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Michael Clarke Duncan's Tomb


... Family Says

5/24/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524-michael-clark-duncan-tmzSome racist jerk has desecrated Michael Clark Duncan's grave ... this according to a Duncan family rep, who tells TMZ a vandalism report has already been filed with the police.

We're told ... a family friend stopped by Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills to deliver flowers to the spot where MCD was interred in Sept. 2012 ... when she noticed a figure of a cartoonish black face had been attached to the center of MCD's tomb.

The friend believes the black face is an image of "Sambo" -- a character that has long been considered an offensive and racist depiction of a black person.

MCD's friends and family were shocked by the discovery -- wondering what kind of lowlife would desecrate Michael's final resting spot.

We're told the family contacted the LAPD -- and were told the incident could be considered a hate crime. Cops are currently investigating the situation. 

The family tells us ... Forest Lawn immediately removed the "Sambo" from MCD's tomb -- but they won't be satisfied until they find out who violated the tomb.



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Aaron White    

If someone wanted to desecrate it, why would they put a TINY "racist" face on it? Someone would've made a huge statement with spray paint or something if they really wanted to violate the tomb. Every Sambo I have ever seen portrays a character with large lips- I don't see that. Let's not be overly sensitive that there was a black-COLORED character on there. Get a grip, people. I hope some fan comes forward and gives the reason for it and the family feels like a bunch of attention-seeking asses.

516 days ago


It isn't really vandalism you exaggerated your story a little bit there honey. But it is definitely disrespectful and hopefully just a misunderstanding?

516 days ago


Yea that's disrespectful

516 days ago


This is the dumbest story I have ever see. That is not a ' SAMBO' face toy. If it were it would have been black with white eyes and white mouth. Why didn't the family do a little research before they went and cried 'racism'? I bet if they looked on the web they would have found that it is a japanese anime toy or something stupid like that!

516 days ago


Sandra Bullock and baby Louis are you crying flower cemetery Michael Clarke l angel smile ..

516 days ago


It looks like a cat to me. Kinda cute. It looks better than those flowers.

516 days ago


Maybe it was a fan that made him a smiley face and left it for him there. Just cause it's black doesn't mean it's racist Sambos are generally much more realistic looking black statues.

516 days ago


I agree with a previous poster.

Why isn't there a plaque?

Amarosa is probably too cheap to have it done.

516 days ago


Ugh - that is not a Little Black Sambo - who, by the way, was from India, not Africa, and did not look like this. This looks like a cat.

516 days ago


Terrible shame. I adored Michael's performance in The Green Mile. I really think he was a gentle soul in real life also.

516 days ago


It looks more like a cat than Sambo. I agree with the poster above that IF it was intended to deface and be racist, I would think they would have done something bigger, and more damaging, like spray paint. That thing is TINY.
Also, why make such a big thing about this? If they didn't like it, why not just take it off and throw it away?

516 days ago


Doesn't seem racist to me. Again, pull the race card at the drop of the hat.

516 days ago


Christ on a Bike, people! Is there anyone else who thinks someone just put a painted rock there w/ no ill inentions? Thinking it was just a tribute to the man and not "Sambo" (who by the way anyone under 50 may not even KNOW that reference).

516 days ago


I guarantee it was Omarosa.

516 days ago


You stupid white mother ****ers always talking about someone pulling a race card!!!

516 days ago
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