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Paris Jackson

Cops Say She DIDN'T Want to Die

6/6/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops officially classified the Paris Jackson incident as a "suicide attempt," but they do NOT believe her intent was to kill herself.

Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... based on the information the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has gathered ... "She wanted attention."  One source involved in the case tells us ... her call to a suicide hotline is compelling evidence "she wanted to be saved."  The source added, "It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house."

TMZ broke the story ... Paris used a meat cleaver to cut her arm and took a bunch of Motrin, and our sources say as a result they must classify it as a "suicide attempt."  But, as one source put it, "Who takes Motrin to kill themselves?  She called the suicide hotline because she wanted the attention and wanted to make sure EMTs got there in time."

We're also told Paris was conscious when EMTs arrived and did not argue or put up a struggle when she was placed on a stretcher.

One source connected with the case tells us, "She's into the drama."



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I wonder how much attention TMZ would give to this story if she was fat, frumpy and unattractive.

503 days ago


Seriously, TMZ, no matter how she tried to do it, she still tried to commit suicide, and needs help. Stating she just loves the drama can just add to all that's going on in her life that made her do this in the first place. Pathetic article, TMZ.

503 days ago


I never thought I would be one to comment on a post however SHAME ON YOU TMZ!! This is a young girl in a lot of pain, its a cry for help today and the real deal tomorrow..Thank god she reached out for help.She could be struggling with a number of issues, including mental illness so again shame on you for this horrible post..

503 days ago


LEAVE IT ALONE, TIMZ! No cop, source or gossip site is qualified or entitled to downplay this serious incident.

At this point, Paris, and hopefully, the mental health professionals at the hospital are the only people who know why she did this and what her true intentions were. Many people attempt suicide but change their mind and call for help.

As to the snarky comment about Mortrin: You can do permanent damage to your organs by taking too much Mortrin (Ibuprofen) at once. Whether it was a true attempt or a cry for help, it is still a very serious matter that should be kept private from this point on.

503 days ago


This article is a horrid thing to read!!! people dont just make attempts because they luke the drama. she has some underlying issues that she needs to get help for. people who attempt often are looking for attention but not in a bad way they are looking for someone to care someone to notice. and in her family it seems like the kids take a back seat to the adults who often act less mature then the kids do. Instead of posting trash like this maybe you should focus on the positive side of this Paris can now get the help she needs

503 days ago


My gosh, the girl is so young and anyone who takes the step to harm them self should be treated with urgency, love and respect. Into the drama? Just so inappropriate to say and print that. That poor girl was born into a crazy crazy nest. I feel for her and her brothers.

503 days ago


A responder to a crisis isn't a mental health expert. Harvey, you're a lawyer. You *know* that the opinion of the general cop on the scene regarding mental health motivation won't hold water in court. Only a professional can assess the motivation factor. If you're going to post a story that like this, at least make it one that reflects something other than cynical gossip and projection. No one takes a meat cleaver to their wrist(s) for funsies. Shovel more social stigma on this fire, such as pointing a drama turd finger.. and next time there won't be intervention. She'll have learned her lesson from TMZ.

503 days ago


Michael is missing! Paris believe he is watching you and loves you!

503 days ago


There's one thing I find really kinda sad about it: In interviews, Paris Jackson always struck me as someone who against all odds turned out to be a pretty normal person. But as it seems her problems weighed heavier than one would've expected from hearing her talk. I definitely hope she gets some good treatment and counseling – who knows, maybe she really just needs some time off, far away from the media.

503 days ago


feel so sorry for Paris; she is the one Jackson I truly liked; she is spunky & has a good spirit; I hope she gets well and the media leaves her alone

503 days ago


I'm going to guess that the guys who sit there and post nothing but boob, crotch and ass shots of celebs.. are the ones who put this story together. It lacks the same elements of maturity, common sense and respect.

503 days ago


Seriously TMZ - this post needs to come down.

503 days ago


Motrin increases bleeding...maybe she knew that....if she cuts herself on that much motrin..maybe she would bleed more, etc.

503 days ago


Police don't care if a suicide attempt is 'serious' or not. A juvenile attempted suicide, end of story. The rest is up to the psychiatric hospital and social workers to figure out. Cops are mandated reporters of child abuse. They are mandated by law to take this sort of thing seriously. They are not permitted to judge what suicide attempts are serious or not.

It's clear that this is nothing more than Jackson family spin trying to control the story and make them look better. MJ's orphan daughter tries to kill herself during Katherine's big attempt to get billions more for her deadbeat money grubbing kids isn't going to make the family look better. The fact is Katherine is far more interested in making sure her kids and grandkids get to live the life of the rich and famous than do what's best for her seriously mentally ill granddaughter that's supposed to be in her care.

503 days ago


Smmfh tmz NO class and NO respect who the hell cares rather she did it for attention or to really kill herself it is evident that the girl needs help and once again you make fun of another celebrity who is in serious need. As far as the pigs go they mouth shut if I was her I would sue them for releasing classified information. Tmz get it together like foreal...! # team Paris

503 days ago
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