Toxic Tan Mom TERMINALLY WASTED At Airport

6/13/2013 3:46 PM PDT

Toxic Tan Mom Terminally Wasted At Airport


Tan Mom smelled a little too much like the slot machine area in a Laughlin, Nevada casino Thursday ... and her punishment was 30 hours in detox.  Let us explain.

T.M. had a layover in Minneapolis and decided to leave the airport's secure area to grab a smoke.  To her dismay, TSA wouldn't let her back in, and the mood turned as dark as her.  Tan Mom went ballistic.

TSA agents had a sneaking suspicion she was wasted -- because she was totally wasted.  They took her to airport police, who then gave Ms. Mom an ultimatum -- either go to jail for public intoxication, or spend 30 hours in a detox facility.  Wisely, Tan Mom chose door #2.

She'll be clean as a whistle before she knows it.   That's because she's really wasted.