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Wade Robson

Skipping Town After Filing

MJ Molestation Claim

5/13/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
's wasting no time hightailing it out of L.A. after alleging Michael Jackson molested him -- he just unloaded his Santa Monica condo -- and is leaving Cali for good.

Wade listed the condo March 21 for $789,000 and closed escrow May 8. And get this -- he scored more than the asking price -- $825,000.

It's not an outlandish leap to think the timing isn't coincidental.  We broke the story this week ... Wade filed a creditor's claim against MJ's estate May 1 ... claiming the King of Pop molested him over a 7-year period when he was a kid.

Sources tell us, Wade, his wife and son plan to lay down roots in the Aloha state ... where his wife grew up.

Check out the condo and all its amenities.  Repressed memories not included.


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The house was listed on March 21,
AEG appealed and failed to get the lawsuit dismissed on March 21.

I'm just saying....

494 days ago


To bad MJ's rabid fans won't want to hear the truth. My guess is that more victims will come forward now. Best of luck to Wade and his family. NOT good riddance, shame on TMZ for writing that.

494 days ago


Where can I find the Jesus Juice?

494 days ago

mike p    

I believe Wade is telling the truth and have created a facebook page to create support for him please like and spread the word. This is NOT a forum for MJ fanatiics /http//

494 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

The fans are quick to call Wade a liar and proclaim MJ's innocence based on nothing.

If a grown man consistently shares his bed, alone, with boys until they hit puberty (funny but all the boys seem to break ties with MJ after that), there is a legitimate reason to check these things out. If it was anyone else in the world, doctor, teacher, preacher, politician or garbage man, how do you think this would be received?

With the accusations coming in 2013, after MJ's death, this can only be a civil case against the estate, and therefore with a monetary award. What is he supposed to do, try to make a criminal case against a dead person?

Call Wade a liar. You may be right but maybe he's been lying all along and is finally old enough and in a good enough position to deal with this head on and stop living a lie.

494 days ago


I personally believe that this crap, to distract people from the truth in the trial, to trash Jackson’s name and make the public believe that Michael is a monster while AEG is on trial. This is part of the dirty laundry scheme to distract the public''s.

AEG is faced with a mutli-billion law suit - so they might be in an all-out war against the Jacksons.

494 days ago


I personally believe that this is crap, to distract people from the truth in the trial, to trash Jackson’s name and make the public believe that Michael is a monster while AEG is on trial. This is part of the dirty laundry scheme to distract the public's attention.

AEG is faced with a mutli-billion law suit - so they might be in an all-out war against the Jacksons.

494 days ago


Katherine Jackson filed the case against AEG in 2010. There could have well been a done deal arrangement made by AEG with Wade Robson (that spelled $$$) for a smear campaign against Jackson. I think the goal really here is to hit and run and leave a trail of ugly innuendos on Michael Jackson while the trial against AEG is on going.

494 days ago


The amount of support for Michael Jackson at this point is pretty disgusting. When have we become a society that looks over not ONCE, not TWICE, but several children that have been molested now because the guy "wrote good songs and was a great dancer" What happened to not caring about someone's wealth enough to overlook damaging young members of our society? There is NO way a lawyer would have instructed him to file if he thought it would result in perjury. It's not.... because of the simple fact he had repressed memories, so clearly wasn't aware at the time of trial. Psychology 101 tells us this is a very real condition. If he was so concerned about money, why would he file a case and then leave the state? You don't think it's going to be expensive to fly to meet all necessary requirements? The man had a nervous breakdown which resulted in a realization he had been molested and he was diagnosed by a reputable child psychologist.... who I'm sure cares more about his patients then getting a "piece of the pie." Why is it so hard for everyone to believe the obvious just because the guy can sing? If I wanted to attract a bunch of diabetics to my yard, I'd fill it with sugar....if I wanted to attract a bunch of young boys, I'd build a carnival and call it neverland - kind of like the lost BOYS of Peter Pan (can someone remind me who the lost GIRLS were?) EXACTLY. Now should we start on how he died? Cause drug addicts who constantly get their way are SUPER stable people, right? People don't protect children at all anymore...and it's tragic...that's why our kids are going to movie theaters to kill, or elementary schools. Just because you like the moonwalk, doesn't mean you have to be so contrite about this man losing his career, reputation and livelihood. I'm pretty sure he won't win the case....but I am pretty sure it's more about closure and justice than making a dime.

494 days ago


wade is full of ****.

494 days ago


None of these so called "victims" presented any credible, believable case against Michael Jackson.



I suppose your rabid fans are not rabid, but really members of the man love boy club.

If any body ever had any doubt of MJ's innocence on the previous accusations, this case clearly affirm that the evil pedo's supporters case of prejudice.

So what other information, details and evidence have you heard from Wade's claim??? The hearing is on June 3. Why are you evil worshipers so adamant that Wade was lying before hearing what he had to say. Do you need wade to describe the details of the act.

In any case, Wade has suffered all his life and his only survival instinct is to block it off. You know what pedos do when they seduce a child??? First they distract him, like getting him playing a video game and then while the child was all excite with the game, then he will advance to touch the child's private without the child being aware while his focus was on the game. Then if the child becomes aware and shows any reluctant, then the pedo takes the game away.

You think someone who's entire universe was to focus and worship an idol will think that what his idol does to him is wrong??? Wade would have no concept when it first started. Then he would have gotten used to it and thought that was a normal part of life. Then when he started thinking something is wrong, he got the threats, the abandonment. and meanwhile he would have thought he was wrong that he was guilt to have caused what happened to him.

Read, study before you victimize and make it easy for pedophiles to target the next victim.

Wade, be strong, we the intelligent people support you, and wish you all the best for your new life.

Meanwhile, lets celebrate the death of the most evil pedo king on June 25, iPad 2013!!!!

494 days ago


I beleive Wade. We repress alot of things from our past. I didnt realize till I took a Rape Advocate Class that I was molested as a child. I didnt know (as a child) this was not proper behaviour. Never thought about those incidents until I took that class. Plus, ask yourself, why would ANYONE put themselves out there like that and just to be treated in this manner. I BELEIVE HIM!!!!!!!

494 days ago


Not much of a place for such a wildly famous and successful guy as Harvey was trying to spin this piece of trash person.
Must have been sitting in that tiny back yard thinking about all the money MJ estate and kids are rolling in...

Probably cant get much work in Hawaii either.
Wonder which corporation is paying for him to retire there after his BS story.

494 days ago


I think he got paid off for his "hit job " on MJ and has taken the cash and ran.
Wonder what $ amount he asked for , to sign his name to that crap

494 days ago


This just goes to show what people will do for money.
It is OBVIOUS he is full o of sh@t and yet he took the cash from "Someone", and sold his own reputation..

494 days ago
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