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Justin Bieber

Talk About My Parties

I'll Sue You for $5 Mil

5/22/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's the good news ... Justin Bieber wants to invite you to one of his house parties.  The bad news ... if you talk about it, he's gonna sue your ass for $5 million.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a document EVERYONE must sign before entering Casa De Bieb in Calabasas, CA.  The doc -- a Liability Waiver and Release -- warns that anyone who blabs about any of the goings on inside the mansion will get nailed, and that includes the "physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics" of Bieber or the guests.


The document makes it clear ... anyone who violates the terms of the waiver will automatically be on the hook for $5 million in damages.

But wait ... there's more.  If you dare tweet about the party -- $5 mil.  If you blog -- $5 mil.  If you Instagram -- $5 mil. 

And God knows what goes on inside, but the form warns there might be activities which are "potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained."

And there's more ... The risks include "minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death."

Truth be told ... other big celebs also make people sign these waivers, but it's pretty hilarious.


No Avatar


Now, why didn't Michael Jackson think of this BEFORE molesting all those kids? lol
I will be SO happy when this little s**t's 15 minutes is up.

490 days ago


Biebs doesn't want anyone to tell how he got Selena drunk and ran a train over her.

490 days ago


Oh Justin. I don't really give a rat's ass that you make bad music. Yes your whining is getting on my nerves but even that, who cares? I don't care what you do in your home. I understand your lawyers CYA. But abandoning that little monkey that you should have never had in the first place and giving away that hamster to a stranger, it died right? Shows that you are NOT an animal lover but an animal user. THAT makes you lower than whale **** in my book.
And if someone dies in your home from falling off the trapeze or whatever, they wouldn't sue you, they are dead but their family signed nothing and will sue your little baggies pants off. And keep loaning out your vehicles to little punks who can't drive, they will kill someone, and no way your insurance is covering that mess. So get people to sign your CYA. Worrying about someone snapping you smoking a joint is the least of your worries. And boy, those boos were real.

490 days ago


So they can't talk about the drugs and alcohol that are consumed there that everyone already knows about.

490 days ago


Who the heck want to go to his party? Spoiled rich brat.

490 days ago


Guess the little unic is trying to go back into the closet. Tell you what if you just go away we will all stop talking and thinking of you......

490 days ago


These are called parties?
The parties I've gone to don't threaten my health or well being.
I can't imagine the Biebs or his little "rapper" buddies sitting around discussing philosophical, spiritual views of any interest. Those folks don't strike me as being that educated or sensitive.

490 days ago


Just wondering how many underage girls he's done - now there's a lawsuit !!!

490 days ago


And just when you thought the Beebs couldn't get any more douchier than he already is!

490 days ago


How long before a Bieber, Spears double bill in Vegas.

490 days ago


He just doesn't want everyone to know that the entree for the meal he serves is spaghettio's.

490 days ago


Justin Beiber is a moron, he's a 19 year old punk who needs a azz whoopin' He thinks he a good singer if you need a voice mixer to make music your not a good singer,

Now Bing Crosby was a very great singer no voicemixer just pure gold .

490 days ago


Everyone knows he has "sword fights" with his buddies

490 days ago


It's very scary that Rich people in this Country can silence those with no money. I don't know how this was made Legal but it is utterly ridiculous. I don't care who you are. People gossip about regular people all the time. Can I walk around with waivers stating the same thing? Or does my Bank Account have to be worth a few million before I have that right?

490 days ago

hank hill    

I'll bet Harvey would pay $6 mil for a picture of twinker bell being spit roasted so still a good profit.

490 days ago
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