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Charlie Sheen

Brooke Wants Cash for Kids

... That's It

5/15/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514-denise-richards-charlie-sheen-brooke-muellerCharlie Sheen's legal team is headed for court this morning ... and he wants to expose what he believes is a crass ploy by ex-wife Brooke Mueller to make her brother the guardian of their kids so she can still get her hands on Charlie's gigantic child support checks.

As we previously reported ... Brooke is gunning to wrestle temporary custody away from Denise Richards, who has been caring for 4-year-old Bob and Max while Brooke tries to get it together at The Betty Ford Center.  Brooke wants her brother to get temporary custody until she's sober again. 

Charlie believes the almighty dollar is at the root of Brooke's ploy.  He claims Brooke will still have access to Charlie's $55,000 monthly child support check if her bro gets the kids, and that's why she wants Denise out of the picture.

What's more ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... Denise has written proof -- in the form of text messages -- in which Brooke makes it clear -- she wants and needs those monthly checks.

Sources say Brooke -- through her lawyer -- will counter that Denise is the one who is in it for the money, although our sources say Denise has not asked Charlie for a dime for taking Bob and Max.

We're told Charlie wants Denise to keep the twins until Brooke is sober and able to prove she'll stay that way.  Charlie realizes that could mean Denise could have the kids for a year ... and maybe longer.  Charlie will tell the judge he would gladly pay Denise support money for her efforts.



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Everyone has their price.

528 days ago

Cool Papa    

Just when you think someone couldn't get any sleazier...

528 days ago


Brooke needed to lose custody like yesterday.

528 days ago


Duh, of course its about money! She's an addict. They will do anything for a fix including sell their own child. Doing an internship at DSS (department of social services) I've seen a lot of sick things addicts have done in the name of a fix. She should have had her children taken from her a long time ago. The system is so messed up and doesn't really put the child first and favors the mothers too much. There are so many sexually abused children due to parents being addicts. Look these cases up and it will truly disgust you. She needs mental help along with drug addiction counseling for the rest of her life because she will always be an addict and have to fight her addiction. It's more than just kicking the habit but the why's. Sad all around but bottom line, keep those boys away from Brooke.

528 days ago


Strange laws. Brooke's parents should be the ones with rights to custody. Denise is not blood related.

528 days ago


Yup, the almighty dollar. How will she support her habit after she gets out of rehab?

528 days ago


you posters were right about her just wanting to keep getting child support (addiction support). her mother didnt get the kids, because every time they had them they gave them back to brooke, as soon as possible, even when she was messed up.. i dont think they want to fool with the kids, just did it for her so she could keep getting the money.

528 days ago


sounds like the money is just going up her nose anyways.

528 days ago


He needs to send her on vacation to Hawaii...but get her so stoned out of her mind first, that she doesn't know he tossed her a$$ on a one way trip to Iran.

They'll tolerate her for about 30 seconds before they're calling for the executioner.

528 days ago


What is best for the children NOT
what is best for the mother's pusher.

528 days ago


I'm glad Denise has custody of twins. Maternal grandparents are enablers. Pray judge let's twins stay in safe loving home of Denise

528 days ago


I never heard of a father not wanting custody of his own kids in a situation like this but I guess even Charlie knows he's a screw up. Dense appears to be the best choice for those two kids for the long haul and I hope she ends up caring for them until Brooke is 100% competent again (which may be until they are adults...).

528 days ago

Soda pop    

What we do for pretty women

528 days ago


The kids are always the ones who suffer the most... from their parents acting like MF fools. Sad They should be ashamed, but I'm pretty sure all either care about are their speed and camera time. Pathetic... Karma is a bitch, remember that. The karma police never retire!!

528 days ago


That's nothing new so what's the big surprise. That's all it's ever been. Wating for the her mom and dad to jump in.

Christ she went to rehab twice while pregnant with the twins. Always wondered what effects that may have on the boys.

This is her 20th time in rehab for gods sake. I don't see her getting the kids back anytime soon or at all. This is Sheens call. Mueller is going to loose this one.

She's always used the child support for her drug money. Nothing new.

528 days ago
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