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Charlie Sheen

Brooke Wants Cash for Kids

... That's It

5/15/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514-denise-richards-charlie-sheen-brooke-muellerCharlie Sheen's legal team is headed for court this morning ... and he wants to expose what he believes is a crass ploy by ex-wife Brooke Mueller to make her brother the guardian of their kids so she can still get her hands on Charlie's gigantic child support checks.

As we previously reported ... Brooke is gunning to wrestle temporary custody away from Denise Richards, who has been caring for 4-year-old Bob and Max while Brooke tries to get it together at The Betty Ford Center.  Brooke wants her brother to get temporary custody until she's sober again. 

Charlie believes the almighty dollar is at the root of Brooke's ploy.  He claims Brooke will still have access to Charlie's $55,000 monthly child support check if her bro gets the kids, and that's why she wants Denise out of the picture.

What's more ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... Denise has written proof -- in the form of text messages -- in which Brooke makes it clear -- she wants and needs those monthly checks.

Sources say Brooke -- through her lawyer -- will counter that Denise is the one who is in it for the money, although our sources say Denise has not asked Charlie for a dime for taking Bob and Max.

We're told Charlie wants Denise to keep the twins until Brooke is sober and able to prove she'll stay that way.  Charlie realizes that could mean Denise could have the kids for a year ... and maybe longer.  Charlie will tell the judge he would gladly pay Denise support money for her efforts.



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Hopefully the children will not show the affects of drug abuse from both parents as they get older. Neither one meaning Charley and Brooke need to have custody of these poor children. Denise is probably the best bet and if CPS provides a recommendation it will be for Denise to have Permanent Managing Conservatorship of these children.

465 days ago


Brooke's mother is a gold-digging whore and so is Brooke. The whole family = Florida trash!!!!

465 days ago


90 days in rehab doesn't prove Brooke can take care of those kids. If she is serious about her children and her sobriety she should leave the kids with Denise and move into a sober living facility after rehab so she can learn to live life on life's terms.

465 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Well of course Brooke needs the money-how else is she going to pay for her drugs?

465 days ago


Given that the twins have two older sisters through Denise, and Brooke's brother hasn't come out of the woodwork to fight to get the kids, himself, I don't think Brooke is going to get her way. Charlie's right, too: Brooke is probably thinking she can manipulate her brother to get some of that money, so she can fuel her addiction. She needs to permanently lose physical custody of the kids; it does them no good to be shuttled back and forth based on mommy's raging addiction time-table.

465 days ago


Wants the money but not the kids .Says it all really .She should NEVER have the children again.Children ate not sold to the highest bidder , they ate to b cherised. They are are future but what future would they ever have with either their 'so called mother or father

465 days ago


I went to court with a friend in Ca. SHe didnt have a lot of money and she got busted with pot. CPS took her kids away from her for a year. She had to go to classeds and rehab. SHe never used it again but it took a YEAR and this pig has been in rehab 20 times!! They keep giving the kids back to her because she has money. I guess until one or both of those kids get killed or raped by her druggie friends they will give her those kids back. $$$ is what counts here in Ca AND ALSO the color of your skin. SHe had over a million dollars from SHeen and now I beleieve she made that whole abuse crap up in order to get his money and she got pg in order to ensure herself of an income for the rest of her life. 20 times? She should have lost not only custody but her parental rights. Charlie knows he is not a good parent. He knows he goes on benders and does stupid ****. He takes care of his kids and Denise says he is a good dad and so does his older daughter. Brookes parents did a great job with Brooke LOL thats why they wont take the twins thank God and her brother wants the $$ only. Denise wants to make sure those kids are taken are of..GIVE Denise those kids so they can be with their family ane not that drug whore Brooke.

465 days ago


Twins for sale!

465 days ago


Brooke Mueller should be concentrating on getting well -- NOT CUSTODY BATTLES!!! If access to "CASH" is fueling her addiction then it needs to be "SUBSTANTIALLY CURTAILED"!!! Unfortunately, Brooke's family members do seem to be "ENABLERS" and taking them out of the equation just may force her to confront the "REALITY" she's created. Charlie Sheen certainly has his "ISSUES" but when it comes to his kids, he's going to "STEP UP" and ensure they're well cared for. All Brooke has to do is get "CLEAN" and stay "SOBER" -- PERIOD!!! She's been given numerous opportunities to do so; however, "EVERYTHING HAS IT LIMITS"!!! If she can't ensure her children will be raised in a safe, nurturing environment, Charlie Sheen shouldn't have to continue to support her "SELF-DESTRUCTIVE" LIFESTYLE!!!

465 days ago


she needs charlie's $ for drugs. and for once why don't they do what is BEST for the children and not themselves. I've never seen so many disfunctional people trying to take care of kids.

465 days ago


Thank goodness for Denise for stepping in and helping. Those poor boys, Brooks clearly needs to get her sh*t together!

465 days ago


Why are people talking like Charlie is some good parent? He can't even get custody of his children. He's a drug addict himself. He is a horrible father and shouldn't be getting a pass because of who he is.

465 days ago


She should totally lose custody of those boys.She is a chronic treatment resistant addict. And that $55,000 per month? Oh HELL-NO.....she spends that on drugs. Put her on a conservatorship status...she was 5150'd into a mental health treatment program...they should be able to carry it through to a 14 day cert......and on and on to her being conserved. She needs it...she obviously has an underlying mental health issues that is chronic and she refuses to obtain treatment for. She has no business having custody of those kids.....she is dangerous to them.

465 days ago


Denise is a good woman and Charlie messed that up. He needs to pay her for taking care of his kids with another woman!

465 days ago

It Be Me..    

I have seen so many of my friends get their children put up for adoption after a relapse and they always loose their cases Brooke is no different this is about the children not her. She doe's not deserve to have those babies

465 days ago
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