Bieber's Neighborhood Hostile Territory For Reality TV Show

4/25/2013 12:40 AM PDT

Justin Bieber's Neighborhood -- Hostile Territory for Reality TV Show

Justin Bieber and his famous neighbors might be in luck ... some of them are really pissed off that a producer is trying to shoot a reality show in their gated community, but we've learned there may be a fatal flaw in the producer's plan.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the rules and regulations for The Oaks of Calabasas Homeowners Association -- and there's a whole section putting the brakes on filming inside the gates.

According to the rules, filming on a lot is only permitted if there's NO impact on the surrounding common area ... in other words, if the producer tries to shoot the comings and goings of Justin, Keyshawn Johnson, Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, Kourtney Kardashian or the Jackson family ... he'd be squarely violating their right to privacy.

And the kicker ... no film shoots can exceed 5 days in length without prior approval from the Board ... pretty much the nail in the coffin for any reality show.

Shanna Moakler -- one of Bieb's neighbors, tells TMZ, "The reason we are all there is for privacy."

She adds, "I don't care about filming in your home, but a show on the community is in poor taste and invasive."

The HOA will probably agree.