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Paris Jackson

Guardianship Will NOT Change


6/25/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Paris Jackson will NOT get new guardians in the wake of her suicide attempt, but TMZ has learned Debbie Rowe is keeping a watchful eye on the situation and could mount a challenge if things get worse.

The guardianship judge had asked a probate court investigator to do some digging after the suicide attempt ... to find out if the guardians were taking proper care of Paris.  As you know, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson are currently co-guardians.

The report is in, and the judge has decided NOT to change the current guardianship arrangement.

TMZ has learned ... the probate court investigator met with Debbie Rowe -- who has developed an extremely strong bond with Paris -- her biological child.  Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rowe told the investigator she believes TJ is doing a great job as guardian, despite the fact that Paris does not want a man to replace Michael Jackson and tell her what to do.

We're told Rowe also thinks Katherine has done a good job, especially considering her age and health.

But Rowe made it clear ... if the situation gets worse, she will file legal docs for guardianship.  For now, however, Rowe believes the guardianship works fine.



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I love Kim!!

483 days ago


Guardianship Will NOT Chage ...
BUT ...

You can't be in such a rush to get out this non-story that you can't find time to edit it.

483 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

if it gets worse she will be dead

483 days ago


Wow - Paris really looks like her mom. Just a younger, brunette version.

483 days ago


I wonder who called 9.1.1. A maid? A buttler? I know there's a recording of the call going around but I haven't heard it. I bet it wasn't grandma Kate, though. Who was with this girl when she tried to kill herself?

483 days ago


Looks like a wig on Debbie Rowe.

483 days ago


Raising teenagers especially girls is challenging when you are a biological parent. The hormonal changes, rebelion to authority, need for independence and the I know it all attitude can be a challenge. I imagine trying to parent a teen girl who has access to a lot of money and knows you are just a guardian and not her real parent is even worse. She didnt grow up with you as the parent in her life, how dare you say no to her? that is something she cant comprehend. Good luck to her and her guardians.

483 days ago


umm, didn't she sell the kid to MJ for a few million? that must sit well with Paris

483 days ago


She already sold her children once to that vile freak, it will make no difference what she does now. Paris is past the point of help, the damage and brainwashing by Wacko and the Wacksons has already been done.

483 days ago


THANK god that debbie is not get the GURDIENSHIP i dont like debbie at all. I think she is out For the fame and money

483 days ago


This girl Paris is freaking lost! Katherine and TJ should have noticed the cuts all over her arm and her suicidal dark tendencies. She was clearly crying for help. She was on social media all the time because her followers were the only ones she could really talk to. She needs a real mother figure in her life! ALL CHILDREN NEED A MOTHER FIGURE! She needs to be guided and yet nurtured and listened to...for the rest of her adolescence. It's just not working in that Jackson home.

483 days ago


She looks like her REAL father...

483 days ago


In other words she knows that her daughter is a spoiled teenager seeking attention and her gaurdians are doing their job. Ultimately she just wants the best for her child...

483 days ago

mj fan forever    

NO surprise that the judge decided not to change the guardianship AT ALL. These reports are just ridiculous. NOT for children's safety and well-being, but only to save the asses of a bunch of greedy people. As well as NO surprise that Debbie Rowe thinks that TJ and Katherine are doing a "great job" she couldn't care less about Paris and Prince and their well-being. She is indeed as greedy as the Jacksons and that's why they get along so much. I don't really understand what worse should still happen after a suicide attempt, maybe she intends a successful suicide attempt. It's simply disgusting what these people are able to say and do for the ONLY love for money. Michael Jackson loved and protected his children, under his care all this would never happen OF COURSE, but now that he is not here unfortunately they are in the clutches of greedy people willing to do anything on earth for money. They are nothing but disgraceful people.

483 days ago


Michael Jackson was a legend. To all those people saying Debbie sold her kids she didn't.
Michael Jackson wanted children and Debbie agreed to carry them for him. He compensated her, more so to not discuss things which she never has. She has stayed out of the limelight and not used his name to get famous or stay famous like his family.
He dished out money to everyone else that leeched off him like parasites including his family, as if he wouldn't compensate the woman that gave him children. A lot of women donate eggs and act as surrogates. Michael had every right to have children this way if he wanted and millions of people use surrogates ever day.
That whole Jackson family are nothing but parasites and I feel sorry for those children.
Debbie hasn't challenged the conservatorship, she as the biological Mother and obviously as someone who cares this poor girl is ok has just made sure as she should that Paris is ok.
If Paris wants a relationship with her biological mother that is her choice. It seems she really needs it and I really hope she gets the help she needs and gets well soon.
Any child losing a father is hard but to be in the limelight like that and then have the Jackson's fighting over your money. It's just veil and they should be ashamed.

483 days ago
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