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Demi to Ashton

What's Mine is Mine ...

What's Yours Is Mine!

5/16/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore has been like a heat-seeking missile ... squarely aimed at the bank of Ashton Kutcher ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say Demi -- who ironically is richer than Ashton -- has demanded spousal support from Ashton.  It's particularly surprising because we're told Demi recently got around $15 million belatedly from ex-hubby Bruce Willis in connection with their divorce.   If the case doesn't settle it's virtually certain a judge would reject Demi's spousal support claim.

Sources say Demi wants Ashton to help pay for the renovations to her New York apartment ... something he's unwilling to do.  BTW ... we're told the apartment (in the ritzy San Remo building) is worth somewhere between $25 mil and $40 mil!

There are other sticking points.  We're told Demi is upset because Ashton got involved in an online business and she feels entitled to part of it.  Problem is ... he got involved AFTER they split, so it's almost certainly his separate property.

Our sources say Ashton is willing to give Demi something to end the battle ... the question is how much?  Demi scored big in her divorce from Bruce Willis -- getting a reported $90 million.  Her net worth is estimated at $150 million.  Ashton's reportedly $10 million behind her.

In the end, our sources say Demi is backing off a bunch of her demands and the case could settle as early as next month.



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Wow....why does she feel so entitled ? She needs to get a grip and just go her own way .... Sign the damn papers and be the better woman for walking away . You have enough of your own money , let him go ... He is happy now ...

524 days ago


Demi is a pathetic jealous woman!!

524 days ago


Oh please. Ashton wanted to marry a Hollywood A lister. Not only did he marry her, he cheated on her TWICE! Well, welcome to Divorce Holl

524 days ago


Some of the remarks that she wants his money ? Point,....Demi has more money than he could ever dream of,......Bruce Willis saw to that. Secondly, Demi is a good actress, but her transistion into more adult roles, did not go smoothly for her. She keeps trying to be something, she no longer is,....young.That's okay,....she just needs to adjust the direction she should be going in,rather than the 'Dawson's Creek" mentality. Ashton has breat business sense,...acting ability,....nah,...that;s not something he ever had. Demi, on the other hand has the creditials to show his azz up,.....she brings it,.....she just needs to be sent the right script. Just sayin'.....think Ashton took her to the cleanera,...on SOOO many levels, have to explore his career(?) just as he met up with her,....he was thinking like a chess player,.....poor Demi got dazzled by the young @@@@ prancing around her,...she should have known better. Hopefully she'll learn from this,,....stop tryinh to run with your girls,....they are your children, NOT your running buddies,.....and as for Ashton,.....good luck with nailing his azz@z

524 days ago


Sounds like she is MONEY HUNGRY AND GREEDY AS WELL.....sad.

524 days ago


I wouldn't give her any money.

524 days ago


she is such a loser. she is making herself look like a spurned spinster (oh wait she is) I used to love her movies. I will never watch anything that she is in again. She should just move on and get on with her life

524 days ago


When you are a woman in your 40s and marry a man in his 20s, you should expect him to not be a really good husband. She should be paying him alimony for having to put up with her. From my count she has had 3 husbands, and this is his only marriage, kind of makes you wonder what is wrong with Demi that she can't hold on to a man.

524 days ago


She sounds just a bit bitter...

524 days ago


I think I'm starting to see a pattern here with Demi. Next husband up Google founder Sergey Brin, estimated net worth 20.3 billion.

524 days ago


Demi should just let it go and show some class. She looks like a bitter old woman.

524 days ago


I truly believe she is fighting with him over money as a way to keep him in her life, for the time being.

We know she has had some emotional issues but prolonging this divorce is not going to help her mental state. Move on, Demi.

524 days ago


Wow, people can be so bitter when they realize the other no longer cares for them. The thing that gets me about these "They just left, no warning..." thins is , if you live with someone there are bound to be signs. Ignoring the signs, coming up with excuses, is very different from - no signs. How do you not know the spouse is ready to leave? & if you make the choice to ignore the signs of others being in their life, part of the deal that comes with that choice is not acting surprised when it ends. Even if there were no signs (again I can't see how that's possible but..) even without signs , you can't blame someone for no longer loving you. I mean the divorce rate is 60% & this guy was a good deal younger...math time.

524 days ago


Demi's nickname at the height of her movie career: Gimme Moore.

524 days ago


When you are both rich independently, you should only take out of a marriage what you put in. Demi, you married a cheating ass, but seriously just walk away.

524 days ago
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