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Paris Jackson


6/15/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614-paris-bieber-gettyParis Jackson DETESTS Justin Bieber, largely and ironically because he wouldn't speak up about teenage girls cutting themselves ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ ... Paris -- who is currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a knife and downing 20 Motrin -- thinks Justin is a terrible role model for young girls.  She was enraged after some of Justin's female fans started tweeting about cutting themselves as an expression of love for the singer and he went radio silent, rather than talking the girls out of it.

We're told Paris got very angry after seeing the pics TMZ posted of Justin smoking weed in a hotel room in early January.  She thinks he owes his fans more as a role model.

Paris -- who lives in Justin's Calabasas gated community -- thinks Justin's various missteps in the hood are "a disgrace."

The word "hate" was used very clearly to describe Paris' feelings toward JB.


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carla paredes    

She so stuped becauallse all justin biebers fans Are girls teenegers and all of them feel so good with him he has more than 40 millóns of beliebers he doesn't need a freaking crazy girl bipolar

458 days ago


So Paris is in psychiatric care where she most certainly isn't allowed near the internet or media - and NOW you say she is hating on Beiber - why would Paris want to come off as a SNOB

This sounds like more of Paris-pimping by Latoya - who using every opportunity to get this kid in the media - lets not forget her SICK sexualizing Paris by leaking nonsense that Paris is trying to get over the love of an older man and the camera's allowed in a childs bedroom!

No wonder they're preventing her from being with Debbie -they aren't done using her yet

458 days ago


This doesn't sound real - The Jacksons are keeping her locked up until she "comes to her senses" and stops saying she wants to live with her mom. Latoya said shortly after MJ died that he had information on Debbie she would share if Debbie tried to get custody and then Deb's emails are editted and released to make her look bad.

All the news articles saying "Debbie will NOT go after custody" were clearly to get the family to stop threatening her.

Paris comes with a $200,000 yearly allowance to anyone who takes care of her, the jackson's will pump the kid full of happy-pills before they'll let that go!

Its lke the story in the bible where the judge says the women have to share the baby, and the real mother says she would rather let the child go than see it hurt. I think Debbie and Paris want and need each other but Debbie has to back off or they'll be trouble from the greedy Jacksons

458 days ago


Thats funny,My daughters say the same thing.Lots of thier friends feel the same way.

458 days ago


I think this whole thing is crazy! It is unfortunate she believed what ever her situation was/is called for suicide. I don't like JB as much as the next guy, but to hate someone for that only reason is sort of crazy. He doesn't have a psychology degree or a license to practice mental health, he probably has no idea how to respond to someone that says they love you so much they want to cut them self's. He probably looks at almost none of the stuff he gets on social media, he logs into Facebook or twitter and he probably has thousand of notifications and tweets from crazed fans. I would look at any of it, aint nobody got time for that. I don't know though, I guess I think the amount of media coverage this has gotten is crazy.

458 days ago


I hate him too anyways... so its a good think...Never liked Justin and i dont think i will ever will...

458 days ago

J RR    

The dumb is now officially leading the blind.

458 days ago


Its because he didnt give her the D.

458 days ago


Wasn't it revealed that the whole cutting for Bieber thing was a hoax?

458 days ago

Sean McKenna    

Yet here she is cutting herself and popping mortin. Such a great role model -_-
So hypocritical.

458 days ago


@Missy82 No. Beiber fans wish death on OTHERS because they are not Beiber fans. They are some of the most disrespectful people ever and just a month ago, Paris was apart of that lot of pathetic kids. She and his other fans were attacking people, specifically that guy Drake Bell, and saying, and I quote, "If you want to compare the amount of talent and fans between you and JB, you know you would lose right? Know your place". I remember reading it and shaking my head at her stupidity. I wonder what changed her mind about him. Anywho, I absolutely agree that this needs to stop and instead of him constantly congratulating his fans and saying that he has the "best fans" ever, he needs to tell all of them to calm down and stop wishing cancer, death, HIV, etc etc to every person that doesn't idolize Beiber the way that they do.

458 days ago


Its because he never gave her the D.

458 days ago


Admit it Paris, your mad you didnt get the D!

458 days ago


dont fret Ms Jackson, the boy Beiber isnt very well educated. He is trying to become a "bad boy" but the poor fella can barely get a hair or two to grow on his grapes....which is why Ms Gomez left him. She wants a man, not some lil boy.

458 days ago


Good Justin bieber I love you (:

458 days ago
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