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Amanda Bynes

Provoked by D-Bag Photog, Calls Him

'An Ugly Black Man'

5/25/2013 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052513_amanda_bynes_brown_wig_launchAmanda Bynes showed a TON of restraint when dealing with a paparazzo who clearly crossed the line with her this afternoon ... but she did call him "an ugly black man."

Bynes arrived back at her Manhattan apartment building and was met by a gaggle of paps waiting to catch a glimpse of her. Bynes covered her face and head with a scarf and some idiot photographer -- NOT ONE OF OURS -- continually kept trying to pull it off her head.

After first telling the guy "You can't touch me" several times, Amanda shot back, "Is it the ugly black one? Oh, there's another ugly black man."

When the photog tries to call her out for the racial remark, she responds, "It's just your face. It's not a black thing ... There's an ugly white one. It's not racist."

Bynes might be a little off her rocker, but she's the only sane person in this video.



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James R. - Los Angeles    

Lindsay Lohan is sulking and saying, "I should be getting all this attention!"

524 days ago


this chick is on a downward spiral thats gonna end up with either her in the nut house or flat broke and slobbing knobs in a trailer park for rent money.

524 days ago


What a bunch of unprofessional, immature jerks! And his stupid smile, you ARE an ugly black man.

524 days ago


He should have pumbled her outer vagina

524 days ago


I agree she is a nut job who needs help, but what is the problem with her always having to wait for that door to be unlocked. Maybe she doesn't have people to do that for her, but come on chick , can you turn a key?She might just be able to avoid scenes like this...

524 days ago


Nobody gave a crap about this chick before. Now she's the one to photograph? Because she's crazy? Give me a break.

524 days ago

clit ripper    

I guess the Indian guy doesn't know how to operate a door knob.

524 days ago


OH NO! She pointed out a man's blackness, alert the presses!!!! Oh wait....

524 days ago


Will someone please help this woman instead of stalking her every move to get a picture and then mock and provoke her to boot!? Does anyone have any ****ing scruples in this country anymore? DISGUSTING.

524 days ago


What they were doing to her was WAY out of line. And what's with the little leprechaun guy smiling at her like he was welcoming her to the bat-**** crazy club?

524 days ago


pathetic paps, they need to be run over more often and how are they even there, that would be private property.

524 days ago

who dat    

Time to admit it tmz. You have no other stories except the crazy b1tch here.

524 days ago

Double Bubble    

Thats disgusting behavior by the goof who cant keep his hands to himself. Since when is it ok to pull off a piece of clothing from anywhere on someones body when you are asked and told not to, more than once. He deserves to be punched in the throat then beat down with his camera..what a loser

524 days ago


hahahahah... I love Amanda. I really hope she gets help. I can't imagine being followed when I was off my rocker as a teen!!

524 days ago


All of these Amanda stories are pretty good. I like them much better than that one person who lies, steals, and is locked up in rehab that some posters keep mentioning for whatever reason.

524 days ago
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