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Paris Jackson

911 CALL

20-Pill OD, Sliced Arm with Knife

6/11/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the emergency call made from the Lost Hills Sheriff's Dept. to the L.A. County Fire Dept. on June 5 ... reporting that Paris Jackson had "OD'd on 20 Motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife."

During the call, the Sheriff's Dept. tells Fire that Paris is "awake and breathing."

The Fire Dept. also asks the Sheriff's Dept. if they want Fire to "stage" -- which is shop talk for "waiting" until the Sheriff's Dept. deems the situation safe to enter.

The Sheriff's Dept. told Fire they didn't have to "stage" because it was not a dangerous situation.

The call was made after Paris herself contacted a suicide hotline.

We broke the story ... Paris was taken from the family's Calabasas home by stretcher at around 2 AM on June 5 ... and an ambulance rushed her to a nearby hospital.

She was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold for 72 hours at Children's Hospital in L.A.  She was moved Sunday to the UCLA medical center for further psychiatric evaluation ... the same place her father died 4 years ago this month.



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Read My Lips    

TMZ what did she say on her suicide note???

Throw some money to the Jacksons and get that out. This way I will respect your exclusive claim!!!

496 days ago

mj fan forever    

What happened is horrible and heartbreaking. I truly hope that the judge will really act in her and all of Michael Jackson's children best interest not to save the appearances and the leeches asses.

496 days ago



Hello, Ignorati. The Internet is NOT anonymous, in case you haven't heard. Also, the First Amendment does not protect you from law suits. Paris Jackson will have 20 years to collect against you. That is on everything that you will ever own, inherit, or make, in your miserable life, Ignorati.


Mr. Litigation is calling.
911 calls concerning minors are NOT public records. You are not journalists; so you don't get to use media shield privilege e.g. quoting "sources". Keep on publishing personal info of a minor child, and a big financial bite will get taken out of the butts of you and your employees.

496 days ago

Read My Lips    

After Dr gets custody of Paris, Arnie will show up and reveal to the world, he is the bio father. Every rabid will say, Paris should get close to her bio dad. That's all schemed by Arnie, and how he will have money for an art collection again. Mark my words!

Paris Klein has a nice ring to it!

496 days ago

Read My Lips    

The Jacksons should ask Chris Jenner if she wants Paris and makes her a star. Kendall seems to be normal, they can make a lesbian video starring Kendall and Paris, that would be 'hot' - mess!

496 days ago

Wow ...    

Harvey and TMZ staff: Please know I do not approve of the constant coverage of Paris Jackson. Her mental health should be far more important than your pocket book. I have shared my opinion re: Amanda Bynes in the past, some things are "news" court dates etc, but not emotional issues. I believe they should be off limits because - we do not know what can trigger a setback. But I can presume media reports of everything going on can only cause Paris more pain and trauma. The public may want to know, but doesn't need to know. I wouldn't want anyone pushing someone in a wheelchair downhill and letting go either, to cause more wounds. Please reconsider your coverage, be a tad more senstive. I didn't sign on yesterday, because of it - only to log on today and find more. This time, I will not visit for a week. What a shame. I love my TMZ, but even I have to say enough is enough and stand by my convictions. Again, I plead with Harvey - please reconsider your coverage on Paris and Amanda or others who may be suffering from emotional instability and do not contribute to their problems. Please just keep your photogs on the d-bags & b!tches out there, who deserve their bad behavior to be exposed. Better yet, on those who do well for the world. Thanks for listening and at least considering.

496 days ago


She belongs with her MOTHER, and NOT Harvey! You S***bag child molester in training.

496 days ago


I think TMZ should back off on this story. She is a young girl and she needs her privacy. I don't care if she's MJ's daughter, let her be.

496 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Paris should find herself a nice young man
and starting bopping like a bunny.
That's what the *normal* kids do...

496 days ago


She has no talent, like the rest of mj kids. If she wants to go let her go, she can afford it!

496 days ago


Paris Jackson Tells Family She’s Through With Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Doesn’t Want To Testify
Hot Deals
Posted on Jun 11, 2013 @ 12:11PM | By radarstaff

Splash News

A recuperating Paris Jackson has told close family members that she doesn’t want any part of the wrongful death lawsuit against AEG regarding her father’s death, RadarOnline has learned exclusively.

Paris is listed as a plaintiff in the suit although her grandmother and guardian Katherine Jackson appears to be the primary plaintiff.

“Paris says “she absolutely wants no part of wrongful death lawsuit,” a source familiar with the situation told Radar. “She doesn’t want to be a plaintiff anymore and certainly doesn’t want to testify.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson’s History Of Suspicious Slashes On Her Wrists

“She went along with it because she knew it was important to Katherine. Paris feels there is only one person responsible for her father’s death, Conrad Murray.”

Murray was convicted in connection with the singer’s death and is behind bars.

