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Serena Williams

Issues BS Statement

After Steubenville Rape Comments

6/19/2013 7:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Serena Williams isn't exactly apologizing for the incendiary comments she allegedly made about the Steubenville rape victim ... because she's not entirely sure she said them, at least that's the way it seems from the BS statement she just released.

Williams came under fire this week over an article printed in Rolling Stone ... in which the tennis superstar is quoted as saying, "[the Steubenville rape victim] shouldn’t have put herself in that position" on the night she was raped at a high school party.

But moments ago, Williams issued a statement on her website -- in which she takes NO responsibility for the comments ... and suggests she may not have ever said them at all.

"I am currently reaching out to the girl’s family to let her know that I am deeply sorry for what was written in the Rolling Stone article. What was written – what I supposedly said – is insensitive and hurtful, and I by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame."

The statement begs the obvious question -- DID YOU MAKE THE COMMENTS OR NOT??

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Serena can say whatever she wants and have her own opinions. You don't have to like it, but she sure as hell doesn't have to apologize. This is a prime example of political correctness run amok. Led by liberal, tree hugging, rose colored glasses wearing cultural so-called elitists, these people believe in controlling the speech and opinions of anyone who shows even the slightest differential towards their pet groups. Like gays, violence victims, women, muslims and minorities. It is not the American way. She did not say anything grossly wrong or grossly insensitive. She has nothing to be sorry for. Same with Paula Deen.

492 days ago


Why is NicHOLE the Nibbler here??

492 days ago


dum bish

492 days ago


check it out my teeeaaaats make stuff blow up

492 days ago


Don't quit your "Day Job" Serena... and just so YOU KNOW... BILLY JEAN... KRISSY... and MARTINA have done MORE for WOMEN in tennis than you EVER WILL...

492 days ago


Serena Williams made a comment on a situation that should never had happened, whether the girl was drunk, passed out, or whatever. But thanks to you guys at TMZ, young girls getting drunk, fighting in public, falling down drunk in public is the way to become popular and noticed! Now, according to that ignorant reporter that made the statement that the Lucas movie

492 days ago


so when a black woman gets beaten to death by a pimp, it's her fault she put herself in that situation? nice one, baby girl! So, is she saying the highly respected magazine is lying or not???!!!

492 days ago


Ever hear of the old addage "everything before "but" is BS?

492 days ago


No always means no and of course men should always be accountable if they sexually molest somebody. In her defense though, most girls are taught this by their Moms at a very early age, don't put yourself in the situation where you are vulnerable. My friends and I used to go dancing with the Detroit Lions back in the day. All of these girls went to private parties with these guys but I did not. Reason: how could I fight off a bunch of professional athletes, who could lift me over their heads without breaking a sweat? It's just common sense. Just like Mom always said never leave an open drink unwatched, always get a new one if you go to the ladies room etc.

492 days ago


What's the question. All I would say is women need to protect themselves at parties. Guys can be horny s***bag dogs. And it's usually the ones that you could never predict. I would say that Serena Williams statement is accurate but she should have worded a little bit better. Like "The Stubenville Rape case shows girls that you have to protect yourselves' at parties.

492 days ago


@Cadavr It is her friends fault because she decided to stay.. I think not isn't that the scenario that occurred with Beth Holloway. She drank to much and left with a stranger. She is still missing to this date, it is not your friends responsibility to look after you but your own. That's was wrong with this generation never taking responsibility for their own actions. It was her choice to stay.and drink.and lose control.

492 days ago


I have to agree with her! I mean she didn't say the girl SHOULD HAVE been raped, she said she SHOULDN'T HAVE put herself in that situation....which SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE! A lot of things you can't prevent but some things you can! That's like me standing in the middle of a freeway and I get hit by a car. That's not the cars fault, it's my fault because I stood in a freeway where I was bound to get hit! It's the same thing with this girl! If she would have stayed her butt home and not be drinking underage this wouldn't have happened!

492 days ago

Ted Frunk    

You ask for someone's opinion, then hate them because of their opinion. That doesn't sound right.

492 days ago


if women don't start looking out for ourselves and each other... who the **** u think gonna look out for us? These psychologically dysfunctional creeps? She's right..we women must not only b badass..but must also make sure we protect ourselves from these kind of leeches. #mother****ingchivalryisdead!

492 days ago


Serena is a dumb bitch for commenting like that! Unless she had been thru the trama and understands what it feels like then don't speak about this young girl!

492 days ago
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