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Chief Keef

NERDIEST 911 Call Ever

'They Were Rolling Marijuana'

5/21/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This. Is. HILARIOUS ... the squarest hotel security guy ever called 911 on Chief Keef yesterday to report that the rapper and some of his black friends were "rolling marijuana" inside their hotel room, and TMZ has the audio.

The call was made from a concerned security guard at the Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter Hotel in Georgia who happened to stumble upon a bunch of nice hotel guests who happened to be partaking in some dope smoking.

During the call, the security guy alerts the 911 operator to "a bunch of gentlemen rolling marijuana and smoking ... all in the room ... the room's filled with smoke."

The security guard seems astonished ... because, "I announced myself as 'security' and they let me in the room AS IF IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER!"

The guy also warns 911 to send cops to the scene ASAP because he feared "those guys may just bolt." 

He clearly doesn't understand stoners ... they're not really known for "bolting" anywhere.

Eventually, cops arrived to the room and arrested 17-year-old Chief Keef for the weed ... all thanks to the heroic actions of one really square hotel security guard.

One last thing ... did he really need to call 911? Or couldn't he just have asked the guy to stop smoking? Hmmmmm.


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But alcohol is ok? I am allergic to alcohol, and the smell makes me sick.. So should we stop drinking in hotels? Ever heard of someone doing something terribly violent on weed? Even if you have, compare that to the numbers of violent behavior due to alcohol.

519 days ago


he did the right thing. if he would have seen them raping a child would yall say he could have just stopped it and not called 911? a crime is a crime period.

519 days ago


Such a ridiculous misuse of emergency services. Get a supervisor and only dial 911 in REAL emergencies!

519 days ago


Eff TMZ. The guy had a job(unlike too many people) and was doing what he was supposed to. Smoking weed is STILL ILLEGAL in lots of places.

519 days ago


Funny TMZ, because if this would have been Bieber, you would have been all over his @ss like he was the worst person in the world!!!

519 days ago

Mr Joshua    

This hotel will lose clientele for this. If I were the manager, I'd fire this dude's ass.

519 days ago

Mr Joshua    

This hotel will lose clientele for this. If I were the manager I'd fire this dude's ass.

519 days ago


This security guard sounds like he couldn't catch a cold even if someone sneeze on him

519 days ago


What a joke who would want to stay at that hotel now ? You would think they would know how to mind their own business. Not to mention the fact you would think the cops had better things to do than bust some kids for smoking dope. Davis

519 days ago

malcolm kyle    

Fight Prohibition with Jury Nullification!

When called for jury duty on a case concerning a drug violation with no overt act of violence, do not convict! If the offender is non-violent, do not send them to prison! Another person in a federal or state prison for drugs is not going to make society any better or our families any safer, in fact, it WILL do the exact opposite.

* It only takes one juror to prevent a guilty verdict.

* You are not lawfully required to disclose your voting intention, ether before or after taking your seat on a jury.

* You are also not required to give a reason to your fellow jurors on your position when voting—simply state that you find the accused not guilty.

* Jurors must understand that it is their opinion, their vote. It is of no consequence If the Judge or the other jurors disapprove; there is no punishment for having a dissenting opinion.

We must create what we can no longer afford to wait for: Please Vote To Acquit!

519 days ago

Ms Banks    

This security guard was a Top Notch HATER!!!!

519 days ago


"A snitch ***** that's the **** I don't like"
- Chief Keef

519 days ago


Um tmz.. it's illegal. He was SUPPOSE to call the cops. Anyone who sees anyone smoking drugs are SUPPOSE to call cops.

519 days ago


Chief Keef is an idiot. If he and his gentleman friends would have smoked off property, and then returned to their rooms, then they would not have been arrested. The fact is that pot IS illegal. And the job of a security officer is to report illegal activy. Besides, the officer announced himself as "security." What kind of idiot smoking pot and allows security in the room when it's clear you're going to get caught? And the others did bolt, so security was right. Chief Keef... a name that pretty much mean you're gonna get busted. Good job security! If you aren't smart enough to not get caught, then you aren't smart enough to smoke.

518 days ago


Also, TMZ, here's a question for you: Why would you make someone doing their job out to be a bad guy? I've never even heard of Cheif Keef, and I'm sure for good reason. Is smoking pot bad? Debatable. Is smoking pot illegal, especially in a public hotel that hires security? Definitely. Will Chief Keef learn his leason about being discrete and not setting himself up to get arrested? Most likely not, so he deserved it. Rapper got caught smoking weed... what a shocker.

518 days ago
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