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Michael Jackson Death Trial

AEG Live

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6/14/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's pretty shocking ... but Katherine Jackson may have taken a giant step today toward convincing a jury AEG Live was negligent in protecting Michael Jackson just days before his death.

AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips had trouble explaining to Katherine's lawyer why he thought MJ "looked really good" in a meeting 5 days before his death when a photograph taken a day before the meeting clearly showed otherwise.

The photo shows a smiling Jackson but someone who looked gaunt and pale.  On top of that, there is testimony that producer/director Kenny Ortega and others were alarmed over Jackson's health.

In the days preceding his death, Jackson had missed rehearsals and was sweating profusely.  He also seemed out of it. 

As for how Phillips reconciled his statement with other evidence, he said, "I was confused as anybody."

Here's the deal ... This case was AEG's to lose.  AEG could have made it simple and just said they assumed MJ was being properly cared for by the doctor MJ handpicked.  But AEG has gotten a little too cute, painting a picture that the jury may not be buying.

Short story ... Propofol aside, if the jury believes AEG unreasonably pushed MJ like a circus animal, they could be in beaucoup trouble.



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Similar to ELVIS PRESELY too. Self destroying individuals. With Elvis, many others just stood by ,as he continued to deteriorate. Yet they,(Elvis/MJ) WERE grown men? So who's really responsible. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our selves.Many just have certain,undeniable weaknesses.

465 days ago


Hey TMZ, didn't you claim before the trial that KJ doesn't stand a chance? Another change of mind now, huh? Fakea$$e$!

465 days ago

Chris NJ    

Let the man rest in peace already.

465 days ago



465 days ago


Oh please....Murray treated MJ and his kids several years before This is It even came about. On that fact alone, this case shouldn't have gone to trial. MJ was paid millions and millions in advance, AEG spent millions on the production, and they shouldn't expect MJ to show up for work? This family is disgusting for having MJ and all his problems dragged out in public again, for the sake of greed, and disgusting for involving his children as witnesses. Paris' suicide attempt and it's timing is no coincidence. MJ is rolling in his grave.

465 days ago


GOOD LAWD!!!!!! Would the world just let this man rest in peace??? Enough already!!! DAMN

465 days ago


This is so stupid! And addict is an addict! Just like blaming the Dr! MJ would have gotten the dope no matter who gave it to him! You can't blame everyone else! Damn it was his fault its done n over n nothing no one can do about now! If his family is so hurt why didn't thy make him get help before it was too late??Dude, leave him be, rip

465 days ago


To all those crying out MJ was a pedo: Go to hell! The man was vindicated in a court of justice! He was declared INNOCENT! His autopsy showed NO SIGNS of drug abuse, merely inflamed lungs! So who in the world are you mofos to give your 2 cents on someone and on a case that you know jack about? Voicing an opinion is everyone's right, but stopping so low to lies and name-calling is just pathetic!

465 days ago


If I'm not mistaken, Michael Jackson "PASSED" a "PHYSICAL" before rehearsals began. He hadn't toured extensively for several years before he signed the AEG contract. More than likely, he was "STRESSED OUT" because he set the bar "TOO HIGH" for himself in comparison to his past performances. Michael Jackson was no "NEWBIE" to the demands of touring. He practically grew up constantly touring and he and his brothers rehearsed vigorously. Did AEG make him "SELF-DESTRUCT" -- HELL TO THE NO!!! His "SELF-INFLICTED" implosion had been going on for "YEARS" and his family made several attempts to stage "INTERVENTIONS" because they knew he was going "DOWNHILL" and needed "PROFESSIONAL" help to prevent what finally transpired at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray. AEG shouldn't have to pay "BILLIONS OF DOLLARS" for the "UNTIMELY DEMISE" of an entertainer who was "HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS" IN DEBT due to his "OWN" POOR CHOICES!!! He spent considerably more money than he made and his "INCOME" producing potential had "SIGNIFICANTLY DIMINISHED"!!!

465 days ago


AEG should have known that Wacko was a serious drug addict.

465 days ago


Katherine Jackson is sounding like a money WHORE

465 days ago


I'm sure the Jackson Clan helped coax Katherine into this lawsuit. When she passes, her percentage of the estate reverts back to the estate. They get no inheritance from it. She wins money here, the leeches are set for life.

465 days ago


Jacksons legal kids have whatever money.

It's been over 4 years and the Jacksons still can't break Michael Jacksons very simple will.

Michael Jackson left his 'estate' to people he trusted. His family was not it.

465 days ago


The fact that AEG wanted Jackson to do 50 shows proves that they had no idea what kind of entertainer they were dealing with. Ya don’t sign a 50 year old Michael to 50 live shows; you obligate him to 5. He was a stadium-filling superstar that could’ve sold super-expensive tickets. Revenue from those sold-out shows plus all exclusive rights to the HD concert videos and live-concert CDs would’ve earned AEG plenty of money for years to come. AEG really mismanaged an opportunity with a brilliant resource.

465 days ago
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