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Lisa Vanderpump's Hubby


Can We Blame the Valet??

5/19/2013 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517_vanderpump_articleLisa Vanderpump's hubby Ken escaped the long arm of the law this week -- when he was pulled over by a cop in West Hollywood ... for something that probably WASN'T EVEN HIS FAULT!!!

Here's the deal -- sources tell us an eagle-eyed cop spotted Ken's fancy Bentley cruising down Santa Monica Blvd. at nighttime WITHOUT his headlights on.

But here's the rub ... we're told Ken had just picked up Lisa from their restaurant SUR ... and we're guessing that's where things went wrong.

WHY? Because he probably left the car with the valet ... and sometimes valets TURN OFF YOUR HEADLIGHTS (even if they're set to automatic) ... and it drives us frickin' CRAZY!!!!

Anywho ... Ken didn't get in trouble for the headlight issue, the cop let him drive off without a ticket.

We can't confirm the valet thing either ... but c'mon, you KNOW it's happened to you.



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My headlights automatically turn on when it gets dark and they cannot be turned off as the switch is already at the off position. The other thing is that your dash board controls go dark if you have manual headlights and they are turned off. There's no excuse for driving with headlights turned off and it's ALWAYS the driver's responsibility to ensure that the car he's driving is safe and that all his passengers are buckled in properly.

490 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

No! Not the lights being turned off! Park your own car!

490 days ago


Idiots who drive off at night without looking or in any way checking to see if their headlights are on are to blame, not some freakin' valet.

I've driven off at night with my headlights on, and I admit, it's an idiot move!

490 days ago


"We can't confirm the valet thing either ... but c'mon, you KNOW it's happened to you.

Anyone who pays for valet parking does NOT hang out here. That's MORE than obvious!

490 days ago

Mike L    

Its happened to me many times. Even the dealers turn the auto lights off. Pisses me off to no end.

And then there are the idiots with Hondas. They don't have automatic lights for whatever reason, and hell, they bought Hondas, so they aren't bright enough to turn the lights on. So you see them all the time driving with no lights on.

490 days ago


Valet? lol Wendy's and Burger King do not have Valet Parking. Rich F u c k s

490 days ago


If you can't tell your headlights aren't on then you shouldn't be driving.

490 days ago


No sorry, your problem. Turn on the lights when you leave.

490 days ago


Hold your rich person comments , this has happened to me many times the valet turns off the auto lights feature for some reason, and its hard to notice if your not looking for it. Not his fault what so ever.

490 days ago


490 days ago


No... it hasn't... because I am capable of PARKING MY OWN FREAKING CAR!!!

490 days ago


Pay attention f***er. Nobody elses fault.

490 days ago

Master P    

Only a true idiot will attempt to blame THAT on a valet. If you're too dumb to make sure your headlights are on, you should not be allowed to drive a car. End of story.

490 days ago


who do you think your audience is exactly?

490 days ago


Maybe it's time for all you folks to get out of the TMZ and learn how the rest of us live: we drive our own cars, and we park our own cars. Sheesh, guys: "you KNOW it's happened to you." Not even close.

490 days ago
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