Blue Power Ranger REFUSES REUNION SHOW I Won't Forgive 'Abusive' Producers

5/15/2013 12:15 AM PDT

Blue Power Ranger REFUSES Reunion Show -- I Won't Forgive 'Abusive' Producers

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Go Go ... SCREW YOURSELVES -- that's the message the Blue Power Ranger sent to producers who asked him to participate in a reunion episode, claiming he's still pissed about the homophobic "abuse" he endured back in the day.

David Yost -- an openly gay actor who was on the show from 1993 to 1996 -- says he was contacted to appear on an episode of "Power Rangers Megaforce" ... along with other members of the original cast.

But Yost kicked the offer to the curb like it was a member of the Putty Patrol -- explaining on Twitter that he's "Done with abusive relationships."

As TMZ previously reported, Yost had major beef with "Rangers" brass back in the day, claiming he quit the show after years of negative abuse. Specifically he says producers called him the F-word.

The company behind "Rangers" never officially responded to Yost's allegations -- but one producer told us Yost had always been a "pain in the ass" on the set.