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Wade Robson

Michael Forced Me to Have Sex

And to Keep Quiet About It

5/16/2013 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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-- Howard Weitzman, the attorney for MJ's estate, tells TMZ, “Mr. Robson has adamantly denied under oath and in numerous interviews over the past 20 years that Michael Jackson ever did anything inappropriate to him. He now wants us to believe that he committed perjury at least twice and has been lying to anyone and everyone about Mr. Jackson since the early ‘90s so he can file a claim for money.  Mr. Robson’s transparent lawsuit comes nearly 4 years after Michael passed. His claim is outrageous and sad.”

Wade Robson
says the only reason he's now changing his story ... accusing Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him for 7 years is because Michael engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent, especially during MJ's 2005 child molestation trial.

Robson went on NBC Today and said, Michael "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" from the age of 7 ... until Robson was 14.

Robson claimed he testified in 2005 that Michael did NOT sexually abuse him because Michael told him what they were doing was "an expression of love" ... and added, "if you ever tell anyone what we're doing both of our lives and our careers will be over."

TMZ broke the story ... Robson filed a creditor's claim against Michael Jackson's estate last week, insisting MJ sexually abused him during his childhood for years, but according to sources he didn't take action until he saw a therapist following a nervous breakdown.

Robson referenced the breakdown on Today, saying ... "For the first time in my life I began to realize that my completely numb and unexplored feelings in relation to what Michael did to me might be a problem and maybe I need to speak to someone about it."

Interestingly, Robson denied repressing memories of the alleged abuse ... instead saying he was merely "psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

Robson added he doesn't excuse the alleged abuse, but he believed Michael was a "troubled man" who was an amazing talent, but "also a pedophile."

Michael Jackson's estate has told TMZ Robson's allegations are an "outrageous and pathetic" money grab.


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Master Po    

Boom the truth hurts. Its ok morons you families wont no longer have top laugh behind your backs on how stupid you were to support this monster MJ. Here is a the doctor who did MJ nude photo exam back in the day. And he confirms its a match.

436 days ago


I can read his demeanor very well and he's not telling the truth. From his low tone of voice to his right eye brow raising every now and then---- this guy is full of ****. He thinks he's at a screen test and trying out of a tv show. He's a terrible actor as well. People that are sexually abused don't have the same composure he does when they describe anything that happened. Even saying "sexual abuse" triggers some neck jerk or uncomfortable posture because they are reliving memories. This guy isn't reliving ****. His phony big deep breathes are laughable. I'm not even a MJ fan so I couldn't care less if he did do it. I can just call a phony when I see one and this guy is really in it for whatever he will benefit from. Unfortunately, I think he just killed his career as a choreographer because no one will want him now unless he is working for AIG like some people suspect. You're a terrible actor, Wade. If anyone is that gullible and believes this tool, I'd like to sell you some things..

436 days ago


Or both of your careers will be over??? You don't have a career at 7 years old!!! This guy is full of ****.

436 days ago


Wade is telling the truth. MJ has always been a pedo, he was just super talented and generated millions of dollars/employed thousands of people so everyone just looked the other way. It wouldn't surprise me if those adopted kids of his came out years later and said the same thing as Wade.

436 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

He seemed to address most of the fans concerns and gave a typical account of what a molestation victim would have experienced. He, at least deserves his day in court.

Fans would never believe anything negative about MJ, no matter what.

436 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh, so now he doesn't have "repressed memories" and his "nervous breakdown" is a merely realization that he's completely numb.

436 days ago


and i would believe you, if it wasn't for that personal gain part.

436 days ago


So basically he committed perjury and his silence allowed MJ to get away with molesting other little boys he had a moral duty to tell the truth on the stand, under oath so help you God, is that what you are saying Wade? I call bullchit on this whole thing.

436 days ago


I believe him too!

436 days ago


First he said he did not molest him, now he said he did...hmm ok so him being a lier has been confirmed question is which is the lie....either way he is basking in the light of his 15 minutes, by putting Michael's kids through more hell....He should have to answer for purgery.

436 days ago


He had a career when he was 14?

436 days ago

paul a.    

I believe MJ was a pedophile. But I dont know if I believe this guy.

436 days ago

Angel Rose    

Both their lives and careers will be over? What an odd statement. What career did this guy have when he was 7 -14 years of age?

436 days ago


IF his story were true, which I have no belief that is it, What is money going to bring him? Someone who is a victim of abuse would want to disassociate themselves from them and Michael is dead. That surely could be all you wish. Money isn't going to fade any memories, or going public. In fact, having millions of dollars from that time you were abused would be a constant reminder. Its stupid, pathetic dirty shot at a man who is not here to defend himself against low life s*** money grabbing liars like Wade Robson.

436 days ago


I believe him 100%.... read about abused victims then give your educated opinion. MJ was a child molester. Yes he was a great signer etc but he was also a child molester.... let get real

436 days ago
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