Paris is still in a Los Angeles-area hospital after attempting suicide. She cut one wrist and took a handful of pills.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Through The Years

“This trial has made Paris’ life hell because of cyber bullying and she has been bombarded with negative media reports about Michael,” a family source tells us.

Meanwhile, Paris’ older brother Prince, “very much wants to testify,” the source says. “Michael relied on Prince as a trusted adviser when he was alive. Michael consulted Prince about major business decisions, and he would often accompany his dad to meetings.

“Prince is wise beyond his years and does feel that AEG was responsible for his dad’s death. Prince has a totally different viewpoint and opinion than Paris because he was his dad’s right hand.”


Right hand??? LOL!!!

Was that the hand that stuffed money in little boys' crotch???

496 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Katherine Jackson and her lawyers are trying to figure out how to sue the makers of Motrin and Al Gore since he says he invented the internet...

496 days ago


The world has spoken, MJ was responsible for his own demise and ultimate death as an adult. AEG had nothing to do with it. Phillips never said he wished MJ was dead so AEG can capitalize it. On the contrary, the lawyers actions are quite telling while the Jacksons are still holding their bag and resorting to sue anybody for $$$$!!!

496 days ago


Tour Executive’s E-Mail After Michael Jackson Died: We’re Going To Make A Fortune From Merchandise Sales
Hot Deals
Posted on Jun 11, 2013 @ 13:53PM | By David Perel

Michael Jackson’s death was seen as an opportunity to make a fortune off the singer, according to an email from the CEO of the company promoting his tour. That email was used by the Jackson family’s attorney Tuesday in their wrongful death lawsuit against AEG and painted a cold picture of the reality of business.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips was questioned about an email he wrote after the King of Pop died in 2009 while preparing for his tour.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson’s History Of Suspicious Slashes On Her Wrists

“Michael’s death is a terrible tragedy, but life must go on,” Phillips wrote. “AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition, and the film/dvd. I still wish he was here!”

Phillips insisted under questioning by attorney Brian Panish that he was sincere when he wrote he wished Michael was still alive, according to reporting by Anthony McCartney of the Associated Press.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

Still, the cold, cold words of profiting heavily from Jackson’s death made the point Panish wanted, as he questioned the exec about the lucrative merchandising opportunities.

Katherine Jackson is suing AEG for wrongful death surrounding her son’s passing. Paris Jackson is also a plaintiff but as Radar reported exclusively she wants to drop out of the suit and does not want to testify.

Panish finished questioning Phillips and turned him over to AEG’s attorney.


Well, where is the email from the Jacksons & the Estate when they wanted to auction off the pee soaked bed of MJ's where he died on???

There it goes, the Jacksons are desperate and grasping for straws!

496 days ago


Clan is too busy milking Jackson’s death to worry about poor Paris


IT was a cry for help and I hope those selfish, money-grabbing members of the Jackson clan are listening.
They’ve been so caught up with milking every last dollar from the corpse of Michael Jackson that the pain of his 15-year-old daughter seems to have gone unnoticed.

Paris has been under enormous pressure since her father died and her whole world was ****tered.

Whatever you think of Jackson, he was a devoted dad who was so overprotective we didn’t know what his daughter and two sons looked like until his funeral. Jackson had a fear of kidnapping but he also wanted to hide them from the spotlight.

Of course, that all stopped after his death four years ago. The children suddenly had to deal with unprecedented press intrusion, as well as coping with losing their father in such a gruesome, public way.

While he was alive, they would have been sheltered from most of the rumours about his bizarre behaviour and alleged sexual abuse of young children. But that would have stopped when he died.

The children also became pawns in a family squabble over custody and cash. It turns out Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive and everyone appeared to want their cut.

Paris may still be called as a witness in an increasingly grubby court case brought by Jackson’s family against the promoters of Michael’s aborted comeback concert at the O2.

They are seeking 26BILLION dollars compensation, but Paris may have to listen to more allegations that Jackson isn’t actually her father.

A lot of dirty laundry is being aired and no one seemed to wonder what effect it was having on Paris.

She has also recently tried to form a relationship with her birth mother Debbie Rowe, who was used as a sort of rent-a-womb and happily handed Paris and her brother Prince over to Michael Jackson as babies in exchange for a big, fat cheque.

Rowe was apparently the one who told an American TV gossip channel that Paris had attempted suicide.

One can only hope she phoned the ambulance first before spilling details to the media.

I feel desperately sorry for this poor young girl. Her dad is dead. Her mother gave her away for cash.

She has also had to cope with disgusting cyber-bullying. No wonder it all became too much for her.

There’s obviously been a build-up to her slashing her wrists. But no one appeared to spot the signs. I hope she’s getting the treatment she needs.

I also hope Paris’s two brothers are given all the love they need, as they are also incredibly vulnerable. We don’t want any more suicide bids by a tormented Jackson child.

496 days ago
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