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Paula Deen

Ridiculous Apology

For Using N-Word

6/21/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1:00 PM PT
-- FYI, Paula just yanked the video apology from her YouTube channel.

Paula Deen
continues to step in it, and we know part of the problem is that her team doesn't have a clue.

She just issued a weird, video apology with an edit after almost every sentence.  It's as if some publicist is feeding her lines that she has trouble delivering.

Rather than explaining why she used the N-word in the past -- something she might have been able to explain given her background -- she's just begging for forgiveness.  It feels like it's coming from a bunch of suits, and not from her heart.  Huge miss.

Sources connected with Deen tell TMZ ... this was an apology produced by committee -- a committee of lawyers, publicists and other managers who don't understand the meaning of the word "apology."  They've strung a bunch of words together that make Deen look pathetic ... throwing herself at the mercy of the court of public opinion.

It's sad.


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HEY, Y'all!

Paula Deen is from Savannah, Georgia.
She knows good and well what the N-word is, and how it is really used. But Paula Deen's lawyers, cable show, and paid publicist, just hope that everyone else in America forgets that she is still an ignorant cracker. Y'all.

489 days ago


she's not sorry, she just doesnt want to lose any money or tarnish her brand

489 days ago

Soylent Green    

Perhaps her sons should come out and speak for her, they always seemed more forward thinking and might actually be able to put this to rest. If not, she might have to go away for a little while. Or do another long boring interview on OWN.

489 days ago


All the kkk are now asking mercy for her its filthy what she said even a white woman sued her for her filthy trashy talks, she wants forgiveness because she have a business and money to protect oprah should nevet speak to her again how shameful can you be to talk like that pure ignorance

489 days ago


I've been called all kinds of stuff, big deal! its just because she has money and the colored person oh excuse me we can use that word anymore either , the African- American wants something for nothing. we owe them something is how most of them think.

489 days ago


I don't think that she should have to apologize. She may have said the words, but I don't that she has ever be rude to anyone.

489 days ago


Shame how TMZ called out Paula with this smear story against her, when their site and show promotes and encourages racism daily. Its the very reason why so many racist people post here.

489 days ago


I applaud Paula's use of the "N" word. Until I see this rag call out ALLl the black entertainers, celebrities, talk show hosts, etc on the common use of the word then I certainly don't care if she does. Hell.... I'm considering adding it back to my vocabulary.

489 days ago


Lol. She should have opened the statement with a "Hey Y'all! "

489 days ago


Beat a dead horse much TMZ? She apologized wtf do you want?

489 days ago


It's like someone that commits a crime and all they keep saying is.. I'm Sorry.. Please accept my apology but never once proclaim their innocence or try to explain it was just a misunderstanding.

This video pretty much reinforces that she is in fact a racist

489 days ago


Picking on her is way to easy, whats the matter TMZ slow week?

489 days ago


Who really cares about this dumb-ass fat chick with an obnoxious laugh?

While the N-word is not cool, I bet most Americans would confess they've used it. So let's just get over the faux outrage over this word. Again, as abhorrent as it is/was.

489 days ago


I personally think she does feel sorry - it's her stupid "team" that produced this ridiculous video that's responsible for this latest flub. And let me tell you, I am a minority and HATE racial slurs, but I feel like we're being really uncharitable towards this woman without proof that she's used this words in THIRTY YEARS! Shoot, I did stuff only 10 years ago I'm ashamed of and would never do again. Give her a break. She knows she did wrong.

489 days ago


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489 days ago
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