own lies this interview was made DURING it. Even if he wasn't used for the show it remains the fact that he was PROUD to be chosen for it and continued to praise Michael Jackson until 2012, MUCH after his invented breakdown. He and his disgusting lawyers will be forced to explain this sh*t and they won't are able to because are disgusting liars and the only monsters sexual abusers.

533 days ago


... that peadophile thing is pathetic now, it doesnt work anymore..., some guys tried with accusations, and failed, totally, Michael Jackson won all cases against all accusations ever made..., and if FBI and overzealously desperate investigation (from 1993 to2003), one of the largest in American history HAS NEVER FOUND ANYTHIG, and no one, none of the so.called accusers ever proved their claims... yeah... you can believe in the same justice system, or... change it... if you wish... to fit into your logic why Michael Jackson has to be guilty..., it doesnt really matter there is nothing there... you would try again and again,. desperately at any cost... , only one little piece of something to convict MJ... wow..., what an act of desperation...

533 days ago


I thought I read just yesterday that his issues started in 2010 and he had his "breakdown" in March 2011???......IF that's true....this is AFTER his alleged breakdown......BTW I'm also hearing he's been working on the Michael Jackson tribute show..(current)...IF that is true...SHADY AS HELL.(among other things about this he works with AEG)

533 days ago


Does anyone else think it's strange all the accusers ask for money rather than punishment or justice? 1993 the family accepted 25 million dollars. In 2003, the family seek a civil suit however, their lawyer advise them to prosecute because if MJ were to be convicted the civil suit would be easier to prove. And Wade, 2013, again...Money. If he had just released a statement without wanting to gain anything from his molester then... Just maybe he would be believed. Any other sexually abused victim seek justice. But for some reason, for MJs alledged victims, to them, molestation is like some type of business deal.

533 days ago


Wade claims in the video that he was to be one of the choreographers for Cirque du Soleil show.
And what a surprise... who is the director? Yeah... Jamie King, and that poor Wade was kicked off..., it seems like a war, vendetta, revenge..., Robson simply wasnt able to deal with that, lost huge bucks... and that sadly caused his breakdown... and at the end of the day... his repressed memories came back..., oh... what a poor boy....

533 days ago


Blanca Francia - In 1993 she was paid $20,000 by Diane Dimond's Hard Copy to say she saw MJ shower nude with Wade Robson. At MJ's 2005 trial Wade Robson testified he never showered with MJ.

The so called Hayvenhurst 5 (five bodyguards: Leroy Thomas, Morris Williams, Donald Starks, Fred Hammond, Aaron... White) were paid $100,000 by Dimond's Hard Copy to say they were fired from Encino because they saw MJ behave inappropriately with young boys. But at police depositions they admitted they never saw anything.

The Neverland 5 (Kassim Abdool, Ralph Chacon, Adrian McManus, Sandy Domz and Melanie Bangall) were paid at least $32,000 by various tabloids to say incriminating things about MJ as well as to sell gossip about him and LMP. Three of them testified at Michael's 2005 trial - they were all proven to be liars and opportunists.

Phillip LeMarque and Stella Marcroft (a couple who worked at NL for 10 months in the early 90s) - were offered $100,000 for their made-up stories, but it wasn't enough for them, they wanted $500,000. LeMarque himself admitted it in court at MJ's 2005 trial.

And the list goes on. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg.
You can be sure that people like Terry George, the Quindoys, Orietta Murdock etc. were paid by the tabloids too!!

533 days ago


asting more doubt on Robson’s new claims, in an interview with Master Class Legends — uploaded to You Tube in July, 2012 — the choreographer gushed about the time he spent with Jackson as a child.

This means just less than a year ago he talked about Michael!!!

533 days ago
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