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Black Power Ranger


In Support of Blue Buddy

5/16/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

515-walter-jones-david-yost-gettyThe Power Rangers reunion gets less mighty by the day ... now it's the BLACK Power Ranger who says he won't go-go ... in part out of respect for the Blue Ranger's beef with producers.

As TMZ previously reported ... Blue Power Ranger David Yost declined an invitation to reunite the original cast, saying the producers harassed him for being gay when he was on the show from 1993-1996.

Now original Black Power Ranger Walter Jones tells TMZ he was treated pretty badly, too ... and he's following his friend's lead.

"I'm very sorry to disappoint the fans as I would have loved to be a part of it," Jones tells TMZ. "David, who I still keep in touch with regularly, is a very great guy and it would have been fun to work together again on something we helped originate."

But sources close to the situation tell TMZ the alleged abuse isn't the only factor ... that both Yost and Jones are holding out in part because the show isn't offering enough money to make up for the way producers treated them.

For those keeping score at home, the reunion of the original cast is dwindling fast ...

Green Ranger: IN ... Jason David Frank ... aspiring MMA fighter confirmed he'll attend.
Red Ranger: MAYBE? ... Austin St. John ... went on to be an EMT/firefighter in WDC.
Pink Ranger: MAYBE? ... Amy Jo Johnson ... still a working actress.
Blue Ranger: OUT ... David Yost ... says producers were homophobic bullies.
Black Ranger: OUT ... Walter Jones ... says he was abused ... and is supporting Yost.
Yellow Ranger: OUT ... Thuy Trang ... died in a car accident in 2001.


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Whatever screw you guys. Could have made a lot of people happy but hold on to a 20 year grudge. Do it without them!! Lol

469 days ago


this seems to be a pay issue more then anything. others have spoken out about this who have been involved with the show.

they wont even pay them a minimum sag actor amount to show up

469 days ago


The producers of the show must have been real *******s to harass an actor just for being gay!..geezzzz. talk about being unprofessional!..he should have sued! was 1993-96! hollywood! yet!

469 days ago

Janet Becraft    

I don't blame David Yost and Walter Jones of not joining the reunion of MMPR (MIghty Morphin Power Rangers) Saban has no DAMN right to abuse any of the actors of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Saban should've been fired for abusing David and Walter and I'm also supporting Walter Jones and DAVID YOST.
Saban here's is a message for GO GO screw yourself and go straight hell a**hole.

469 days ago


Man TMZ is everything that is wrong with america

468 days ago


I was always amused with the following.... Pink Ranger= Girl, Blue Ranger= Boy, White Ranger= White Guy, Black Ranger= Black Guy, Yellow Ranger= Asian Girl and who remembers the Brown Ranger from the Movie?? You guessed it... Brown Ranger= Hispanic Guy... How they got away without people having a cow over the shows lack of political correctness was always beyond me lol

468 days ago


Power Rangers were ok but I just couldnt come at them crazy felons, Hydro Hog .....really.

468 days ago


I love Power Rangers of 90's :) Producers are JEWISH!!!

468 days ago


What about another person that used to be the Yellow Power Ranger, Bridgett Riley?

465 days ago


Where is the Yellow Power Ranger, Bridgett Riley?

465 days ago

john nuyen    

I'd rather see bulk and skull lol

465 days ago

@David_Yost @OfficialWalterJ I understand that it must have been difficult to take abuse because of being different. We have all at one time or another in our lives been bullied by some one because of our differences. My entire childhood were spent being bullied because I was an overweight child, until I hit middle school and lost weight. But, I didn't just stop going to school. I went to school and did well, I made friends, I talked to girls, I had a life in spite of the bullies. I know that it is difficult, but you both need to see that you can't give in. There are fans all over the world who love the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that they grew up with. I remember when I was going through those difficult times as a child, the only thing that got me through was coming home and watching the Power Rangers fight evil the same way that I fought evil everyday at school. And when I saw the Power Rangers winning, Teenagers who were all different in their own ways; it gave me hope. Now, as an adult I would love the chance to see the original Power Rangers back together even just once. So, please do re-think your choice not to be involved in the Reunion show. You fought evil for years on television and were heroes for many children; don't let the evil beat you now. Don't show the children and everyone else that the way to beat bullying is to give into the bullies. Stand strong and show everyone that the only way to defeat bullies is to live your life the way that fits you and thus take away their power. The fans deserve to have Billy and Zack on the reunion show. And you both deserve to feel that feeling inside that only comes from standing your ground and not backing down. The fans of the MMPR will always be behind you, backing you up.

457 days ago


My favorite ranger, Steve Cardenas,( the red ranger from the MOVIE!) said that they isn''t going to come because they wanted to pay him very them little. Saban asked him to come and declined. He runs a jujitsu dojo in Cali.

440 days ago


The original red power ranger is also gay. I wonder how he avoided the harassment? The red power ranger is the one who later did gay porn.

39 days ago
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