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Lil Wayne


I Didn't See It There

6/18/2013 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0618_lil_wayne_flag_youtubeLil Wayne is lying through his diamond-encrusted teeth ... claiming he didn't INTENTIONALLY step on the American flag during a video shoot ... despite the fact he can be seen looking down on Old Glory several times during the performance.

Wayne just tweeted about his controversial video shoot for "God Bless Amerika" in New Orleans ... saying, "I didn't step on the flag on purpose! It's a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it's just there as I perform."

Translation -- I swear it was an accident ... please don't hate me.

Problem is ... during the video, you can see Wayne look down on the flag at several points in the shoot ... yet continues to trample all over the stars and stripes.

So ... you buyin' Weezy's explanation?


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Hit him 3x with a truck and tell everybody that you did not see him...

438 days ago


I'm sorry, but this is a publicity stunt. Lil Wayne, you are a talentless piece of **** in my opinion who makes money off of stirring up **** and creating controversy. Somewhere, Tupac and Biggie are rolling in their graves because of idiots like you. What do you know about tyranny or slavery? Not a God damn thing. Nor do you actually care. You're a rich, talentless piece of ghetto ****. I won't say you deserve to die, because I don;t wish that upon anyone, but you do not deserve to be famous. And keep it real... you knew the flag was there... you were just trying to look like a badass... but you're not. You look like an idiot.

438 days ago


who give a **** if he steppef on it or not **** it

438 days ago


I think there are more important things to worry about. Shut up.

438 days ago

tracy lamb    

I am ashamed of any race that thinks for one moment that this is ok. I mean he should get jail time it is against the law to desecrate the Flag. That is not part of Freedom of anything. I do not buy his lie that he didn't know clearly he did. I don't care if your red, black, white or yellow if you do this and think it is ok. GET OUT OF THE USA !!!!

BTW this is not racist if you mess with the flag out of disrespect to it then you can go by by! MY Family is full of vets yes Native American and White and I have inter racial cousins we at no time are racist but this is sad. You idiots who are saying it is ok look in the mirror and ask yourself where would you be at if it wasn't for that Freedom Flag.

438 days ago


the pic is misleading the video shows he didn't know

438 days ago

Matthew Ventresca    

Also, if he wanted to trample on it for effect, I think he would have done a much better job, he barely even gets his feet on it!

438 days ago

Matthew Ventresca    

TMZ... You should really post the video before the poll... People vote before they see the evidence... your writing is much more incriminating than the videotape.... There is enough material in Hollywood that you shouldn't have to drum it up with oversights like this one

438 days ago


He didn't STOMP on the flag

438 days ago


I think people are dum if you think this is ****ing news. i really don't think he cared. Sorry in the hood on the 4th of July we give our kids flags that end up outside in the mud.. Let's deport my 6yr old too.. Who gives a **** if he danced on it. It's kids in AMERICA dying by the hands of they own family. THE STORY IS BULL****.. FIND REAL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

438 days ago


This is silly. It is all about perception, you believe whatever your mind tells you that you are seeing, and if someone says it often enough you start believing it too. Making a big deal out of nothing. Guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the public.

438 days ago

the truth    

I think it is insane how people still pretend like this country is so fair. Yeah LIL WAYNE is rich. But so many people get treated like trash for race purposes.

438 days ago


You can tell that it was meant as a back drop and he WAS NOT intentionally "trampling" on the flag. For one, the mic is so close to where the flag dropped that there is no where else to step and for two he's not talking **** and then stomping on it like someone do if they meant to do it on purpose.
I understand that it is disrespectful but he didn't do it out of hatred or anything else. His backdrop people(the person on the ladder) dropped it to close to the microphone and he had nowhere to perform.

438 days ago


This WAS intentional. In the begining of the video look at the ladder there is a person on top relasing the flag and there is a prson under, holding the flag and making sure the piece doesnt fall on him!

438 days ago

Little Bob    

Oh come on people, it fell accidentally while he was performing, what exactly do you want him to do? Stop the music to bend down and pick it up? Come on... It clearly wasn't intended to rile people up, he was busy singing. Stop getting worked up on every little thing.... There's entirely too much stress and obviously too much time on people's hands if they can sit around and pick at people for the stupidest sh*t.

438 days ago
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