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Lil Wayne


American Flag

6/17/2013 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Wayne
trampled the American flag over the weekend ... and there's footage.

Weezy performed the stunt while shooting his new music video for "God Bless Amerika" in New Orleans.

During the shoot, Wayne begins rapping in front of a giant American flag ... which is released to the ground. After it's on the floor, Wayne continues to rap ... while stepping all over the stars and stripes.

The lyrics to Wayne's song are just as controversial ... "My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die / God bless Amerika / This ole' godless Amerika."

So we gotta ask ...



No Avatar


What a worthless ****!! Really *******?? If you don't like it here get the **** out!! There is NOBODY making it mandatory to keep this piece of **** here....Except maybe the "AMERIKAN" money! GET THE **** OUT OF HERE CHUMP!!

438 days ago


That is so disgusting. It's not just a flag, it represent all the men who died making this country what it is today. People wish they could live here and this azz wipe does that to our flag? I won't listen to his crap again.

438 days ago


if he goes out like the rest of the idiot thugs, it's going to be one short investigation

438 days ago

Soda pop    

Black men have been broken by this filthy country

438 days ago


Typical rapper mentality, all the while reaping the benefits of this great country! S***BAG

438 days ago


There are some things you just dont do in this countrynand that is one of them.. No message will get through to anyone while you are stepping all over the american flag.. That just shows how completely stupid lil wayne is and makes even happier i have never liked him.. If he doesnt like it here he is rich he can leave..

438 days ago

buzz kill    

If he doesn't like America he should get the Hell out.

438 days ago


Lil' Wayne like so many Rap/Hip Hop entertainers are "EXHIBITIONISTS" who heavily rely upon "OVER THE TOP" PR stunts to maintain their celebrity status. They're only focus is "GETTING PAID"!!! Anything that generates attention "GETS THEM PAID"!!! Like it or not, incorporating the American Flag into his video would be considered an "ARTISTIC FORM OF FREE SPEECH"!!! As I recall, young people protesting against the Vietnam War in the 1960...'s burned American Flags. Lil' Wayne's video is a "PROTEST" theme emphasizing the "DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF THE POOR" in this country. Like it or not, he does have a right to state his views. No one is "BEGGING ANYONE" to support or agree with them.

438 days ago


If you're white it is free speech, if you're anything else it's unforgivable!

438 days ago


This should surprise no one. He's a gutter rat, and like all his gutter rat friends, family, and fans they take and take from the country they live in, because we let them. And then we expect them to know what respect is?

438 days ago


Can we get rid of him now.

438 days ago


Freedom of speech doesn't mean the same thing it was set out to be...It's funny how people can put a spin on stuff!

438 days ago


Hopefully this will be the end of his career

438 days ago


You know what's so funny, there is no other place in the world that a disgusting, cusp of a person like Wayne could ever be allowed to run free the way he does, all these rappert types talk about how bad America is, but with all their money they still choose to live here? They say these things to sound like they sympathize with the struggles of poor Americans. The fact of the matter is, no country is perfect, but America is as close as it gets. The simple fact people like him aren't stricken down proves my point, even jackasses are free in America. So yes, God bless America.

438 days ago


STUPID ****ING ******!!!

438 days ago
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