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Black Power Ranger


In Support of Blue Buddy

5/16/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

515-walter-jones-david-yost-gettyThe Power Rangers reunion gets less mighty by the day ... now it's the BLACK Power Ranger who says he won't go-go ... in part out of respect for the Blue Ranger's beef with producers.

As TMZ previously reported ... Blue Power Ranger David Yost declined an invitation to reunite the original cast, saying the producers harassed him for being gay when he was on the show from 1993-1996.

Now original Black Power Ranger Walter Jones tells TMZ he was treated pretty badly, too ... and he's following his friend's lead.

"I'm very sorry to disappoint the fans as I would have loved to be a part of it," Jones tells TMZ. "David, who I still keep in touch with regularly, is a very great guy and it would have been fun to work together again on something we helped originate."

But sources close to the situation tell TMZ the alleged abuse isn't the only factor ... that both Yost and Jones are holding out in part because the show isn't offering enough money to make up for the way producers treated them.

For those keeping score at home, the reunion of the original cast is dwindling fast ...

Green Ranger: IN ... Jason David Frank ... aspiring MMA fighter confirmed he'll attend.
Red Ranger: MAYBE? ... Austin St. John ... went on to be an EMT/firefighter in WDC.
Pink Ranger: MAYBE? ... Amy Jo Johnson ... still a working actress.
Blue Ranger: OUT ... David Yost ... says producers were homophobic bullies.
Black Ranger: OUT ... Walter Jones ... says he was abused ... and is supporting Yost.
Yellow Ranger: OUT ... Thuy Trang ... died in a car accident in 2001.


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Justsay Nohan    

As much as I respect JDF, he's been Saban's golden child since the very beginning. They always offer him opportunities to come back and he always accepts. He id the most popular Ranger by far and I'll bet they pay him well for his loyalty to the brand. It wouldn't surprise me if they paid for HIS expenses in full.

490 days ago


Does anyone really care? I don't ever remember anyone saying they wished for a power ranger reunion. Slow news day I guess.

490 days ago


Buddy, your argument would've been realistic if you weren't out signing autographs at comic cons every chance you have to make money. Either you boycott EVERYTHING to do with the Rangers for shoddy treatment or keep your mouth shut.

490 days ago


This is the best Hollywood can come up with? Effin Power Rangers?

490 days ago


Would the BLACK POWER ranger back up the WHITE POWER ranger?

490 days ago


It's all so Stupid!

490 days ago


I have to LMFAO. Can you imagine if they had created this kid's show in the year 2013 and put a black actor in the black suit, a chinese gal in the yellow suit and let's say, a Native American in a red suit. Good god, the activists groups would go insane screaming how we are stereotyping and that it's teaching children racism. Personally, I'll take that white ranger, he was so damn sexy back in the day.

490 days ago


Loved Tommy the white/green ranger and the pink ranger played by Amy Jo Johnson, they had a romance on the show between their characters and I couldn't stop watching;) Great days! I could care less about the black or blue ranger!

490 days ago

arale norimaki    

i boycotting power ranger because its sucks and its a super sentai rippoff

power ranger rip in

kids don't forgot to watch

Akibaranger S2 Episode 5

This episode tell true about power ranger it's just one big joke with bad acting and stupid come backs.

490 days ago


What about the black, red, and yellow ranger replacements or even the pink after Amy left? I know they werent the original actors, but they still played a big part in the show and not to mention the movie. They were around for more episodes then the original 3 anyways. Why not have them included as well?

490 days ago


Must not pay very much!

490 days ago


power rangers have gone long enough time to cancel this and shelf it i was 3 years old when power rangers came out im 21 now why should this come back end it once and for all

489 days ago


Just for the record, Walter Jones' abuse had nothing to do with him being cast as the black ranger.

The show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers recycled the footage and resources of a Japanese TV show, in which the Black and Red ranger were best friends. Since Walter Jones had been cast as the team's second-in-command, he was given the black suit for sake of consistency.

489 days ago


get it straight please. the money issue is because the amount that is being paid is far less than they make doing their normal every day jobs so it doesn't pay to go on a media trip for the amount that is given.

when yost talks about the abusive relationship on his twitter, he points out that the invitation he was sent was a generic message with errors all over it, showing that the producers don't really care who shows up as long as they get someone. similar to why cast members dropped in and out, save money on new people. yost was one of the longest continuous rangers on the show but he had to call it quits because of how he was being treated eventually.

i shouldn't expect tmz to do a full report but just by following things on facebook i got more information than you guys. how amazing is that?

489 days ago


Big deal. There's a LOT of people who dress up in costumes and wrestle the anaconda; a handful of 'em right there at TMZ.

489 days ago
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