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Kristen Stewart's Mom

Twilight Nightmare ...

I Have NO Wolves!

5/14/2013 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514_jules_stewart_twitter_article1“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart’s mom says she has a crazy neighbor on her hands ... a neighbor who is allegedly harassing her and claiming that she's harboring wolves.

Jules Stewart says the beef began April 21, when the neighbor walked up her driveway.  Stewart says she ordered the 61-year-old woman off her property … and according to legal docs the two exchanged heated, vulgar words.

The neighbor, Sue Bemi, allegedly claimed Stewart's dogs were actually WOLVES.  Bemi supposedly screamed her wolves "belong in the mountains of Montana" and should be set free and she was ready to take care of business.

Stewart’s filing says after their blowup, Bemi started a campaign of harassment, regularly making “howling sounds, growls, chirps and other weird noises” ... which riled up the animals.

Bemi claims in her own handwritten legal docs Stewart herself confessed the animals were really wolves.

Stewart, a longtime Hollywood script supervisor who recently directed her first feature film “K-11,” got a restraining order this AM, ordering Bemi to say 100 yards clear of her property for 1 year.



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pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I have a dog that looks like a wolf. That is not a dog that looks likeca wolf. I don't even think it looks like a hybrid wolf/malamute(or husky). That truly looks like a wolf. Maybe Belgian shepherd/wolf hybrid. It is at least half wolf I think. I wish I could see a video and watch it walk around.

496 days ago


If its walks like a wolf and howls like a wolf then its a wolf.

496 days ago

Kim Lores Bodaglo    

Actually this does appear to be a wolf. It is illegal to keep wolves as pets as they are wild animals and much to aggressive to keep as pets. That woman may have not handled herself well but it appears anyway that she is right.

496 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

They're "wolf dogs" and completely legal in CA

496 days ago


I thought they were hybrid wolves.

496 days ago


Don't send them to Montana if you want them to live. Those lunatic legislators are allowing wolves to be killed off left and right. Pretty soon Montana will be a wolf-free state. Oh, but they do allow you to pick up road kill now to bring home and make dinner out of it.

496 days ago

Pet rock    

Set the wolves free sue! Keep howlin they'll listen if you're loud enough they might speak back to you. Screw the 100 feet, get in there and liberate the animals load them up on a party bus destined for Montana so we can see your mug shot!!!

496 days ago


Actually, if you watch some of Kristen's interviews where she talks about her Dogs, she mentions that they are hybrid wolves, a cross between Wolves and Dogs, and are totally Legal and allowed, the One with the T-Shirt on is Called Tommie and is Wearing Kristen's T-shirt, Jules Tweeted it...

496 days ago


Fifteen Essential Facts in the So-called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

Fact #3. Rob and Kristen had been arguably foreshadowing the coming of this “cheating scandal” for months.

As early as the Breaking Dawn 1 Premier in November of 2011 Rob talked of an Edward and Bella divorce in a red carpet interview with Marc Malkam. Even Kristen and several of the members of the cast reacted to his comment, with Elizabeth Reaser telling Malkam that “I think Bella would stray if anyone was going to. I don’t think either of them will, but she’s so young. I mean, Edward’s got like a hundred years on her” and Billy Burke kidding that “they might get bored” and “bring Jacob in” for an open relationship.

By 2012, this foreshadowing increased in frequency. In a spring 2012 Vogue Interview Kristen talked of how “perfect and boring her life was” and how she “couldn’t wait for someone to **** her over” and how “you can learn a lot about life from adversity.” At a Comic Con BD2 panel in July 2012, just two weeks before July 17th, Rob again talked of Bella & Edward’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith thing”, while offering Stephanie Meyer a plot line to continue the Saga. With Kristen responding to Stephanie Meyer’s question on who would survive that Bella/Edward showdown, “I could totally rip his head off”.

And Rob’s interview done (for FilmInk) purportedly days before the scandal broke
(though it was released much later) where Rob said “I wish that this [Twilight] had happened twelve years ago, before camera-phones and TMZ. Then it would have been amazing! Being a successful actor, in my imagination, meant that you could have done anything in LA. If you just had the good sides of fame, it would have been unbelievable.” And continuing, “Unfortunately now, actors are like the most conservative people in the world because you can’t do anything, you can’t trust anyone because it all becomes part of your career.”

And finally an unconfirmed report that in that same interview (July 16) he said that
“No, I’ve never been betrayed by people who are actually in my life, like my friends or even my acquaintances. No one has ever done anything.”

In isolation, some might find Rob’s comments ironic and Kristen’s risking karma. But taken together, they are anything but coincidental.

When you are ready for a dose the truth, start with and see how the US Magazine/FameFlyNet version of this so-called “cheating scandal” is fabricated BS. And that’s just the start.

496 days ago


There is not a bit of German Shepherd in that dog. That is a wolf

496 days ago


So... is it a wolf or not ? I have 3 dogs, 2 strays and a dobermann. One of the strays actually looks like a wolf but he isn't. The dobermann whenever he feels in the mood or hears a siren starts howling so long till the other 2 howl along. Kind of sounding like a wolf pack. But no wolfs there so...

496 days ago


It is most likely a wolf dog hybrid, they do exists and some states have regulations but they are classified as wolves. Had a friend who owned one here in MA, beautiful animal, looked like a wolf but wasn't a full wolf. Same situation, neighbor complained saying it was a full blooded wolf and a danger to the neighborhood. They had to have it DNA tested to prove it was indeed a hybrid. Here in MA there is a % limit though, not sure exactly how they measure it, I'm guessing it's all part of the DNA testing required. Still this neighbor sounds like a moron saying they need to be released into the wild and howling at them.

496 days ago


They are hybrid's ..half dog half wolf, and are completely legal to own...Gotta love neighbours :) LOL she sounds like a lot of fun..;/

496 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Yep I'll admit it, i'd rather see more stories about Kristen Stewart's hybrid dogs than Lindsay Lohan's tale of woe. TMZ: how about a wolf/dog video?

496 days ago


sooooo what if it is a wolf....

496 days ago
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