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Tom Morello

I'll Pay to Keep

Snowden in Hiding

6/25/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Morello's so pissed about the worldwide search for Edward Snowden that he's willing to foot the bill to help the man behind the NSA leaks escape the U.S. government.

We brought up the Snowden scandal to Rage Against the Machine's guitarist last night ... and he absolutely unloaded on the Obama administration, and recommended Snowden -- who's been charged with espionage and theft of government property -- never return to the U.S.

Morello explained, "I think he should live a happy life in Ecuador. That's what I think. I think he's a hero."

He added, "He exposed the crimes of the government. That we're all being spied on. all the time by the Obama administration? If anybody deserves to be in jail ... it's not Snowden."

Tom goes on to say he'll personally pay for Snowden's flight to South America -- and you've gotta hear his choice words for President Obama and his emails soliciting money.

Agree or disagree with him -- the guy is passionate.


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I agree with TOM and everyone on here who doesn't are sheeple.

449 days ago


People are acting like the Obama Administration is the first to spy on people, lie, the secrecy, etc. Every president before him did it too.

449 days ago


RAM bashing Obama???? Just goes to show how bad Obama is. Even the celebs are starting to say how bad he sucks.

449 days ago


Tom Morello...

You are a ****in moron. Stick to music and don't embarrass yourself.

Snowden goes to Russia, Hong Kong (China)-do you think they are free societies and respect human rights? He wants to go to Ecuador-do you think that is a free place?

If Snowden had any balls he would have stayed here--DO you really think that the same thing is not being done in Russia and China? Last month China news was in our papers for hacking the US Government and our business'. Can you read.

449 days ago


He's giving our information to the Russians right now. So it figures that liberals would defend that.

449 days ago


obama is worse then bush at being a willing fascist rabid dog of the ruling dictatoship of the 1%

449 days ago


I suggest someone explain to him the meaning of "accessory after the fact". The offer alone could (and should) put him in the crosshairs of the US Justice Department.

449 days ago

why not?    

The is a reason why the band was called Rage Agiainst the Machine...always awesome!

449 days ago

why not?    

Tell it like it is Tom, can't believe all these people support the spying that the government is doing...

449 days ago


You should be more worried about how Obama is bankrupting our country, taking away our rights and guns and making the US look like a bunch of *****'s to the rest of the world. And If he continues on his radical agenda the rest of the civilized world is going to bail on our currency and the United States will be in CHAOS! Didn't you endorse him TOM? What band were you in? RAGE AGAINST THE WHITE MAN? Oh, and if the government is reading our emails, I hope they read this one!

449 days ago


I am with you Tom, Snowden is alright in my book. Everyone who is against him is for the police surveillance state, and against liberty

449 days ago


Bush started the gathering of phone records, The patriot Act right after 911. get your facts straight, stop blaming Obama.

449 days ago


Obama who cares, Snowden is a Hero.

449 days ago


Why is everyone hating on what Tom said, What Snowden did is the best thing to come out of this gov. in the past 10 years. Why was all that information hidden. The Government wants to talk about us telling everything we do, but they get to hide everything under the sun its BS.. SNOWDEN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

449 days ago


Tom has been fighting for our civil liberties for over 20 years,so your 20 second comments are for the most part irrelevant.If you really want to do something positive for yourself and future generations,get of your ass' & join us for Bank on Students Day this thursday 9-5 to stop congress from doubling student interest rates (info at details;or if that's too intellectual and liberal elitist for you become an activist for a cause that you're willing to stand for.

449 days ago
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