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Faith Evans

Tax Bill Like This ...


5/27/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524_Faith-Evans_TMZFaith Evans is joining fellow '90s R&B chart-toppers Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill in a super duper, exclusive club ... the "I STILL OWE MONEY ON MY TAXES" Club ... allegedly. 

The State of California slapped Faith with a tax lien earlier this year, claiming the R&B songstress (and Biggie Smalls' widow) has an unpaid tax debt for the year 2011 ... to the tune of $29,535.48.

It's a drop in the bucket compared to the MILLIONS Blige and Hill allegedly owe ... but it's def not chump change.

Hey, maybe she can hit up Biggie's daughter for some cash.


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Faith Evans has an UnPaid Tax Debt for the year 2011 to the tune of Almost $3O,OOO Dollars.........................Make a Payment Plan or Get Locked Up !

484 days ago

Ozzie X    

Unsecured Credit, then file for Bankruptcy.

484 days ago

Ozzie X    

Don't mess with the Fed, under their Tea Party pin pointing and under the scrutiny.

484 days ago


How do these folks not pay enough taxes? Serious question. Don't they have accountants to figure it out? Do they just get bad advice or service from them? Seems like no one would want to go through this if they could help it.

484 days ago


Those damn taxes (just like death) will getcha every time!

484 days ago


Might speak to the current state of the financial services industry in the USA that the people preparing these returns are getting it so wrong, from the big end of town down.

484 days ago

KG Smooth    

Why would she have to hit up Biggie's daughter for some money. She was his WIFE!

484 days ago

Ozzie X    

botox does a forehead good.

484 days ago


Who selects the photos for the stories?

484 days ago


Eddie Murphy, Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, Lauryn Hill, Mary J , Chris Tucker........ You get my point

483 days ago


Maybe she can get a handout from diddy!

483 days ago


I guess I just will never understand somethings, I do think all are God Given, some more than others and lots of luck with most or being in the right place at the right time...again luck and knowing "certain people" usually rich ,again luck. 1) Overpaid.... baseball players, football, basketball , golf, soccer and anything else they can kick around..2) Musicians.. God given and then demand lots of money , play people (by that I mean us) ticket sales? 3) Actors, just have no fear of getting up in front of people and forget about the cameras (do***entary's show some great emotion, better than acting) These people r sometimes pd more than it takes to make the movie, or even how much the movie ends up making , in fact most times. But millions r pd. to these people who run for the many homes that cost millions, the clothes, etc. 4)Movie Moguls.. I could go on about those who should earn less and the factory worker who should make more. But here r these overpaid people rubbing it in our faces and 9 out of 10 all have tax problems, I mean they owe as much in tax as the homes they ran out and bought then forgot they needed to pay for utilities, furnishing... but they got money to party! Oh wait, most times it is free if u let urself b seen. what they owe in taxes, I could live on, make sure I had my taxes paid and my family helped out. The wrong people r making too much money and I wonder how that is judged when the time comes. I sure would be fighting for a middle class.

483 days ago

go home!    

omg i thought that was lindsay lohan.

483 days ago


Why can't black female singers pay their taxes? Is she gonna blame it on everyone else (sorry, everyone white) like lauryn hill did?

483 days ago


29k? From 2011? Wow. .not really news worthy. Plus your talking §hît about Big's wife ... Pretty sad. I guarantee most of your staff owes more then that in student loans and botox bills.

483 days ago
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