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Wade Robson

Skipping Town After Filing

MJ Molestation Claim

5/13/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
's wasting no time hightailing it out of L.A. after alleging Michael Jackson molested him -- he just unloaded his Santa Monica condo -- and is leaving Cali for good.

Wade listed the condo March 21 for $789,000 and closed escrow May 8. And get this -- he scored more than the asking price -- $825,000.

It's not an outlandish leap to think the timing isn't coincidental.  We broke the story this week ... Wade filed a creditor's claim against MJ's estate May 1 ... claiming the King of Pop molested him over a 7-year period when he was a kid.

Sources tell us, Wade, his wife and son plan to lay down roots in the Aloha state ... where his wife grew up.

Check out the condo and all its amenities.  Repressed memories not included.


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The Truth    

So the loving Michael Jackson's have run someone out of town for being abused as a child and are congratulating themselves.

What next any anyone who claims they were raped by a celeb to be stoned to death?

What a twisted group of people Michael Jackson created.

494 days ago


Anyone notice the thought for the day chalk board? Jackson used to do this in all of his homes. If one was so horribly treated as a young boy, one wouldn't emulate these kinds of things. Just sayin.

494 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I guess he isn't so hard up for money like the rabid fans say.
Good move getting away from the rabid fans, they could probably find some justification in their scrambled brains to kill him. Those people are CRAZY.

494 days ago


As it was pointed out in Robson’s creditor’s claim filed in court against MJ’s Estate, Robson NEVER filed a complaint with the police or a lawsuit claiming molestation. That alone proves how non important his repressed memories were and why he’s not seeking justice. Basically, Robson is blackmailing the Estate for money via his creditor’s claim using molestation as leverge against the Estate.

494 days ago


Yeah well like I said; this is not about being a fan. It's about what's right and what's wrong. Why haven't any of the accusers gone after justice rather then money? Name one of MJ accusers that went after justice rather then money? We're waiting! Michael had his problems but these people obviously in the position to take full advantage of it and Michael and that's clear to see.

For the record, I wouldn't care if Michael Jackson the King of Pop was God himself, forgive me... if there were one piece of strong evidence that all those cops, State attorney's, detectives, FBI agent etc brought out of MJ house proven he molested even one child I would be pissed and so against MJ. BUT THAT IS AND HAS NEVER BEEN THE CASE! Even private investigators, reporters, media, tabloids couldn't prove Michael of any wrong doing. But they did report how all accusers walked away with money and not justice though. Explain that?

I repeat! This clown Wade Robson obviously needs attention, want revenge and MONEY from MJ estate? What get me is NO PROOF! In fact when you get right down to it, there's NO EVIDENCE, NO PROOF WSE to any of the ugly claims against Michael Jackson. All this he say, she say BS and they all walked away with money and no justice. That's what I can't understand...

494 days ago


Wade took pay-offs for years from the pedophile. And he didn't stand up for the other victims. He should be scorned now. I'm so sick of these creeps who enable peewees while the children suffer for the rest of their lives.

494 days ago


Run but you can't hide Liar

494 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

The fans like to scream LIAR but perhaps now his lying is over.

494 days ago


TMZ's "good riddance" on the photos indicates that TMZ is taking the stance that Wade is lying. No one has enough information at this point to prove innocence or guilt so if it turns out he's a broken man and was a victimized child, TMZ will have egg on their face when their farewell to him was simply "good riddance".

494 days ago


On the behalf of Michael Jackson children, I wish these no good bastards let Michael rest in peace. This is so sad, wait until the man is dead and gone then goes after his estate when it made money claiming this and that just to get their hands on money that should rightfully go to his children. Seriously check out the claims...
I wrote MJ songs
I created his dance moves
They are my children MJ raised
Late Molestation charge
Michael owe me money
Michael and I had a deal
Michael told me this in my book
I gave Michael artworks
Michael this, Michael that the lists is endless yet only a few has been proven true and has been settle. Other then that no other claims has been able to prove chit and all these people file claim after Michael's death and not before. What up with that?

494 days ago


Michael Jackson is innocent. This is the truth. Robson - "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."

494 days ago

Good For Him    

I don't blame Wade. All the pedo worshipers are out for his blood.

Anyone who defends MJ, is a sicko. Not only was he accused multiple times of child sex abuse, not only was he witnessed molesting children (including three witnesses seeing him molest Wade), but he kept vulgar books of naked boys. These were books edited and photographed by child sex offenders, and self-described boylovers. He also had a polaroid photo of a naked boy he knew. Police found it in his bedroom.

Read about it...

MJ was a child molester, and if he was convicted and imprisoned in 2005, he would most likely still be alive today.

494 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Gotta make bank somehow I guess.

494 days ago


Wade lives in Hawaii and has for years. It's where his wife is from, and where he is raising his son. Him selling his pied-à-terre isn't news.

TMZ looks for any reason to bash the guy. I swear, you will not be happy until you make him so miserable he ends up taking his own life. Wade's still recovering from his childhood trauma, and he's going through hell with MJ fans harassing him. You keep fanning the flames. Heartless

494 days ago


Ha, ha! Too late Wade! Michael Jackson is known and has fans worldwide. Wherever you go you will bear the scrutiny of your stupidity! Now let's see how far $825,000 will take you in Hawaii where a median house costs $1,000,000, and you are out of a career. So many constructive and positive ways you could have used to talk about your relationship to Michael Jackson!

494 days ago
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