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Jeff Garlin

No Charges

After Window Rage Arrest

6/17/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0617-jeff-garlin-getty"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin won't face vandalism charges after allegedly smashing the windows of a Mercedes on Saturday, TMZ has learned -- but he will get a stern talking to.

We broke the story ... Garlin was popped for felony vandalism in Studio City, CA following the incident, when he allegedly flew off the handle while arguing with a female Mercedes driver over a parking spot ... breaking the woman's side window with his bare hand (impressive).

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Garlin will NOT face criminal charges ... he will instead have to sit for a meeting with the L.A. City Attorney, who will lecture him about the incident as well as vandalism laws.

Garlin's not completely off the hook ... if he doesn't behave, the L.A. City Attorney can still file criminal charges. Plus, the driver of the Mercedes is still free to go after Garlin for the damages in civil court.


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How is he not facing charges?

490 days ago


Breaking the window of a womans car with his bare hand is "impressive"? FFS, TMZ, your sick obsession with any kind of celeb, even Z listers like this a**clown, is really pathetic.

Also, its ridiculous this creep isn't being charged.

490 days ago


Well, here’s a story about a white dude. Let’s see how many racist roaches come out for this one. In contrast, there’s racist posts on every single story about a Black person on TMZ.

490 days ago


Its called celebrity justic

490 days ago


He probably had a ring on the hand he used and the ring caused the window to crack. TMZ sensationalized it by saying he smashed it in. The fact that he did not get charged tells you it was probably just a simple crack caused by his ring, not a caved in window crystallized into a thousand pieces like TMZ led us to believe.

490 days ago


Jeff is such a great guy. She prolly had it comin to her.

490 days ago

tom p    

This is what it's like to live in LA...few parking spaces, people are aholes, and the cities rape the citizens for parking fees and fines, making it even more stressful. Screw LA...this place would make any otherwise normal person rage.

490 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Hey im white and I think its Bull****. If a black man broke out some ones window he would not be just having a lecture about it. Laws and Penalties should be the same across the board.

490 days ago


I need more information: she was in the car when he broke the side window. That's not what I would think of as vandalism - you know, someone smashes in a window when you're not sitting in the seat eating a face full of glass. Did he also happen to connect with her face on the way in? On the other side, they really so have NO parking at Trader Joe's or Kinko's lots in Studio City, so I am thinking he reeeaaallly needed to send a FEDEX package like right away. Or, maybe, his blood sugar was low and he needed a snack. Poor little celebrities can't have hunger pains for one second.
Wait, so his punishment is to go to meet a high ranking official and what take pictures, sign autographs and get the star treatment ? (Oh, better validate his parking at the City Attorney's Office because downtown is brutal for parking, too.) Why don't they have their little wrist slapping session over at a soup kitchen while raising some money for people with real know, like they don't have a car to park!, much less to fight over a parking spot with?

490 days ago


I can't believe he is not being charged. Terrifying rage like this is just another form of bullying. Smashing the windows is right over the top. Being a celebrity apparently trumps all. Even a minor, lowlife like him.

490 days ago


See, whoever said being white didnt have it's privileges don't know what they're talking about

490 days ago


Hes not a street thug repeat offender, he banged on someones glass too hard and it broke. Getting jail time in LA County for that, non existent. Too many brown street urchins filling the seats.

490 days ago


And people wonder why society is such crap...there are no consequences to people's actions. What a shame.

490 days ago


It's a felony to break a window? Seems extreme.

490 days ago


Let's do an experiment. TMZ, you are welcome and encouraged to cover it. Everyone should go outside and break someones car windows, and see if we get away with it too, or get locked up. Forget it. Don't do it, because I already know the answer. If your name is Mr/Ms Celebrity, you can do whatever you want. If your name is Mr/Ms Regular person, go directly to jail, do not pass go, pay lots of money, lose your job instead of getting publicity. When did it become okay to commit crimes if you are rich, but not if you are poor? Criminals are criminals regardless of wealth, and everyone should be treated exactly the same (minus the payoffs to get away with things).

490 days ago
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