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Paris Jackson

Guardianship Will NOT Change


6/25/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Paris Jackson will NOT get new guardians in the wake of her suicide attempt, but TMZ has learned Debbie Rowe is keeping a watchful eye on the situation and could mount a challenge if things get worse.

The guardianship judge had asked a probate court investigator to do some digging after the suicide attempt ... to find out if the guardians were taking proper care of Paris.  As you know, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson are currently co-guardians.

The report is in, and the judge has decided NOT to change the current guardianship arrangement.

TMZ has learned ... the probate court investigator met with Debbie Rowe -- who has developed an extremely strong bond with Paris -- her biological child.  Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rowe told the investigator she believes TJ is doing a great job as guardian, despite the fact that Paris does not want a man to replace Michael Jackson and tell her what to do.

We're told Rowe also thinks Katherine has done a good job, especially considering her age and health.

But Rowe made it clear ... if the situation gets worse, she will file legal docs for guardianship.  For now, however, Rowe believes the guardianship works fine.



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tom p    

So who is Paris' father? We know it isn't Michael.

450 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

The sad part in all this - money. Sad.

Paris should be strong though. We all have our ups and downs. No, your downs are not unique. There are some people who live a horrific life due to illness, violence, etc.

Embrace what you have Paris - live it one day at a time.

You are you. Live it.

450 days ago


I am a foster parent. The first lesson we learned is that people want to be with family above all others. I can see her going to Debbie Rowe and if she wants to, they should let her. I mean, grandma Jackson is pretty old and doesn't need another person to care for.

450 days ago


I feel really bad for Paris Jackson. She looks nothing like her mother. Paris is such a beautiful girl. Her eyes are so beautiful. I hope she will be ok.

450 days ago


Sending Paris to a facility will only make her ANGRY. Are you listening Debbie Rowe? She needs to lay some roots at your ranch and you need to attend therapy sessions with her instead of shipping her out of state like she is quarantined from the family. Talk about separating her from her brothers...

450 days ago


First – Paris has stunningly beautiful eyes. I am having a disconnect with what I learned about genetics and her amazing eye color. In order for Paris to have grey eyes, Michael would have to have a recessive (blue, green, grey all count as light – recessive eye color) light eye gene or her eyes would have to be brown. Is the Jackson family claiming that Katherine or Joe passed on a recessive gene?

450 days ago


?? Michael Who ??

450 days ago


I don't understand why Debbie is even involved. She had children for profit and walked away from them. I would be ashamed to show my face to children I abandoned.

450 days ago


What is with these Judges in California? They never make good common sense decisions. They act if they are god - judge and jury.

450 days ago


What is really sad about all this is if Paris is not properly raised by a mother, what kind of nurturing figure could Paris become if she ever ends up having kids? Cold? Distant? Selfish? It's a cycle that can repeat over and over.

450 days ago


Get worse? Aside from the obvious, how could this get any worse. Wont someone help this girl?

450 days ago



450 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I have gotten so wrapped up in TMZ over the years that I forgot there are other celeb news sources out there that have been doing it way longer and have more time to put a story together. People magazine ran an article saying that Paris doesn't even want Debbie visiting her in the hospital because she too was against Paris going to the concert. Paris doesn't care for any of the adults in her life, including TJ, giving her direction. According to People's source she thought about trying to get emancipated, crazy as she is, but was talked out of it. At the time that People spoke to their source Paris only wanted her former nanny Grace to visit her in the hospital regularly and wanted Katherine's access limited and didn't want to see Debbie at all. These issues are not new either, nor is this the first time Paris has been in a mental hospital. Do you really not know all this TMZ?

450 days ago


Someone should show/explain to this girl what REAL problems are... she can have anything she possibly wants in life, but poor baby isnt happy... boo fricken' hoo! I'd like to buy her a set of Ginsu knives for her birthday.

450 days ago
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