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Justin Bieber

Monkey Business in Miami

Over Private Jet

6/21/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM
-- The plane just took off with Bieber inside. We don't know if the monkey made it in time.

Justin Bieber
has pissed off a private jet company ... because his plane has been grounded in Miami for 8 hours, while Justin searches for his pet monkey ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Justin rented a private jet to take him from Miami to Burbank.  The plane was supposed to take off at 11 AM ET, but the Biebs called to say he was running late. 

Hours passed ... and he showed up at around 3 PM.  But we're told he wasn't ready to smoke out of Miami because he needed to pick up his monkey from West Palm Beach.


Four more hours passed, and the monkey hasn't surfaced at the airport.  We're told Bieber actually chartered a helicopter to bypass street traffic and retrieve the primate. 

We're told Bieber has 30 minutes left at the time of this post ... before the pilot pulls the plug because he's about to run out of duty time.

Tick tick tick.


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El Biebo should stop buying pets, they obviously don't want anything to do with him.

490 days ago


if ppl only knw how much justin disgusses me, to my sole now i dont hate ppl easily especially ppl i have never met, but this little f@c#er, is so stupid, when he came out i loved his music now the hollywood atmospher has gotten to him,, ppl are hungry in the world y not chanel your money there a monkey an i understand we have pets we would die for but putting the monkey aside justin have clearly been an ass in the last 36 months, justin ppl fame comes and fame goes, invest your money wisely u are not gonna be untop of your game for long

490 days ago


I have never seen so many negative stories on one person. Its this kid black because they're treating him like he is.

490 days ago


Let me tell you some facts about that mofu:

This f*cked up pos had a monkey before and brought it to Germany two months ago. The German customs authorities denied to let Bieber enter with the monkey until Bieber got the do***ents.
Normally, it's just a matter of some hours max. to get the valid do***ents by mail, fax, etc.

BUT Bieber denied to do that, BUT also wanted to enter immediately!,
The only way that was possible was that the Germans confiscated the monkey because Bieber had no valid do***ents for the monkey.
The Germans brought the monkey to a nursing ward with the sanction for Bieber to bring in the missing do***ents to get his monkey back.

For weeks, the German authorities were trying to contact the Bieber camp, without ANY response! Then, Bieber called the German authorities and told them, THEY CAN KEEP THE MONKEY, because he has a new one!

I've heard this from a German friend, this sh*t was in the German Press for months. The monkey lives now in a German Zoo.

I tell you, when you Google "Justine Bieber" in 10 years or so, the result will be: "Did You Mean: dead m*therf*cker"

490 days ago

Kev the Realist    

This just confirms that normal business ethics have gone out of the window. The owner of the jet rental company should have simply told Justin that the pilots have a specified amount of time to fly and if you are too late then we need to get another pilot and gues what your self entitled little A$$hole, you will be charged an additional amount of $ x per hour. If he doesn't like it then good take your stupid friends and your business somewhere else. When business people start running their Company's with solid business metrics, and stop pandering to these so-called stars, they will have a better reputation and in the end get more business from those truly classy star's who don't expect everyone to cater to their every whim. That and someone needs to smack this little ahole and get through to him that you are absolutely ruining your reputation and your career is in jeopardy

490 days ago

Bubba Einstein    

He should be deported.

490 days ago

patrick M    

Leave the kid alone. Justin please try to make the right choices. Your younger sister and family will benefit along with you. If you are looking for advice and an achor, look no further then your mom. Your mom wants whats best for you and will guide out of love. Not easy being popular and rich at a young age. surround yourself with good people. Show the world not all kid stars turn bad as they get older.
You music has created some great moments of joy for me and my daughter. We love you. Well she loves you. I think you are pretty darn cool. I do love the moments you show hart and charecter.....The best is when you are with your little sister. She loves you forever.

490 days ago

R Dorothy    

Didn't the Germans took away his monkey?

490 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

president or trashman. they are all the same people. xDDDD

490 days ago


Whats the little eunuch going to do if his new girlfriend didn't make the fight? Not that the nutless wonder could do anything anyway...

490 days ago

Fred Farkel    

He's definitely not lost his mind.


490 days ago


He already showed how much he cares for his monkeys the last time he abandoned his 23-week-old capuchin pet monkey in an animal shelter in Germany and never returned. Please don't give him anymore pets he clearly doesn't know how to take care of them

490 days ago


i think the kid was all drug up .. he did not realize he don't have a monkey anymore.. and they were waiting for nothing.

490 days ago


Out of control....the ship is sinking.

490 days ago


So he's on at least his third pet, he abandoned the first two, and now he's lost his (second) monkey....maybe he shouldn't have any animals at all.

490 days ago
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