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Paula Deen

Food Network Blames

Paula's Abysmal PR Team

6/22/2013 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0621-paula-deen-food-networkPaula Deen's PR team botched her n-word apology so badly ... the Food Network had no choice but to fire her, sources close to the network tell TMZ.

According to our sources, her management's clumsy damage control -- backing out of the Matt Lauer interview and releasing multiple lame mea culpas -- was the primary reason the Food Network pulled the plug on the celebrity chef.

We're told the apology videos were the last straw -- clinching the Food Network's decision to drop the ax on her. And if you've seen the videos, it's not a big shock. (Apology 1, Apology 2)

But the silver lining ... we're told Paula's son Bobby Deen will be spared ... his Food Network show "Not My Mama's Meals" won't be affected by his mama getting the boot.

Might want to rename it though.


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food network should have let the viewers decide. tmz and fox news should not have taken her testimony out of context. most folks don't even know what she really said. TEAM PAULA.

487 days ago


I forgive you Paula Deen. We should all do the same. We all had our fair share of mistakes. There are consequences and repercussions that happen after your actions. Who cares about a stupid show. Learn from your mistakes and become a better person. That just to show you no matter how old you are you never stop learning.

487 days ago


Why couldnt paula offer a sincere apology from her own heart. I hope they ban her from her son show . He a sneaky racquet racist also.

487 days ago


The food networks reasoning for terming her is as bad as the apologies. Liberals run food network and put Obama and Biden in their mag every month before the election. Not surprised that they fired her.

487 days ago


I agree no one should use the "N" word! But, I can guarantee you everyone has said something they shouldn't in their lifetime. people call Caucasian's "white people"'s not white it is Caucasian. I hear people say Mexicans all the's Hispanics. We all need to just be forgiving and be cognizant of what we are saying.

487 days ago


Boycott Food Network until they bring back Paula

487 days ago


they cancel this show yet all the crap remains especially those Kardashian tramps, smelling each other's crotches and worse week after week.

487 days ago


It's naive to think that Food Network axed her JUST because of this confession. She caused a huge stir last year with the Diabetes drug, and now she's the defendant in a very current racial discrimination suit. I'm sure they were already on the fence about renewing her contract. And people, it's not like she sat down with Barbara Walters and did a voluntary tell-all about her racial attitudes in the past. She was under oath in a deposition facing allegations that she's still very much a racist. Can't blame Food Network from wanting to distance themselves from this.

487 days ago

Makes You Think    

Hmmm Food Network was founded by Reese Schonfeld who also founded CNN. The news program that welcomes "debates" and different views. Not that I condone what was said but CNN pushes freedom of speech and will fight for it. Maybe Paula should move her show to CNN. Oh wait Paula spoke the truth about her mistakes whereas politicians regularly go on CNN to lie. Maybe that was her real mistake. She should have lied about her PAST.

487 days ago


I this case pr seems like it stands for "perpetually racist".

487 days ago


If the POS Rappers will stop saying (notice I did not say "sing") the N WORD in every "record" they put out, perhaps our society wouldn't be so prone to use that word, now, or back in the '60...'s, some FORTY years ago, when Paula (truthfully) stated she did, AS DID EVERY OTHER WHITE SOUTHERNER. That was THEN, NOT NOW.

487 days ago


Some other chef was in her slot this morning.

487 days ago


Her face reminds my at the robo-chick mask Arnold was wearing in Total Recall...

487 days ago


Here's the deal. If you are Sean penn or Alec Baldwin, you can say the most crass things and behave badly. You can even drop the n word and no one is offended. Why? Because they are liberals and they keep their jobs. It's not what they say it's who says it.

487 days ago


This whole situation is APPALLING to me as a black person. I loooooved Paula Deen and am really like wow! Slave waiters! #WHAT!!! And the scariest part of this is seeing how all these other white people commenting are saying that they actually call black people N******! I knew it! My mother raised me not to see color and I teach my kids the same thing. But apparently I'm going to have to teach them that probably 75% of white people no matter what will always perceive you as just a N******! I have never called any white person honky cracker clearwater devil or white trash! My 6yo daughter learned about Martin Luther King being killed by white people and literally came home explained and was PETRIFIED of white people. I explained to her that not all white people are bad there are good people and bad people thats it. MLK was killed by bad white people. There are bad blacks and good black same as there are bad whites and good whites. I'm starting to feel some kinda of way though. That pole really says 74 percent of white people call us N*******! I knew it!!! smh

487 days ago
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