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Kobe Bryant's Parents

Our Son's

A Liar!!!

5/13/2013 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant
's parents have turned their backs on their son -- claiming Kobe was LYING when he accused his mother of stealing more than a million dollars worth of his basketball memorabilia ... and putting it up for auction, TMZ has learned.

Kobe's mom and dad -- Pamela and Joe -- both filed sworn declarations in the legal dispute between Kobe and Goldin Auctions, the auction house planning to sell off the valuable stuff ... insisting Kobe willingly gave his mother the items in question ... and it's her right to sell them.

According to Kobe's dad, Kobe gave his mother the memorabilia over the years, telling her, "Here mom, these are for you." Kobe's mom insists she never took anything from him without permission.

Even Kobe's grandma has filed a declaration in support of Pamela.

Kobe's sister Sharia Washington, on the other hand, filed a declaration claiming their mother has been conspiring to sell Kobe's stuff for years ... telling her the family could profit greatly from Kobe's stardom.

As we reported, Kobe has countersued, claiming his mother stole the memorabilia from his house.

He wants to stop Goldin from selling the items and to have them returned to him. A judge has blocked the auction, but only for now.

So we gotta ask ...


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No Avatar


File under "who cares". Then again, rapist memorabilia is probably popular.

527 days ago


It's good to know where he gets his a$$holeness from!!

527 days ago


All these overpaid whiners taking their families to court...this world has become such a sick place. Settle it in your home. Its not a judges problem.

527 days ago


So how was Mother's Day in the Kobe household?

527 days ago


Before the Fame it was called Family

527 days ago


What's love when you have valuable assets to sell?

527 days ago


If Coby wanted his "memorabilia"he shoulda taken it to his house a long time ago, and made a shrine, what's his momma want with that stuff? Sell it and go on, it's just junk.

527 days ago


Kobe should give his parents money he gives his money to his gold digging wives family he is a great athlete but not very smart when she divorces him and take half of his fortune his parents will still be there for him like they always have

527 days ago


Even if it's mom's did it or not U can put her on blast like that plus it's two vs 1.

527 days ago


Slimy parents!!

527 days ago


The parents are idiots! They should have supported their son in his happiness and his first serious love affair. They didn't even go to their own sons wedding! !!!!! Very, WRONG move! I have no doubts that they would be sitting very pretty right now had they not dissed Vanessa back in the day and just went along with the program. Vanessa is one smart b!tch and will screw you over without you even knowing what's up.... case in point.

527 days ago

Obvious justice    

Mom and dad should be very ashamed of themselves , they turned their backs on Kobe a long time before she even thought she was going to sell it for cash only to blow or on stuff she doesn't need. Kobe did the right thing in stoping her madness. At least Kobe has his sister that stands behind him.

527 days ago


A son is a son until he finds a wife... but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life.

527 days ago


Vanessa and her mother are laughing their azzes all the way the bank. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in Vanessa's family off's Kobe's dumb azz. As Kobe disassociates himself from his family, Vanessa family will inherit everything and Kobe upon his fading career will only be a bothersome negro. Kobe makeup with your parent asap. Don't be stupid and leave everything to your in laws. These people don't give a damn about you only your money. Sadly, Kobe you made your own bed and became a slave when you refused to listen to your parents and didn't sign a prenup.

527 days ago


If Kobe wants to spend money supporting his in-laws that is his right. He earned his money and he can spend it however he chooses. I am beyond sick of listening to everyone who says he should give his parents a house and as much money as they want. No! You bring a child into this world because you have love to share. Not to exploit them or tell them that they owe you. A child should WANT to help their parents but parents have no right whatsoever to demand that their child buy them a house or anything. I love my parents enough that I would buy them as many houses as they want if I had Kobe's money and I would do it from the good of my heart. My parents are kind and humble people and would never demand that I do so but I would want to. Kobe has done many kind things for his parents and even offered to buy them a house in Vegas on top of his many gifts over the years. So what if it isn't the same things or nearly as nice as the houses Kobe bought for Vanessa and her mom? This isn't Kindergarten and Kobe's mom watches their kids. Besides, I'd be more willing to help out relatives who are appreciative of my kindness rather than help out people who demand more. I hate Kobe, I think he's a terrible person for many reasons but it's easy to see that it is hard to be raised with morals when you have parents like his.

527 days ago
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