The Game SHIRTLESS RAGE After Fight Breaks Out at Hollywood Club

5/20/2013 8:33 AM PDT

The Game was thiiiiiiiis close to jumping into a huge fight in Hollywood this weekend -- even taking off his shirt in preparation for battle -- but something crazy happened ... his entourage held him back!

Game had been partying at Lure Nightclub on Saturday night with some of his friends -- but moments after he talked to TMZ about the Eazy-E hologram, a fight broke out across the street ... and suddenly, it was mayhem in the streets.

It's unclear why or how Game was involved -- but he was definitely PISSED ... and clearly wanted to go beat someone's ass.

That's when his entourage stepped in -- one guy grabbed Game and physically restrained him ... while some other guys readied the rapper's car so they could get out of the situation before something bad happened.

Game eventually left the scene ... right as cops began to arrive.

Props to the entourage -- you guys are earning those Rolexes.