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'Kick Ass' Writer

Jim Carrey Needs to Relax

It's Just a Movie

6/24/2013 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Kick Ass 2" star Jim Carrey is confusing real-life violence with make-believe violence ... so says the film's writer, who's now firing back against Carrey for criticizing the movie's blood and guts.

As we reported, Carrey has officially withdrawn his support for the movie, claiming he can't advocate such a relentlessly violent film in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

But "Kick Ass 2" writer Mark Millar says Carrey's criticism is misplaced, writing, "Like Jim, I'm horrified by real-life violence (even though I'm Scottish), but Kick-Ass 2 isn't a documentary. No actors were harmed in the making of this production! This is fiction."

He posted the statement on his website, and hammered home his message to Jim by pointing out "Superman just snapped a guy's f***ing neck."

But still ... no hard feelings between Millar and Carrey -- the writer says, "Jim, I love ya and I hope you reconsider."


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Here is the truth of the matter. My best friend had a neighbor who raised their kids in a very religiously strict household. No makeup, no movies, no video games, home schooled... the girl ended up pregnant at 16, kid was taken out of her home because of neglect, the boy is an alcoholic dead beat dad. I have cousins who raised their kids in a strict religious home, and they went wild as teens. They were sheltered from all the violent video games, all the violent movies, all the rap music. Now lets look at Illinois. Worst crime rates in America... most of the crimes violent gun crimes... strictest gun laws in America. Lets start calling a spade a spade. We need to stop blaming everything other than the perps. There are many reasons perps do what they do. It is rarely because of movies, video games or music.

455 days ago


Jim Carey is a d-bag. No wonder his hot wife left him for a real man.

455 days ago


This guy is right. It's just a movie people need to relax.

455 days ago


I bet he didnt give the millions of dollars he got for doing the movie back or donated the millions he got to the victims of Sandy Hook. He's such a hypocrite.

455 days ago


Wrong way to generate buzz for a failing career. Better get used to it. Just like Eddie Murphy for every Beverly Hills Cop there's gonna be a Pluto Nash.

455 days ago

all about the money    

Hey Jimmy boy...if you can advocate such a relentlessly violent film why don't you take that salary and profit sharing pay and donate ALL of it to the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre. Talk with your wallet not your mouth. Is Jim that desperate for attention these days that he is taking the puritan route? Or is he just drawing attention to the show now in a PR push to boost sales and his profit sharing? Why not speak out about the movie back in December? Why wait till closer to release date (was going to be June 28th...coincidence)? Don't worry Jim the movies been pushed back to August now so you still have a couple more months of PR to do to draw attention to the movie and boost your profit margins.

455 days ago


My 2 cents Jim is voicing his opinion and I think it's a well thought out argument. Hollywood glorifies violence to make money impressionable young adults become desensitized to violence. This leads to dangerous sometimes fatal acts in real life. Or very poor choices that destroy young lives are made, one Felony strike on their record? Say goodbye to that high paying job, find out about the Prison Experience, all over a stupid choice.

Mr. Millar should take the high road, this, "Jim you are over reacting" stance is more offensive then anything Jim Carrey could do.

455 days ago


I saw the first "Kickass" movie on a whim. I expected not to enjoy it. I loved it. Chloe Moretz and (shockingly) Nicholas Cage were awesome. Their characters elevated what might have otherwise been an otherwise tedious teen romp.I thought casting Jim Carrey in the sequel was a huge mistake. He peaked in the 90s. His brand of humor isn't funny anymore. Carrey knew exactly what he was signing up for by appearing in the sequel. Not buying your BS, Jim.

455 days ago


soooo will Mr. Carrey be donating his pay to a charity against violence? or pocket his millions? coming from a man who has talked with his ass checks in movies i find this a might fishy...all publicity is good publicity maybe??

455 days ago


Jim Carrey isn't funny any more and is trying to make up for it by being political but he's just revealing he's an ignorant douche.

455 days ago


As Arthur's butler once said: "Please.... try not to Speak"
Jim... Shut Up and try and make some funny movies or.... get the hell off the stage.

Your absolutely IGNORANT to stats on gun laws for one. Two, movies are 'Fantasy', your not supposed to live in that Fantasy world.

Educate yourself or shut up cause your killing your, whats 'left' of your career.

I USED to be a HUGE fan.
Now... I can't stand to hear your name.

455 days ago

Los Pepes    

Like most actors when they think out of the script theyre morons!

455 days ago


Thank god its not another penguin movie, or another movie where he can't lie or say yes. The caliber of movies he's done is not stellar but at least he has the right to speak his mind.

455 days ago


Dude is blowing his chance at a comeback!! Kids now don't really know him and Kick Ass is a popular film that would have introduced him to a whole new generation of people! I am sure people wont want to work with him after this either. Horror movies are worse than kick ass any day! Plus he is a supposed artist who was being censored by the city covering up his mural then he is calling for censorship of movies which are art! Hypocrisy! This really disappoints me as he seems very intelligent yet he cant see what a hypocrite he is being!! He has made a fortune of of being crude and lewd yet that's somehow better??? I thought he was hilarious and a really open minded cool guy now he seems like he is just pushing his political beliefs down everyone's throat. NOT cool Jim. Not cool at all!! I understand his Point but I think its inappropriate for him to say that about a movie he was in! He could potentially ruin this for all the other actors that were in it and cause it to tank. He could have kept his opinion to himself. I however think this is just drawing more attention to the film and even more people will see it now!!! Who knows maybe that's the point???

455 days ago


Nobody cares what Jim Carrey thinks. His comments about Emma Stone still make me bristle.

455 days ago
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