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Toxic Tan Mom


At Airport

6/13/2013 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tan Mom smelled a little too much like the slot machine area in a Laughlin, Nevada casino Thursday ... and her punishment was 30 hours in detox.  Let us explain.

T.M. had a layover in Minneapolis and decided to leave the airport's secure area to grab a smoke.  To her dismay, TSA wouldn't let her back in, and the mood turned as dark as her.  Tan Mom went ballistic.

TSA agents had a sneaking suspicion she was wasted -- because she was totally wasted.  They took her to airport police, who then gave Ms. Mom an ultimatum -- either go to jail for public intoxication, or spend 30 hours in a detox facility.  Wisely, Tan Mom chose door #2.

She'll be clean as a whistle before she knows it.   That's because she's really wasted.



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How can anyone tell when she's wasted? I've never heard her talk without being wasted.

504 days ago


Why don't you big shots quit picking on this poor pathetic woman and go follow you man Kanye for a response to the creep cheating on his pregnant girlfriend?

504 days ago


30 hours in Detox? LOL LOL! She spent 30,000 hours in the tanning bed itself!

504 days ago


So, the police were concerned (rightfully) concerned that this woman might have taken her little girl tanning, but nobody gives a crap that the girl is being raised by a total drunk?

504 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

She looks toothless. Bet she gives a good hummer.

504 days ago


I'm pretty sure she's courtney stodden's mother..

504 days ago

Cool Breeze    

Her brain is fried

504 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

OK, time to drop Tan Mom. You know it is, TMZ. She's mentally ill and not famous, so stop.

504 days ago

Fed up    

Does this woman still have parental rights to her children?! Who is making sure the kids are safe while mommy drinks her way around the globe flashing her panties?

504 days ago

BB not bb    

Did they give her a breathalizer test or some other test for drunkeness? Just because she went ballistic doesn't mean she was drunk. That is her personality and she said she doesn't drink. She said she was punched in the head by a rapist as a young woman and that she has had brain damage ever since. That is why she slurs her words.

Is this some kind of police state where the TSA bullies provoke you and then give you an ultimatum of treatment or jail? I bet they got lewd with her during the pat down or something.

Everyone needs treatment now for drinking like it is always from some deep seated psychological problem. Maybe the problem is just drinking itself and the fact that others don't approve of someone's behavior.

504 days ago


I can see her now.. "Don't you know who I am?! I'm tan mom!"

504 days ago


Does she have teeth?

504 days ago

BB not bb    

TSA bags another threat to the public welfare, locking up a woman for seeming drunk. What an asset they are to America and our way of life.

If you go out for a smoke, you can't go back in? What is she supposed to do then, go find a shelter to stay in and start a new life? How do they not let you back in after you checked your luggage and paid your ticket and are waiting to leave?

Does Tanning Mom have a lawyer? I think she should sue for harassment and false imprisonment. If they didn't determine that she was drunk with some kind of proof other than her demeanor and odor, then they are making false accusations.

504 days ago


That's what she gets for walking into the spotlight. If you're going to get loaded and/or start mouthing off...well, look at the photo to the right.

504 days ago


That's what she gets for walking into the spotlight. If you're going to get loaded and/or start mouthing off...well, look at the photo to the right.

504 days ago
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